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In Memory of my Favorite Teacher, Friend and Advisor from his wife Rachel.

Today, Feb 18, marks Jerry’s 2ndanniversary since his passing on the English calendar. For Jerry, nothing was by chance, and his date of departing was on his favorite number 18 (chai) – the Hebrew word for LIFE. So today, rather than embracing sadness, let us celebrate his life and teachings.
Several Days ago, I found this unpublished snippet on the necessity of anxiety that Jerry wrote that contains his key teachings of how we can find freedom in life and death by facing “what is” rather than living in the grip of anxiety. READ MORE

To embrace life, Jerry taught “GO, DO”. He joyfully handed out these little cards, pictured above, as reminders of taking action in life. Jerry’s dear friend, Colin Greer, captures this in his Sonnet to Jerry.
He offers a green card. He wears a green shirt, Sometimes with matching pants. His smile is ear to ear As the tree behind him is floor to ceiling Like he is witnessing tikkun then and there. In a fleeting moment his smile lifts sideways a little When “of course” “I’m here”“I see the shadow you’re afraid of” Needs to be said. And it does. You take the green card, You recognize the shadow is yourself You know about wholeness now And you know what love is. From Love in the Abductive Or, I wish I Could Speak Yiddish Like Satchmo – A poetry collection in honor of Jerry due out on Louis Armstrong’s birthday July 4 2021 Blessings,Rachel Epstein

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