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Be Your Own Authority
Imagery Exercise for Fear: Excerpt taken from “Healing Visualizations” -Dr. Jerry Epstein

💚 The major antagonist to faith or trust is fear. Fear always relates to something or someone external to ourselves, in contrast to anxiety which is generated from within. The human basic fears that of the dark. The two key offshoots of this fundamental fear relate to apprehension about the unknown and about death. The exaggeration of fear is called phobia.
💚 My clinical experience has shown me that fear is largely a consequence of some thought or action that we believe is not morally appropriate or correct. In truth, we create fear ourselves by our beliefs. Acknowledge where you may be contributing to your own fear, because to know this is to know that what you create you may “de-create.” You made it, so you can also unmake it. Don’t respond by thinking that I am making you feel guilty for putting such an onerous or burden on you. Know in becoming your own authority you have to assume authorship. You have to know how you create your own enslavement if you are going to create your own freedom. Doing this actually brings relief. I contrasted fear to faith above because it is not common to find people of trust be set by fear. 💚 King David, in the 23rd Psalm, beautifully expressed the antidote to fear when he said, “yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me… my cup runneth over.”
💚 Here are some possibilities for gaining mastery over fear reactions. the exercises are quite brief. An axiom of successful imaging is that less is more. This is because imagery works by giving a jolt to our mental and physical systems to stimulate their innate healing functions.

💚 23rd Psalm: close you’re eyes. Breathe out 3 times starting with an exhalation to remove carcinogens and tune in. See yourself carrying your rod and staff. Use your staff to help you walk a straight road, and use your Rod to knock away any fearful image that intrudes on your path. Then see your cup overflowing. Open your eyes knowing that fear has gone.

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