Only two more weeks until Chinese New Year, yet, because it’s a Leap Year in the Chinese Calendar there are/were 13 new moons before February 12th this year, giving us 2 Wood Seasons under the Rat Year. February 3rd kicks off our final Wood Season of the Rat Year and for 3 months with the start of the new year coming, it’s a great time to sow your seeds and expand your mind. Wood season runs approximately February 4th to May 5th each year.

Wood is the element of sprouting, growth, planning, and expansion. It has generated being Strong and Flexible, from all the Water element of the winter season. It’s flexible, resilient and bends when needed, but if pushed too hard will snap, and the flip side of too much wood can be anger and control.

If you were born in this season you may have some of the following qualities: Wood is kind-hearted, generous, friendly and able to make decisions easily when in a balanced state. Imbalances in Wood that come through the body are in the forms of: Liver, Gallbladder, Muscles, Eyes, Tendons and Ligaments.

The flavor is sour. The colors are Green and Light Blues, the shape is Rectangle, the climate is Wind and it is Yang in nature. Wood is connected to the directions on the compass of East and South East.

Use this as a guide to look at those areas of your home associated with Wood energy, East and South East, and see what is happening in there in your home or office and make sure of the usual Feng Shui tidbits:

  • Try your best to have no clutter
  • Keep these areas well maintained
  • Put your intentions in this space of what you want to accomplish
  • Allow an opening for change and new energy

Stagnation and clutter in these areas of the home, East/South East, can cause confusion, indecision, and frustration, and in doing so, create anger. With the New Year coming and Wood Season upon us it’s a great time for “spring cleaning”. Out with the old, so new energy has room to come in. The idea is we want to invite the energy we want in our lives by keeping those areas open, welcoming, and supported by balancing the energy there following the steps mentioned above. The great thing about a New Year is we have 3 more Seasons/Elements to go, and each is connected to areas of your home via the compass directions so you can easily declutter in sections accordingly to keep it simple.

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Have a Wonderful Wood/Spring Season and a Happy and Balanced New Year.

Jacqueline Albert Pepper

Certified Feng Shui Teacher, Consultant, Coach, and Chinese Astrologer


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