About Jacqui : Feng Shui.

Feng ShuiJacqui’s goal is to bring health and joy to people worldwide through the means of Feng Shui.  She integrates healing, creative aesthetics, empowerment and uplifting energy to any environment.

Jacqueline is a certified consultant and teacher in the fundamentals of Classical Feng Shui currently celebrating her 19th year.

She has a B.A from Adelphi University in Garden City, NY as well as certificates from both The Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design, NY and the Feng Shui Design Studio of Australia with Roger Green. She has apprenticed with T. Raphael Simons, a Feng Shui consultant, teacher and leading author on the subject in NYC. Jacqueline’s ability to read, write and speak Chinese for Feng Shui purposes gives her a deeper understanding of Chinese astrology and the way it integrates with her consultations. She has also studied in the Far East with renowned scholars in the field such as:

Hong Kong – Michael Chiang, Raymond Lo and Richard, L.H. Tsui
Taiwan – Professor Ho Chin Chung
China – Professor Cheng Jian Jun
Tibet – Professor Wang Yu De
India – Nimish & Parul Patel, as well as, Shashikala Annanth all for Vastu Shastra, the Indian version of Feng Shui.

She uses the following methods as well as other traditional methods when consulting and teaching:

*The two Chinese astrological systems: Ba Tzu and Nine Star
*Lo Pan compass techniques
*Form School
*Eight Point Method
*The Five Elements

Jacqui now resides in sunny Sarasota, FL.  She was was born and raised in Greenwich, CT, has lived in several states such as CA, NJ, NY and spent a lot of time in Europe and the far east.  Prior to moving to Sarasota she lived in Manhattan for many years.  She has clients all over the US, as well as Europe. Jacqueline’s many clients include artists, professionals, architects and entrepreneurs.
“Jacqui’s unique, integrative style of Feng Shui enabled us to transform my office into a harmonious and creative work environment”
John Esposito – Warner Music Nashville – President/CEO