Chinese Astrology

There are two types of Chinese astrology Jacqueline does in her readings of your chart.  Ming Kwa and Ba Tzu.  In english these formats are called Nine Star numbers and your 4 Pillar astrology.

It takes your date, time and place of birth into consideration and combined gives detailed information about you.  In a full astrology reading Jacqueline interprets what the Chinese call your 10 year luck pillars to tell you more about the decade you are in this birthday as well as 5 year progressions.

To get your Ming Kwa numbers or your full astrology charts done Jacqueline is currently doing readings in Sarasota or by phone and computer…make an appointment today!.

Jacqui is available to come to your business event or gathering for readings and workshops in Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui.  Readingss time periods go as follows:

15 minutes – Ming Kwa (birth star) numbers

30 minutes  – Ming Kwa (birth star) numbers and some Bat Szu Natal Chart

45 minutes  – Bat Szu Natal Chart, Progressions for 5 years

1 full hour+ – Full Bat Zsu Chart (natal chart) with Ming Kwa plus 10 year luck pillar progressions  and 5 year out predictions