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Happy Chinese New Year -The Yang Fire Monkey & House of 2

Yang is the expansive male energy and gives us events this year in a bigger, grander way. The time is now to broaden your horizons, reinvent yourself and think expansively. Fire can bring impulsiveness if we are not careful but makes for a dynamic year filled with surprises some may not always be welcomed if you’re not “awake”. Extra energy and determination are the name of the game in Fire Monkey year and there are certain people that may be filled with more than that this election year…
We can be sure of the old saying “filled with hot air” and be careful of the charlatans’ this year too.

The mantra for is: “if not now when…Expansion on all levels”

The Monkey is the 9th sign of the lunar calendar…For the Monkey confidence, improvisation and reinvention are the name of the game. He’s charming quick witted and very curious. When Monkey is in an imbalanced state, meaning they are not following their true path….they can gain an over inflated superiority complex and can be egotistical and vain not to mention sneaky.
Monkey’s are multifaceted and versatile and make great actors, lawyers, teachers, etc. Some well known Monkey’s are: Bob Marley, Joan Crawford, James Stewart and Martina Navratilova to name a few. A very social sign since it most closely resembles man and our characteristics…likes to be around others not always a loner.

Monkey gets along well with Rat and Dragon but Horse and Tiger may have a different experience this year as they are all very head strong and free spirited.
House of 2
We are in the year of 2 in the Chinese calendar and this house has things growing slowly and conservatively even if it’s in an expansive way….focus is on home, motherhood (which has many facets) and marriage this year.
Be methodical and detailed in your vision and goals… a year to save money and not be influenced by the impulsiveness that Fire and Monkey can have.

Wood Season ~ Spring

February 8th also kicked off the season of spring in the Chinese calendar connected to the element of Wood. 5 elements are a big part of Chinese medicine and astrology. Wood is connected to green in color, square in shape and East and South East in direction. As Feng Shui practitioners we use these elements a lot for tools in balancing energy within the space.
A great time for planning and making those final decisions you’ve been holding off on ….get them done in this first quarter.

Final notes this year are to really expand your vision of yourself and your goals, be outrageous and be careful if it feels too good to be true. In an election year it is best to be conscious every day even if it’s the smallest of tasks you are doing during. Fire brings a sense of extra commitment to the Monkey along with determination and fuel to take you to the next level if you do the practice of staying in it and not of it.
May all your wishes come true this year and always and may you prosper and grow on so many levels.
Sat Nam ~ Truth is my Identity
Jacqueline Albert Pepper
Feng Shui Consultant & Teacher
Chinese Astrologer
Jacqui@jafengshui.com ~ www.jafengshui.com
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Jacqueline Albert Pepper is a certified consultant and teacher of Classical Feng Shui.  She reads, writes and speaks Chinese for Feng Shui purposes.