This is the Year of the Yin Metal Ox

Nine Star Astrology Number: 6

**Let’s take a look at this year by breaking it down into sections:

YIN – represents female, receptive energy, is about reflection, and being more open. This year, compared to last, you may find yourself more introspective since the Yin adds the feminine tone versus the masculine Yang.

METAL – This year is another Metal year giving us the energy influences of structure, habit, order, being detail oriented, as well as sticking closely to your daily routines. This year Yin’s mood will help you lighten up a bit on these above traits as opposed to last year with Yang Metal’s strong tone. Imbalances that may come up in a Metal year if you have a lot of Metal in your natal chart are: skin, lungs, large intestine, emotional blockages or melancholy. Over all this year is less intense than last year.

OX – Second in line on the list of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animal signs (12 Earth Branches) that make up your Four Pillars natal chart. Hard working, stubborn, slow to action, stable, dependable, and usually calm, the Ox sticks to its routine. With dedication and tenacity, you can rely on the Ox to get it done with order and structure. They take their time to warm up to people but love spending time with their friends the Snake and the Rooster …Sheep steer clear of getting in Ox’s way this year.

6 Metal Yang Heaven/Father – Nine Star Astrology Number – This number gives us more of the Metal theme this year and enhances it because 6 is Yang. The Heaven/Father Gua (house) is somewhat of a perfectionist and works hard to achieve goals. So, with the Ox’s influence, this is a year to get things done. “Father” influence can be strict and demanding, so if you tend to be hard on yourself make sure you have down time this year, because those tendencies will be strong.

Overall, the Metal Ox year will be about attainment of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. If you are dependable, calm, methodical and stick to your routine you will come out ahead. Ox can be stubborn with strong opinions and doesn’t take kindly to criticism, even constructive. This is a year of being awarded positions of authority and trust if you play your cards right and follow your system.

A year for getting wrapped up with too much responsibilities, if you let Yourself …be ahead of the game in your thinking and get your “down time” scheduled first. This way you can stay as balanced as you can throughout the year. Ox is logical and systematical so much so it can become predictable, so don’t get in a rut. A potentially slower year for outcomes but if you stick to your aims you will get there as Ox always does. A year of potential clashes with those that don’t have your same opinions or agree with your views. Please be kind in knowing everyone is where they are and we honor the process. When we do that, we also honor the process in ourselves and become more self-loving and our love cup gets a bit more full.

Resolutions to problems this year will be intense, so express yourself as clear and concise as you can knowing that it can get blown out of proportion, especially during Mercury Retrogrades this year, we’re in one now and going direct on the 20th. Try not to force your issue or be too narrow minded this year as arrogance might get the better of you in your stance or position on things. Ox can be vengeful when it doesn’t get it’s way.

This is a great year for completing your projects from last year and getting things done in a quieter, more Yin manner.

The last time we saw Metal Ox combination was between the dates of: February 15th 1961 – February 4th 1962 – If you were born between those dates you may hold many of the characteristics discussed here.

Feng Shui New Year Tip: Eat a Noodle dish with long noodles to signify a long life, eat something sweet to make this year sweeter, and place a Red Envelope with a handful of rice in it in the far left corner as you are walking through your front door, which is the Money or Wealth corner. Place the envelope there with the intention of growing your wealth and abundance, whatever that means to you for this new year. You are reminded of it and tune into that energy whenever you walk by and see it.

Wishing everyone health and success in the New Year of Metal Ox!

Jacqueline Albert Pepper

Feng Shui Consultant, Chinese Astrologer, Teacher & Coach

Published by Jacqueline Albert Pepper * JAFengShui

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