Testimonials About Jacqui

” Dear Jacqueline,
Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents on Wednesday. I heard you were a big hit. I don’t think you will be surprised to hear that one of our members commented that you created a wonderful “energy” in the clubhouse. I hope you will consider coming again in the future, we have already had requests from our members! Thanks again for a great evening – Be well! ”

~ Sara Goldberger, Program Director

” Isn’t it awesome what comes back to you when you generously give of yourself to the universe! Thank you again for my consultation Monday.”

~ Debbie Karch (Refering to consultation)

” We’ve begun moving things around and clearing the family stuff out of the bedroom…I just loved your work with me! I felt as though you put your heart, spirit and intuition, as well as, your awesome skills into our session. Thank you again for the opportunity to see you in action and for the information about how to clean up my act!! ”

Namaste, all love and light to you
~ Alyta – NY, NY


” I attended your class at the Gilda’s Club in White Plains and I would like to thank you for taking the time to come to Westchester from NYC to provide this service. My friends and I enjoyed the class and are excited to learn more. You were a very interesting and informative teacher. Both myself and my friends agree that we were able to get so much from your class and we are excited to apply it to our everyday lives. You were also very kind. Thank you again! ”

Best wishes,
~ Jennifer B. – Westchester


” Thank You!!  As long as I can remember I had problems sleeping through the night.  I have tried numerous remedies from warm milk to herbal recipes. Recently I went as far to jump on the Ambien craze as well as over the counter sleep aides.  Nothing worked well at all.  When you came to take a look at my sleeping environment and we implemented your suggestions and made a few minor changes, I have been sleeping through the night ever since!!  It is amazing what a good night sleep can do.  Thank you Jacqui you have made my nights and days better.”

~ Michele V. – Bronxville, NY