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If Not Now When

3 1/2 more weeks of Wood season and Happy New Moon in Aries at 10:31pm, EDT Sunday April 11th.

With the momentum of Wood season equaling Springing Forth, Growth, Ideas bubbling up. Clean out stuck, old energy to prepare for new Chi sprouting forward. Now is the time, don’t wait with Mercury Retrograde coming the end of May.

Along with, the New Moon in Aries tonight at 10:31pm EDT. “Signaling a fiery NEW start. An Aries New Moon brings forth something fresh and exciting especially in such a beautiful aspect to Jupiter.

The natural Ruler of Aries is Mars, and with Mars in trine to Jupiter during this New Moon, we can feel blessed by these two planets who are considered good friends

We may see swift movement forward in the areas we are wanting to expand our blessings – be it in love, money, business, health. Jupiter indicates our hopes and wishes, so use this energy to move forward on anything you’ve been wanting to manifest.

We may also feel inspired to take action around our belief systems as the planet Jupiter is connected to our spiritual beliefs. Perhaps now more than ever we feel strongly (Mars) the need to stand up for our beliefs (Jupiter). It’s a great time to consider our spiritual and personal beliefs and ask what we’re willing to fight for. Whether it be a relationship, a career decision, our health, boundaries or other personal beliefs and values.

The New Moon is an ideal time to set intentions around your big life vision and take clear actions on them. Even though we may feel the need to take action on our ideas or beliefs, it’s best to way until a couple days after a New Moon, when it’s visible again to take action. New Moon’s are really the best time to be introverted, to rest and rejuvenate”- excerpt from Risingwoman .com

Peace & Harmony,

Jacqueline Pepper 🌶

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MotherPeace Monday🎋 Feng Shui by Jacqueline Albert Pepper

Remember my card pull is your card pull, you are me.
Finding balance; Peace; Calming the mind.

-MotherPeace Tarot

These are the energies this week and this time of year… lean into that as we await the New Moon’s arrival Sunday in Aries.

Last month of WOOD 🎋SEASON take advantage of its Growth energy and let it “Spring” you forth to your next level.
For more on the Five Elements and their seasons, register for my upcoming workshop.
Jacqueline Pepper

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Happy April “Fool’s” Day

0 Fool – The Main Card in Tarot 🌸 Like the feminine archetype, the Fool – the zero – embodies all duality within itself and is infinite in its possibilities. Appearing marginally as the joker in modern playing cards, the Fool is actually the main card in the tarot representing the essence of life itself, the divine light within the human form and the secret of reincarnation.

The Fool represents the entire realm of possibility, the pure impulse or open window of psychic experience, the precise formless moment of awakening before the energy has taken any shape. The feeling here is one of enormous freedom and spontaneity, as if anything might happen. It’s very childlike and open, completely free from fear, trusting the universe and moving with the flow of energy or power.
-MotherPeace Round Tarot


Peace & Harmony,

Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶


Intro to Feng Shui Workshop

Learn the basic theories of classical feng shui and how to apply them to your home and environment.

Jacqueline will be offering a 2-part series that will guide you through the fundamentals and basic principles of Feng Shui. Workshop will be held in May.



HAPPY Full Moon in Libra

At 2:48pm today. The moon is in Libra where it will stay until Tuesday at 1:33am when it enters Scorpio. My moon is in Scorpio.

Here’s what the Monkey, Rooster & Dog are like during the full moon:

Chinese Zodiac Monkey

The Monkey is affected by the full moon. During this lunar phase, this sign is filled with a burst of creativity. They love to express themselves whenever they can. They will want to prove their creativity to others, which is likely to make them even more social than they normally are. People born in the year of the Monkey, will act much like the monkeys in the wild. It’s up to you if that’s a good quality or not.

Chinese Zodiac Rooster

The rooster is also affected by the full moon. The Rooster tends to be quite, unlike the literal rooster. Their minds are busy on the inside, and they act wildly on the outside during the full moon. They are much more likely to dress to impress during this time. They will be inspired to do more things as well, but creative things. Those born in the year of the rooster could collect items, begin a new project, or even make a few new friends.

Chinese Zodiac Dog

The last for the full moon on this list is the dog. People who are born in the year of the Dog are highly in tune with their senses, and this sense is heightened when the full moon is out. They’ll instantly be able to tell if something or someone seems wrong or right, at the same time, they will jump on a positive influence. The Dog is also more likely to be in a good mood when the full moon is out.

Excerpt taken from Sunsigns.org

Have fun this 🌝 full moon week. Peace & Harmony,

Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🌶

Love & Light ~ Transforming Energy since 1997

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Be Your Own Authority
Imagery Exercise for Fear: Excerpt taken from “Healing Visualizations” -Dr. Jerry Epstein

💚 The major antagonist to faith or trust is fear. Fear always relates to something or someone external to ourselves, in contrast to anxiety which is generated from within. The human basic fears that of the dark. The two key offshoots of this fundamental fear relate to apprehension about the unknown and about death. The exaggeration of fear is called phobia.
💚 My clinical experience has shown me that fear is largely a consequence of some thought or action that we believe is not morally appropriate or correct. In truth, we create fear ourselves by our beliefs. Acknowledge where you may be contributing to your own fear, because to know this is to know that what you create you may “de-create.” You made it, so you can also unmake it. Don’t respond by thinking that I am making you feel guilty for putting such an onerous or burden on you. Know in becoming your own authority you have to assume authorship. You have to know how you create your own enslavement if you are going to create your own freedom. Doing this actually brings relief. I contrasted fear to faith above because it is not common to find people of trust be set by fear. 💚 King David, in the 23rd Psalm, beautifully expressed the antidote to fear when he said, “yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me… my cup runneth over.”
💚 Here are some possibilities for gaining mastery over fear reactions. the exercises are quite brief. An axiom of successful imaging is that less is more. This is because imagery works by giving a jolt to our mental and physical systems to stimulate their innate healing functions.

💚 23rd Psalm: close you’re eyes. Breathe out 3 times starting with an exhalation to remove carcinogens and tune in. See yourself carrying your rod and staff. Use your staff to help you walk a straight road, and use your Rod to knock away any fearful image that intrudes on your path. Then see your cup overflowing. Open your eyes knowing that fear has gone.

For more – http://www.JAFengShui.com



Know as the Kundalini, which is pictured in yoga as a coiled snake resting at the base of the spine, waiting to be awakened through spiritual practices. However, this kundalini energy is spontaneously catalyzed every month during the bleeding time, creating a strong psychic experience for many women, even though we may not have known what to do with it!

Over the course of a woman’s life, there are many opportunities for such spontaneous awakenings of the kundalini energy, which is believed in India to belong naturally to women.

The kundalini itself is often depicted or discussed as being a great snake who is a goddess, and when awakened, “she” rises up your spine through your chakras or energy centers, bringing cosmic consciousness and supernatural powers called siddhis.

-Excerpt taken from making ritual with Motherpeace cards

You Do You


Full Moon 🌝 in Virgo ♍️ 3:17am EST – The Ash Moon’s Energies coincide wonderfully with the energy swirling about in February during the Wheel of the Year in the Northern Hemisphere. While it is still winter, the earth is starting to spring into action after months of dormancy, the first signs of spring are becoming visible as the days are growing noticeably longer, and the earliest of bulbs are rising above the snowy ground green with hope. So also, the Ash Moon, in the Celtic Month of the Ash Tree, brings us the reminder that we have planned long enough-it is time to move forward with action steps to make our plans and desires a reality! The energies of the Ash Moon invite you to expand your horizons as you grow tall, as the Ash Tree does, reaching your branches high towards the Moon. By many considered a guardian tree in folklore, channel it’s strength and confidently say, “By the light of the Ash Moon and with the strength of the guardian tree, with confidence and divine guidance, I welcome the action and energies of unfolding growth to me!“ – Blake Octavian Blair

Thangka Buddha It’s Feng Shui 😍
Whatever you’re doing have Fun!
Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Pepper

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In Memory of my Favorite Teacher, Friend and Advisor from his wife Rachel.

Today, Feb 18, marks Jerry’s 2ndanniversary since his passing on the English calendar. For Jerry, nothing was by chance, and his date of departing was on his favorite number 18 (chai) – the Hebrew word for LIFE. So today, rather than embracing sadness, let us celebrate his life and teachings.
Several Days ago, I found this unpublished snippet on the necessity of anxiety that Jerry wrote that contains his key teachings of how we can find freedom in life and death by facing “what is” rather than living in the grip of anxiety. READ MORE

To embrace life, Jerry taught “GO, DO”. He joyfully handed out these little cards, pictured above, as reminders of taking action in life. Jerry’s dear friend, Colin Greer, captures this in his Sonnet to Jerry.
He offers a green card. He wears a green shirt, Sometimes with matching pants. His smile is ear to ear As the tree behind him is floor to ceiling Like he is witnessing tikkun then and there. In a fleeting moment his smile lifts sideways a little When “of course” “I’m here”“I see the shadow you’re afraid of” Needs to be said. And it does. You take the green card, You recognize the shadow is yourself You know about wholeness now And you know what love is. From Love in the Abductive Or, I wish I Could Speak Yiddish Like Satchmo – A poetry collection in honor of Jerry due out on Louis Armstrong’s birthday July 4 2021 Blessings,Rachel Epstein

American Institute for Mental Imagerywww.drjerryepstein.org 646-269-4742




Green Dragon * Three

Feng Shui Tarot card pull ~ Three of Pentacles

Efforts made will be recognized and appreciated. Expect continuing financial growth. Establish your skill and know-how. You can achieve the success you desire. 🎋

This is a Poignant card for this time of year because “Green Dragon” represents the East and East is connected to the element of Wood. We are in the Wood Season of growth, abundance and seeing your seeds take hold.

Place your Red Envelope, Money Toad or Lucky Bamboo in your far left corner from the front door of your home or office to support Wealth. This is the Money Area of the space.

For your personalized Money Element schedule your Four Pillars Astrology reading today.

Peace & Harmony,

Jacqueline Pepper http://www.JAFengShui.com

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Happy Metal Ox Year 🎋

Happy Lunar New Year – Metal Ox

METAL – This year is another Metal year giving us the energy influences of structure, habit, order, being detail oriented, as well as sticking closely to your daily routines. This year Yin’s mood will help you lighten up a bit on these above traits as opposed to last year with Yang Metal’s strong tone. Imbalances that may come up in a Metal year if you have a lot of Metal in your natal chart are: skin, lungs, large intestine, emotional blockages or melancholy. Over all this year is less intense than last year.

OX – Second in line on the list of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animal signs (12 Earth Branches) that make up your Four Pillars natal chart. Hard working, stubborn, slow to action, stable, dependable, and usually calm, the Ox sticks to its routine. With dedication and tenacity, you can rely on the Ox to get it done with order and structure. They take their time to warm up to people but love spending time with their friends the Snake and the Rooster …Sheep steer clear of getting in Ox’s way this year.

For more on this year‘s prediction and how it relates to your chart…

Contact me for more or to schedule your complimentary discovery call.


Love & Light, Jacqueline Pepper



This is the Year of the Yin Metal Ox

Nine Star Astrology Number: 6

**Let’s take a look at this year by breaking it down into sections:

YIN – represents female, receptive energy, is about reflection, and being more open. This year, compared to last, you may find yourself more introspective since the Yin adds the feminine tone versus the masculine Yang.

METAL – This year is another Metal year giving us the energy influences of structure, habit, order, being detail oriented, as well as sticking closely to your daily routines. This year Yin’s mood will help you lighten up a bit on these above traits as opposed to last year with Yang Metal’s strong tone. Imbalances that may come up in a Metal year if you have a lot of Metal in your natal chart are: skin, lungs, large intestine, emotional blockages or melancholy. Over all this year is less intense than last year.

OX – Second in line on the list of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animal signs (12 Earth Branches) that make up your Four Pillars natal chart. Hard working, stubborn, slow to action, stable, dependable, and usually calm, the Ox sticks to its routine. With dedication and tenacity, you can rely on the Ox to get it done with order and structure. They take their time to warm up to people but love spending time with their friends the Snake and the Rooster …Sheep steer clear of getting in Ox’s way this year.

6 Metal Yang Heaven/Father – Nine Star Astrology Number – This number gives us more of the Metal theme this year and enhances it because 6 is Yang. The Heaven/Father Gua (house) is somewhat of a perfectionist and works hard to achieve goals. So, with the Ox’s influence, this is a year to get things done. “Father” influence can be strict and demanding, so if you tend to be hard on yourself make sure you have down time this year, because those tendencies will be strong.

Overall, the Metal Ox year will be about attainment of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. If you are dependable, calm, methodical and stick to your routine you will come out ahead. Ox can be stubborn with strong opinions and doesn’t take kindly to criticism, even constructive. This is a year of being awarded positions of authority and trust if you play your cards right and follow your system.

A year for getting wrapped up with too much responsibilities, if you let Yourself …be ahead of the game in your thinking and get your “down time” scheduled first. This way you can stay as balanced as you can throughout the year. Ox is logical and systematical so much so it can become predictable, so don’t get in a rut. A potentially slower year for outcomes but if you stick to your aims you will get there as Ox always does. A year of potential clashes with those that don’t have your same opinions or agree with your views. Please be kind in knowing everyone is where they are and we honor the process. When we do that, we also honor the process in ourselves and become more self-loving and our love cup gets a bit more full.

Resolutions to problems this year will be intense, so express yourself as clear and concise as you can knowing that it can get blown out of proportion, especially during Mercury Retrogrades this year, we’re in one now and going direct on the 20th. Try not to force your issue or be too narrow minded this year as arrogance might get the better of you in your stance or position on things. Ox can be vengeful when it doesn’t get it’s way.

This is a great year for completing your projects from last year and getting things done in a quieter, more Yin manner.

The last time we saw Metal Ox combination was between the dates of: February 15th 1961 – February 4th 1962 – If you were born between those dates you may hold many of the characteristics discussed here.

Feng Shui New Year Tip: Eat a Noodle dish with long noodles to signify a long life, eat something sweet to make this year sweeter, and place a Red Envelope with a handful of rice in it in the far left corner as you are walking through your front door, which is the Money or Wealth corner. Place the envelope there with the intention of growing your wealth and abundance, whatever that means to you for this new year. You are reminded of it and tune into that energy whenever you walk by and see it.

Wishing everyone health and success in the New Year of Metal Ox!

Jacqueline Albert Pepper

Feng Shui Consultant, Chinese Astrologer, Teacher & Coach



Only two more weeks until Chinese New Year, yet, because it’s a Leap Year in the Chinese Calendar there are/were 13 new moons before February 12th this year, giving us 2 Wood Seasons under the Rat Year. February 3rd kicks off our final Wood Season of the Rat Year and for 3 months with the start of the new year coming, it’s a great time to sow your seeds and expand your mind. Wood season runs approximately February 4th to May 5th each year.

Wood is the element of sprouting, growth, planning, and expansion. It has generated being Strong and Flexible, from all the Water element of the winter season. It’s flexible, resilient and bends when needed, but if pushed too hard will snap, and the flip side of too much wood can be anger and control.

If you were born in this season you may have some of the following qualities: Wood is kind-hearted, generous, friendly and able to make decisions easily when in a balanced state. Imbalances in Wood that come through the body are in the forms of: Liver, Gallbladder, Muscles, Eyes, Tendons and Ligaments.

The flavor is sour. The colors are Green and Light Blues, the shape is Rectangle, the climate is Wind and it is Yang in nature. Wood is connected to the directions on the compass of East and South East.

Use this as a guide to look at those areas of your home associated with Wood energy, East and South East, and see what is happening in there in your home or office and make sure of the usual Feng Shui tidbits:

  • Try your best to have no clutter
  • Keep these areas well maintained
  • Put your intentions in this space of what you want to accomplish
  • Allow an opening for change and new energy

Stagnation and clutter in these areas of the home, East/South East, can cause confusion, indecision, and frustration, and in doing so, create anger. With the New Year coming and Wood Season upon us it’s a great time for “spring cleaning”. Out with the old, so new energy has room to come in. The idea is we want to invite the energy we want in our lives by keeping those areas open, welcoming, and supported by balancing the energy there following the steps mentioned above. The great thing about a New Year is we have 3 more Seasons/Elements to go, and each is connected to areas of your home via the compass directions so you can easily declutter in sections accordingly to keep it simple.

**Follow my blog to stay in touch with updates to the Seasons and much more!!**

Have a Wonderful Wood/Spring Season and a Happy and Balanced New Year.

Jacqueline Albert Pepper

Certified Feng Shui Teacher, Consultant, Coach, and Chinese Astrologer