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Happy Beltane or May Day🌼

According to the book, Making Ritual with Motherpeace cards, “It’s the Beltane bonfires the pagans used to jump over in celebration of the power of the fire inside of us. The Taurus time of year is about exalting the senses, connecting with sexuality through dance and lovemaking.”

Coincidently here comes Fire 🔥 Element Season May 6th through August 6th. Look for more on that coming soon.

Back to the Motherpeace Ritual book… “Beltane, when the honeysuckle blooms, teaches us about children, the fairy realm and the ‘little people’, and the magical energies of love, sensuality, and fertility.”

“ The Empress is the classical ruler of Beltane, with her awakened physical sensuality and nurturing relatedness; she is Mother Nature incarnate.“

“In her yoga for the body and meditation for the mind, the Priestess of Discs depicts a maternal garden of delights.“

“The Shaman of Discs shows the mature and more material side of Taurus – the one who can make money and work hard on the physical plane.”

Happy Beltane or May Day whatever you’re doing to celebrate the renewal of energy this time of year.

For enhanced fertility in Feng Shui, clear the clutter and dust from under your bed, and get rid of metal bed frames.

Peace & Harmony, Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🌶


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