“Women have always been the guardians of wisdom 🦉

…and humanity which makes them natural, but usually secret, rulers. The time has come for them to rule openly, but together with and not against men. “
-Charlotte Wolf

It is time to listen–to listen to myself and to listen to the ancient wisdom that is all around me.
Women are such masters of practical wisdom and we live in a world that is dying for lack of practicality.

What good is the best invention in the world if it doesn’t work? What good are the best ideas in the world if we cannot use them?
If we are indeed the guardians of wisdom, it behooves us to share that wisdom.
As Meridel Le Sueur says, “The rites of ancient ripening / Make my flesh plume.” -Excerpt taken from Meditations For Women Who Do Too Much, Anne Wilson Schaef

Share your Wisdom Women 🧝🏼‍♀️it’s so important…If not now when!

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Pepper 🌶

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Jacqueline Albert Pepper Feng Shui by Jacqueline Albert Pepper Certified Feng Shui Consultant * Chinese Astrologer * Teacher Sarasota, FL * Jacqui@JAFengShui.com * 941-587-7080 Jacqueline Albert Pepper: Certified consultant and teacher of Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, holds certifications from: - Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design in NY – Roger Green - Feng Shui Design Studio of Australia - Roger Green study tour to the Far East - China, Taiwan, Tibet, Nepal, and India - Feng Shui School & Society - Master Ho Chin-Chung – Taiwan - Feng Shui for the Arts - T. Raphael Simons – New York City under whom she apprenticed for many years. She also has a BA in Communications at Adelphi University Garden City, NY, with a concentration in Art and Music. Jacqueline grew up musically, singing and songwriting at a young age and continued that passion in the music industry on the label side for 12 years after college. When she discovered a love for creative aesthetics & helping people through the art of Feng Shui in 1997 out of her studies with Dr. Jerry Epstein at American Institute for Mental Imagery; she studied everything she could about the ancient modality. Jacqueline’s Feng Shui career started with the executive offices at the music label she worked at in New York City and she never looked back. Jacqueline’s ability to read, write and speak Chinese for Feng Shui & Astrology purposes, enables her a deeper understanding of her clients and their energy needs. Her studies in the Far East under the tutelage of several Masters in different countries brought her a full understanding for the integrity and history of this ancient art; an integrity she brings along with her passion for the work. In 2002 while living in Manhattan, Jacqueline added a Real Estate License to marry her client’s need for combining new home or office searches with her deep knowledge of Feng Shui and Energy Work. She continued with her Florida license in 2006 after relocating to Sarasota where she now resides with her husband and twin boys on their 5-acre property, Twin Peppers Ranch. “Transforming and Uplifting Energy since 1997” Energy Aligning for Abundance, Health, Balance & Empowerment

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