🔥 Red Phoenix Ten – 10 of Cups

🔥 Core Aspect: True Joy and contentment are becoming realizations. So much to look forward to. This is a high cycle. Celebrate, enjoy. Life is good❣️

To pull during Fire Element Season with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio coming, is powerful Chi.

Scorpio which connects to that “rise out of the ashes into the Phoenix” kinda energy. A time for reset.

How you set your sails determines your course in life, Not the forces of nature.

Love & Light,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶

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during Mercury Retrograde, with a 🌝🌗 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 🦂 starting Sunday night… on a 🔥 Fire 🐅Tiger Day in a 💦 Water 🐅 Tiger year! Powerful energetic times.
13, a great number for me and in general.
13’s meaning in Kabbalistic numerology is – Coming together after having been separated. Coming back to whole.

Did you know?

The Thirteen Club

In the late-19th century, a New Yorker named Captain William Fowler (1827-1897) sought to remove the enduring stigma surrounding the number 13—and particularly the unwritten rule about not having 13 guests at a dinner table—by founding an exclusive society called the Thirteen Club. -History Channel

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Have a great weekend.

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Day 12-16 ~ Follow me on my Feng Shui Study Tour of the Far East, 6 countries in 6 weeks, on my Travel Blog🎋

4/14/1999 Wednesday 11:45pm Taipei, Taiwan – I’ve just climbed in bed after a very long day. We arrived in Taipei (not sure of spelling) around 6pm after trying to shove 40 people and all their luggage on a tour bus, not a travel bus, and drove to the city instead of the resort. You know what I’m too tired to write. More tomorrow.

4/15/1999 Thursday 11:30pm – Traveling was a lot yesterday even though it was only an hour and half plane ride…. we left the hotel in Hong Kong around 8:30am in a coach and had a tour of Hong Kong Island…. exactly what we had done on Monday’s tour except we saw the Governor’s Mansion which they no longer use because the Sha Chi, negative Feng Shui energy, from the Bank of China.

Anyway, onto the airport where 40 of us checked in and boarded a plane. We arrived in Taiwan and were greeted by our Master, his wife and Assistant and our tour guide. They had a huge, beautiful bouquet of flowers to present to us. We all then waited for the bus to pull up. When it did, we realized it was going to be really hard to fit 40 people and all their luggage. We ended up piling the suitcases on the back two rows of the bus all the way to the ceiling. We were all packed in quite nicely. By this time, it was a long travel day…it was around 5pm and we had left early that morning.

Then last minute the tour guide tells us we’re going into the city of Taipei for dinner. It takes about an hour to get there and then we have a traditional Chinese dinner, fish, veggies, rice, some soup, and tea of course. Then after dinner we all pile back into the bus and head an hour in the other direction to Howard Beach Resort Hotel.

When we arrived, our entire luggage had to be unloaded by the group. The men created an assembly line and emptied the bus. By the time we got in the room it was around 8pm. I took a bath, threw a change of clothes on, and headed to the bar. The resort seemed like a ghost town and not much was finished in this brand-new hotel on the southern most tip of Taiwan, the opposite end of Taipei.

Since we seemed to be the only guests there, they extended the hours of the bar for us which normally closes at around 9:30-10:30pm.

By this point most people needed to do so after the day we had. After a while I left the bar and come up to bed. Michele and I are roommates again in Taiwan. The next day we start our lessons with Master Ho who speaks no English.

Mr. Ho Chin-Chung: The founder and director of the Heaven and Earth Feng Shui Design Society based in Taipei. Mr. Ho will be teaching aspects of Feng Shui that are totally unique to his school, including a system of Feng Shui luck descriptions based on the flow of water directions from your house. He has requested that all participants in his 5-day workshop bring a scaled floor plan of their house and he will personally analyze it. The system is called “Diagnosis of the House in Terms of Destiny, Career, Health and Finances.” Mr. Ho on the last day of his seminar will accompany us on site visits around Taipei including the study of the Yin Zhai, or burial grounds, where a lot of the Feng Shui knowledge was developed in the past. Mr. Ho is considered a national treasure by his government, as he is from 65 generations of Feng Shui Practitioners!

My Class Notes from Mr. Ho:

4/15/199 first day of class…Mr. Ho’s been studying Feng Shui for 20 plus years.  

-Fu His (spelling) one of the 1st founders of the Ba Gua – he lived until he was 168 years old.

-The Yellow River and another river nearby came together to form the sign of the Ba Gua.

-Human beings have both male and female, both Yang and Yin.

-Criteria for Feng Shui; 50% has to do with ancestors’ burial and 50% is where you live.

-1/3 of your time in life is spent sleeping in bed so bed position is the most important in Feng Shui.

-Heaven stems and Celestial stems.

-PinYin is a spelling of sounds in this system of sounding out the Chinese

(5 days of notes taken through translation so I will leave it at this for now :O)

Most of it has been going over the Ba Gua and things I know but one can pick up a little here and there.  He’s doing a lot of examples of houses and what will happen to the people in the house, but not how he’s necessarily got to that conclusion?  Anyway, class is from 9-5 with 2 – ½ hour breaks and a 2-hour lunch.  It’s in this secluded room in the bottom of this building on the resort with very dark walls, and horrible lighting…not digging the Feng Shui…so now that that’s out of the way…  

After class I went to the gym to workout.  I ran a mile and did some weights then showered and went to dinner which is buffet/cafeteria style serving.  This resort is very beautiful…I can hear the crashing of the waves as we speak but it’s very remote and much like a ghost town.  Nothing seems to be open here.  The bar closes early, the discos only open Saturday which is tonight.  I can’t wait to see what kind of music they will play.  I went for a walk all along the beach and the property as much as you can do, it’s not a very big beach.  

4/16/1999 Friday – I get up and go to workout at the gym before class but it doesn’t open until around 8:30am…Class starts at 9:00am so that’s out.  I meet Shani, this woman I’ve noticed hanging out with Michael our interpreter, one of Rodgers friends from Australia.  Michael translates ancient Chinese Feng Shui texts into English.  Shani is really cool.  Shani is originally from New Mexico, now living in London.  She says they are all doing Chi Gong with RD Chin, the guy from NYC I called before I left.  So, I join the group for Chi Gong, it was quite nice actually.  Then I went and got dressed to go to breakfast.  Of course, everyone has run to the room and saved seats already, so I get a crappy seat in the center in the back.  BUT…it was fine.  Class is hard with a translator; it goes VERY slow with Mr. Ho Chin-Chung.  

Friday’s class was very much similar in class to Thursday, and I could sense people feeling discouraged about that, including myself. It seems the Easterners really don’t want to let the Westerners have any secrets and class got tense at the end with people starting to voice those opinions. I hope the Chinese or Taiwanese people and teachers don’t feel disrespected because I don’t think that was the group’s intentions.

The group is all a pretty good bunch of people. I really like Sue and Roy from the UK and Michael the interpreter, Shani is cool, then Stefan, Gabriella. Andre and Michele, who have been quite remote since we got here, don’t really come to class and they hang in their rooms and smoke and drink. No thanks, not when I’m at a beach resort, I only want to be inside to sleep, and well I guess to go to class too. I must admit I feel like I did when I was a freshman in college and the weather is nice but I’m here to study.

Anyway, after class I worked out again and then we up for dinner with Shani and Michael and ate with them. Then the 3 of us went into town. By the time the cab picked us up for town Michele and Andre had joined us. We got to the open-air market, and it was basically like a small nighttime flea market with lots of Western things like plastic bowls and such. Some of the locals were playing, what looked like bingo, and a whole bunch of video games, some were Mahjong. When Andre, Michele and I turned around, Shani and Michael were gone, must have gone to the 7-11 where Michael wanted to get some cigars. We walked in that direction and hailed a cab and went back to the resort. When we went back to the resort Shani and Michael and some others were standing at this stage listening to this Chinese Band. Andre went back to his room; Michele and I did the same.

4/17/1999 Saturday 1:50pm – I’ve just come back from lunch break to my room to freshen up and write in here.  Ended up going for a long walk last night and then hung out on the pier they have there by the water…the moon was full, it was amazing.  There is an island off the coast out there and it’s such pretty Feng Shui on the exterior of this resort…. not too sure about the buildings. Those types of Islands can be considered the “Pearl in the Dragon’s mouth” in Feng Shui, also taking into consideration the mainland landscape.

4/18/1999 Sunday – Just got out of class it’s been a long 4 days of seminars and classes…

Next post Taipei, Taiwan and Snake alley 🎋



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Day 9-11 ~ Follow me on my Feng Shui Study Tour of the Far East, 6 countries in 6 weeks, on my Travel Blog🎋

4/12/99 Monday 6:46pm – I was in bed all day yesterday the 11th…some kind of stomach bug. I was throwing up early this morning and stayed in bed and had the doctor come up. He gave me an injection to stop throwing up and some medicines. Saturday night during the banquet I started having stomach aches. Richard Tsui was speaking after dinner. We were all in the room we’ve been studying in each day for classes.

Richard Tsui: Devoted to the study of Feng Shui for over 50 years (back in 1990), has gained vast knowledge and experience in the field of Feng Shui, Palmistry, Physiognomy and Divination.  Richard was the original teacher of Derek Water, a well know English author on Feng Shui.  Richard is a member of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain, of which all the followers are world renowned professors and authors of works on Divination.  He lives and works in Hong Kong and at 82 still travels and teaches Feng Shui around the world.

My Study Notes from Richard Tsui:

– Kowloon means 9 Dragons

– Hong Kong, the Pearl of the Dragon – 2 miles wide

– Chi (energy) flows from the West to the East starts from Mountain stops at Water

– Feng Shui is Lunar Time, Direction, Five Element, and about location, place.

The evening of the 10th, everyone dressed up, I wore my new frock from Beijing. It was quite nice. After we all ate Richard, a local fortune teller, palm reader, face reader and feng shui consultant, spoke on the subject. As soon as he was finished, I came up stairs and went to bed. I couldn’t even write in my journal and missed the last day of Zi Wei with Michael Chang.

Today I felt somewhat better. We did a tour of Hong Kong Island, someone in the group planned it, because it was our day off in Hong Kong. It was supposed to be a Feng Shui tour of the city and although interesting turned out to be more basic teachings since it was also open to the public. I was bummed because when we got up to Victoria’s Peak it was all fogged in. Victoria’s Peak, basically a hill on the western half of Hong Kong Island, also known as Mount Austin and locally as just the Peak, is the highest hill on Hong Kong Island.

We also went to Aberdeen and Deep-Water Bay and all over Hong Kong Island and Repulse Bay which is a southern district on the Island that is the most expensive residential areas and one of the most famous statues and buildings, an apartment with a hole in the center to let the Dragon through.  We ended the tour in the Financial Center, the Dragon’s Den where Hong Kong Bank and the Bank of China have an ongoing Feng Shui “war” using items and shapes and structure to “Cut the Chi” of the other’s business.

Then it was back to the hotel around 1:30pm, Michele, Anastasia and I ate quickly and then went to the Wong Tai Sin Temple by subway through Hong Kong…it was fun.  We went and visited Richard Tsui who does his fortune telling in the area with 161 other fortune tellers of all sorts, palm, astrology, calligraphy, etc.  It was on the side of this Temple where there were crowds worshiping and lighting incense in the middle of the workday.  It was all very interesting to take in.  Then we made our way back via subway and went and visited Andre who also by now had this stomach thing.  He was in bed all day today and Michele is still with him while I’m writing postcards and journaling.  Well until later.

4/13/99 Tuesday 11:30pm – I’m just about to go to sleep after packing for Taiwan. Tomorrow, we leave the hotel at 8:30am as a group to fly there.  Last night Michele and I grabbed a bite to eat in the bar.  The Feng Shui of the restaurant sucks.  It’s very loud and crowed.  We sat and talked with the couple from Virginia, Ray and Lita, nice people who reinvented their marriage after growing apart and he was along to support her on her interest.  I love that.  A few others joined later and after a while I came up to bed.  Michele said she’d finish her beer and come up.  Around 10:00pm she came up and said she met R.D. Chin and she was going to the Peninsula Hotel with him down by the harbor overlooking Hong Kong Island.  We had been there almost every night since I got back to Hong Kong.  Quite the place to be around here I suppose…very expensive and the bar at the top is called the Felix.  Anyway, off she went, she hasn’t stopped yet!  I nicknamed her the energizer bunny.  

This morning we got up around 7:30-8am, got ready, and went to breakfast.  Raymond Lo was speaking today on Flying Star and 4 Pillar Astrology. 

Raymond Lo: A teacher in advanced 4 Pillars and Flying Stars methods. He is the author of several books on Feng Shui and is an accomplished lecturer on many Feng Shui subjects.  His in-depth knowledge makes him one of the most sought-after consultants in Hong Kong.

My Study Notes from Raymond Lo:

– Dragons mean Mountain

– The energy of the Dragon will be dispensed by the wind and will stop at the boundary of Water

– Dragon turning his head to greet his ancestors, the head of the Dragon’s Den, is central Hong Kong where the banks are.

– Form school Feng Shui is about the landscape, Compass School Feng Shui is about the when and the why…abstract energies you cannot see.

– Dragon of Mountain does not come to the Water and Water does not go up to the Mountain.

It was very interesting, and I was proud to have known so much already since I had studied with Raphael Simons learning to read, write and speak Chinese for Feng Shui purposes and had been studying now for more than a year in the field.  I had gotten that stomach thing and was just starting to feel normal again today.  After the seminar which was 9-5pm, we went to Hong Kong Island again, just me and Michele.  She wanted to shop, and I just wanted to ride the Ferry.  We took the subway there, the ferry over and shopped around, took some pictures, and took the Ferry back.  We were meeting Gabriella and Andre at the hotel to go to the Open Market tonight.  We were a little late and Andre and Gabriella were just coming outside as we walked up.  Michele told me she liked Andre which made sense since she was always hanging around and looking for him.  He wanted to eat but we just had frozen yogurts.  I didn’t really want to go, but Michele had said we would.  I’m easy going I didn’t care either way.  So, we went across the street to sit with them while they ate.  When we all sat down Michele asked if we should go to the market while they finish eating, I said yes, and we’d meet them back here at the restaurant.  Off we went to the Outdoor Market…kind of a street fair looking thing…same shite different city as far as I’m concerned.  Not much there for me to buy but an experience all by itself.   We walked around for about a ½ hour and went back to the restaurant.  They were gone by then, so we headed to the hotel to see if they were in the hotel.  We checked the bar, but no one was around so we came upstairs and knocked on Andre’s door.  He was in his room, Gabriella was in her room, so we ended up sitting and talking with her for a while.

I came back to my room before Michele and finished postcards and started to pack for Taiwan.  I checked out while Michele took a bath and then I called my parents.  Although my parents have been divorced for years my mom is my dad’s office manager, so I called.  I hadn’t talked to my dad yet, so I had a quick chat with him then talked to mom.  I told her everything’s great and I’m having a blast.  I finished packing and now I’m writing in here while Michele packs.  OK until later.


Swallow A Rainbow 🌈🦋❤️

Tips for Manifestation (2/18/2022) marked three years since Jerry departed. For him, mental imagery was the premiere vehicle for manifesting our dreams and hopes. He called it the magic of “making inside out.”

Feeling blue today? Open your blue sky umbrella. Feeling hopeless? Swallow a rainbow. Feeling heart broken? Remove the arrows of hurt from your heart. Feeling Creative? Go to your inner room of creativity. Looking for a new job? Go to your inner communications tower to spread the good news.

And to concretize and further mobilize all this creative transformation, he would gift you small tokens to remind & reinforce your intention —

golden hearts (to remember your connection of love), bird whistles (to call in your true love); worry dolls for under your pillow (to sleep peacefully); and chickens – albeit plastic ones – that lay golden eggs (for conceiving babies and other creative endeavors).

Wishing to hone your intuition by seeking guidance from the Tarot, Angel Cards, the I Ching, or a pendulum? He always cautioned, “don’t ask if you’re not going to follow the input.”

While Jerry is no longer here in body, he left many books and CDs to show us the way to become our own magicians of life.


Feeling grateful for my friendship and studies with Jerry.

Love & Light, Jacqueline Pepper🌶

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Day 5-8 ~ Follow me on my Feng Shui Study Tour of the Far East, 6 countries in 6 weeks, on my Travel Blog🎋

4/7/99 Wednesday – Woke up bright and early and it was off to the airport with my trusty guide Wei Min Du and our driver Mr. Wong. It was a long flight we were delayed on the tarmac for over an hour but at least no real turbulence to do me in this time.

I arrived at the hotel around 5pm Wednesday night and was hoping I’d made it before my roommate. I met two people on the way into the hotel that were a part of my group. The official start of the Feng Shui Study tour with Rodger Green kicks off tomorrow 4/8/99 at 10:00am, with the “getting started” workshop.

I had arrived first to the room. I picked the bed closest to the window and was waiting for my bags to come up. I heard something at the door, so I went to open it and there was Michele, my roommate from the UK. We got along splendidly right from the beginning and…right behind her were our bags. We grabbed them, tipped the guy and it wasn’t but a minute when Michele suggested we go to the bar and grab a drink. I don’t drink alcohol but love the tea. After the delay at the airport, and then being the very last one dropped off from the transport bus I thought…” Let’s Go!”

So, we sat and chatted for several hours occasionally looking around for other Westerners that might be part of our study tour but to no avail. We got deep in our conversations realizing we were the same age, both Fire Horses and had a lot in common.

We realized we both shared an interesting spiritual path and that we seemed to be learning and growing some of the same things in life. It was great and I knew right there this trip was going to be the trip of a lifetime. After a while we came back up to the room and started to somewhat unpack and get organized. I definitely brought too much shit.

8:55pm or 20:55 Hong Kong time – back in Hong Kong from Beijing drinking tea and listening to The New Radicals “You Get What You Give” on the radio. I had a wonderful time in Beijing and feel like I met a friend in Wei Min Du. I found out later that his last name is Du, like I said earlier it is sometimes custom to use people’s last names as their first in the Far East. Michele and I chatted some more and finally went to bed.

4/8/99 Thursday – I woke up quite early, around 4:00am Hong Kong time, and couldn’t fall back to sleep. Michele and I both woke up at 6:00am and went out for a long walk, about an hour, down to the harbor, all around and back again. I showered and we got ready for our first day of seminars. We met a few more people in the group at breakfast and grabbed some chairs in the front of the room. It was a long seminar with a lot of reviewing, at least for me, and I was excited to really get digging into the good stuff.

I We got out by 6:00pm and went and got ready to go to dinner at 7:00pm with Andre, a guy Michele knew from a Feng Shui seminar in Prague. He knew two other women from Germany that were part of our group and they all spoke German including Michele who was born there but raised in England. We decided to eat somewhere down by the harbor. We walked down and checked it out again…seems like there was so much to see there, you couldn’t take it all in no matter how many times you went.

There was a restaurant right on the water and it was Chinese. It was quite good but NOT cheap. Everyone was nice and we all got along well. After a late dinner we walked across the street to the Peninsula Hotel, very fancy, to the top where there was this very cool bar over-looking Honk Kong Harbor and Hong Kong Proper. We had several drinks there then all took a cab back to the hotel. Andre and Michele stopped at our hotel bar for a while longer, but I came up to bed and wrote in my journal and sent some postcards.

4/9/99 Friday – This morning Michele and I got up at 6:30am and took a walk down Nathan Road, the main drag in Kowloon and right by our hotel…and through the park to watch all the people practicing Martial Arts together like they do every morning…I mean hundreds of people. It was amazing to see…really cool. Then we got breakfast and ready for the 3-day seminar with Michael Chiang that starts today.

Michael Chiang is a well know Hong Kong based Feng Shui consultant and architect.  He is the Executive Director of the Architectural firm LCT Associates, at least in 1999 he was.  Michael has trained hundreds of Feng Shui students and teaches many aspects of Feng Shui applications.  He is teaching an intensive 3-day course for us that include such subjects as the Zi Wei Astrology a topic that is practically hard to obtain information on in the West.  Other subjects he will be discussing are from the realm of the Loyang School:  Tai Yui Numbers, the Mystic Door and Vanishing Gar and the Yuen Hung.

From my Study Notes for those really interested in the principles of Feng Shui:  4/9/99

-He will be talking from the San Yuen (Yen) School = Three Cycles

Feng Shui – House; Mystic Door – Military Strategies; Tai Yu

-Ching Dynasty most used school is San Hop

-San Yuen school even more popular after the Ching Dynasty and most popular in the Far East

– We are towards the end of the cycle year of 7.  In 2003 starts the next 20-year cycle which will be the cycle of the number “8” the most auspicious number in Chinese culture and Feng Shui.

– One Theory – Feng Shui is earthly and about the people living.  

In spiritual realms the good Feng Shui are Temples, Churches, Museums and Graveyards.

– Chinese do not keep burial antiques in their homes – not good Feng Shui – represents the Dead not the Living…no things dead in the house including dried flowers (that part from me, Silks only)

-Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui are put into the mathematics category (someone tell my parents please) in the past both considered more philosophical than tangible.

4/10/99 Saturday 11:00pm – Night of Feng Shui Banquet and talk with Richard Tsui – I’m not feeling well some kind of stomach thing…I’ll write later.


Day 4 -Follow me on my Feng Shui Study Tour of the Far East, 6 countries in 6 weeks, on my Travel Blog🎋

4/6/99 Tuesday – I woke up early and met Du Wei Min and my driver Mr. Wong at 8:30am.  We had approximately an hour drive to the Ming Tombs and The Great Wall.  It was morning rush hour, and the traffic of bikes is mesmerizing me.  There are so many people all bustling about.  I realized, as I’m so transfixed on all this culture, that it is not so different from mine.  Really all these people were just going to work that day for the pump and grind that we all do all over the world no matter who or what we are.  The same routines different days.  As I was so excited about the Great Wall, Wei Min was like, “yeah I’ve seen it about 100 times.”  I guess it’s like the statue of Liberty to me, something you see often but don’t think twice about.  

We stopped at a jade factory on the way to see how the jade gets transformed into the carvings.  It was a very quick tour, but they had miles and miles of store, of course;).  I decided I needed my Foo Dogs, and this might be the place.  I had this poor boy running all over, looking for Foo Dogs with a cub and a ball, one under each paw of the other.  The Foo Dogs, used for protection at the entrance or back door, has the male always with the ball under one foot and the female with the cub.  That’s how you know you have the Yin/Yang balanced, Foo Dogs.  I needed them not too big, carved just right, and they needed to call to me.  Found them; White jade and perfect….

On to the Ming Tombs, collectively know as the Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty.  The site, which is on the southern slope of the Tianshou Mountain range, was chosen for its Feng Shui principles.  I looked around at the Feng Shui of the whole place, it was lovely with the mountains surrounding most of it and the reservoir right next to it.  There was a Pagoda on top of one of the mountains.  Wei Min said that “the Chinese believe that demons/spirits are in the mountains and by putting the Pagoda there it contains them and keeps them up there.”  Wei Min was great and always concerned about me getting a picture or seeing what I wanted to see.  I couldn’t have asked for a better guide.  His name means “protector of the people.” 

I didn’t know what to expect really when I stepped out.  I thought it would be very elaborate, but it wasn’t that grand.  It was awesome to see because it was so old.  The best part for me about the Ming Tombs was the stone animals lined up along the entrance.  The main gate of the palace area is called the Great Red Gate.   The Sacred Way is lined with 18 pairs of marble figures sculpted from one stone, some standing and some lying down. 

They remind me of the Earth Branches, as we call them in Chinese Astrology, or the Animal Characters for each year. Legend says Buddha, who had called on all the Animals to come bid him farewell before he left Earth, had only 12 animals show up.  Because he was so grateful of those that came, he named a year for each of them in the order they arrived to bid him farewell.  Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Finally the Boar (Pig, the year we are in now, the end of a cycle).  

I digress, I sat on the lying Horse and stood next to a Dragon like Dog…It was hard to believe I was sitting on a 540-year-old horse …

The head of the Dragon in the mountain behind the Ming Tombs

On to lunch…

I asked Wei Min to sit with me again and we chatted about our cultures.  He said, “that in his opinion Westerners were overweight because they ate too much ice cream and drank too much soda.”  He’s probably right 😉  

On to the Great Wall…

We saw parts of it, Wei Min made sure, driving 20 minutes into the mountains.  When we got there, you couldn’t see much from where we were.  We took a cable car up to the top, almost the top, and walked the rest of the way…many steps, an automatic stair master.  We got to the top it was awesome!  The fact that it’s so old and still standing here is so cool.  We took many pictures at every angle and then headed back down in the cable car.  You could sit there all day and look if you were allowed but we took the pictures I wanted and left.  On the way back Wei Min said we’d stop at this place famous for Chinese Medicine…I was transfixed!

They explained a little to us and then gave a free diagnostic exam.  They said I needed some support in my Kidneys due to the white spots on my teeth and the ridges on my nails.  I believed what they said, I still have Kidney imbalances, if money wasn’t an issue, I would have bought what I needed but it was over $100 US dollars and I had 6 ½ more weeks to go and this trip cost me half a year’s salary at the time.

On to the Zoo to see the Pandas…I asked if they could please stop especially for me.  They obliged and Wei Min and I got out and ran into see them since the Beijing Zoo was closing soon.  There were two tiny babies I couldn’t keep my eyes off them.  It seemed like I took a whole roll of film (which I did and due to the lighting barely any came out) they were beautiful!  I stared for a while and then next door was the Mom and she was pacing back and forth.  I felt bad for her and wished she could be with her cubs.  Then next door to her was the male and of course he was fast asleep on his back no movement at all. Hmmmm

Back to the cub’s pen, where by now they are wrestling with one another, and are so cute.  I lingered longer.  Then we went outside to see the outdoor pen with a teenager Panda bear also pacing back and forth in their semi-natural habitat.  It was so great to see the Pandas.  Wei Min said we were lucky because he’s never seen that many Pandas that young AND the Zoo was closing in a few minutes, we never would have gotten in.  It was a wonderful day…the hour ride home in rush hour traffic was tough on all of us. 

I kept thinking of my 7pm massage (when in China do as the Chinese, I got a Tui Na massage which is inexpensive in the Far East), at that point I couldn’t wait to relax and fall into bed.  Once again, I found myself mesmerized by all the people scurrying home and wondered what all their lives were like.  I’m a New Yorker after all, I’ve seen crowds and rush hour, but this is different.  

When I got to the hotel, I had 3 objectives…ok well 4.  1.) Massage 2.) Eat 3.) Buy the Chinese Frock, as they call it here, that I had my eye on 4.) BedIt was getting late I figured I might as well go right to the massage and see if they could take me a little earlier so I wouldn’t have to eat so late.  They could!  They escorted me into a locker room spa area, and I took a shower then a sauna for about 10 minutes as they recommend…it was great I was looking forward to the massage.  Then the woman brought me to lie down, and it was like in this hallway area, of course she didn’t speak English, so I wasn’t sure what was happening?  She showed me what looked like a washcloth.  Before you know it, I was being sandpapered down all over my body and it hurt!  I kept a positive mind and thought let’s get the full Chinese experience.  She preceded to loofah my entire body as I lay in this hall like area for about 15 minutes.  I wanted to get to the massage part…finally I was able to put some robe like material thing on and go get my massage.  The man came in that was to massage me and when it was all said and done it was very good (except for the rug burns on my back from the luffa )  Off to bed after that with dinner and a new Frock, as they call dresses here, under my belt.  


Day3 – Follow me on my Feng Shui Study Tour of the Far East, 6 countries in 6 weeks, on my Travel Blog🎋

4/5/1999 8:30pm Monday – Beijing China Wow, where to begin….

I arose at seven in the morning and met Du Wei Min at 9:00am to begin the day.  We were dropped off as close to the Forbidden City as our driver could get.  Gee what a life, my own private tour guide and driver? This is special…We walked by Tiananmen Square and onto the Forbidden City.  It’s hard to imagine how old all of this is!  I wish just for a minute I was a fly on the wall back then to see how it was.  I tried to imagine what it would be like hundreds of thousands of years ago.  We saw the stage where the Peking Opera was, and I saw a pair of high heeled shoes like Madonna wears in her Video at the Grammys, that was cool.  We walked all over, and Du explained everything about the history.  I was most impressed with the Foo Dogs and have been looking everywhere to get the ones I’d like to bring home.  Much talk of the concubines all over, their beds, their tombs, and their jewelry.  The buildings and structure were amazing.  Everything balanced, very Yin/Yang, very much Feng Shui.  

Beijing Observatory

After the Forbidden City we drove to get lunch at a restaurant famous for tourists to visit, which I was, when Du set me up at the table and then went to leave, I asked him to stay and eat with me.  He said he was eating with the driver and other tour guides.  I wanted to talk to him more to get to know him and his culture…and I didn’t want to eat alone again.  I’m not that kind of tourist…I was there for the enrichment of the people and culture as much as the sights.  The food was authentic Chinese and very good.  My favorite is the jasmine tea.  The meal was pickled cabbage and ham, then this item like a sweet roll with chicken and peppers and onions with green leafy cabbage…My first of TONS of Bok Choy on this trip.  Then came rice and pork with vegetables in a spicy sauce along with a pickled cabbage soup, not much flavor for me, it was all good.  I had to make a quick trip to the bathroom before we left, I’d rather hold it till we got back to the hotel, but we had time before that was going to happen.

(Housekeeping just rang my bell to turn my bed down at 8:50pm as I am journaling, too late I was already in my PJ’s 😉

Beijing Traffic

On to Summer Palace…So far, my favorite!! The grounds were beautiful…I could live here no problem.

There is a huge man-made lake that most of the buildings overlook and this huge Buddhist tower for prayer and burning incense on the high east point on the property. It had the longest walkway painted with all stories of the ancient Dynasties the entire way down. This was the Emperor’s Summer Palace. Lots of photo opts all over the campus.

We left… it was on to the factory where they make the enameled vases with the copper wire inlaid, I can’t think of the name of it, but it was cool (Cloisonné).

Then Du and the driver were nice enough to take me to the “White Peacock” a famous place to shop in Beijing because I still wanted my Foo Dogs. It was 3 stories high and had everything you could want. I didn’t buy much…nothing called to me. Du had extended himself by taking me shopping it was getting late and time to head back to the hotel. It was about a half hour away in this heavy rush hour traffic. We had a good driver that knows all the back alleyways and short cuts. That was the best part…seeing the rawness of the culture in the back alleys on the drive back. My camera couldn’t catch all the motion…It reminded me a lot of back roads in Mexico. Dinner, a bath, bed…. until tomorrow… 6:30am wake up call and then on to the Ming Tombs and the Great Wall of China!


Day 2: Feng Shui Study Tour of the Far East, 6 countries in 6 weeks, see my Travel Blog🎋

4/4/1999 – 8:15pm Sunday – Wow just got back from dinner, and I feel so full…I barely ate anything…what a day. I got no sleep last night for what reason I don’t know. I tossed and turned for several hours after waking up from a dream where I lost all my back teeth on the bottom left row and was trying to find a dentist….Weird but happy to say I woke up with all my teeth.

Went back to bed for about an hour and a half more when at 5:45am the alarm went off. UP and out! I checked out and off to catch the bus to the airport. I was on my way to Beijing and all the wonders it holds.

Me and Du my tour guide in Beijing

Since I was coming back to the same hotel in Hong Kong I left my biggest bag there and packed a small one for this trip. I got checked in at the airport just fine and found the gate and waited to embark. Although I’m enjoying traveling alone I am looking forward to joining the group on Thursday. I am definitely a people person. I need someone to share my experiences with. It would be great if I had a friend with me but it’s all an experience traveling alone.

My hotel in Beijing so close to the Palace you can see the roofs in the background

The end of the flight was not good…very turbulent and I had to talk my way through it. I grabbed a barf bag in case and actually held onto it right up until I checked into my hotel…you never know.

I had to go through customs and the whole check through point telling myself I’m going to make it…hang in there. I finally got to where I picked up baggage and found a little nook where I could get to my ginger syrup and calm my stomach.

People were being pushy in Beijing, not like the smooth energy I encountered in Hong Kong, and I was feeling like I could scream…in my head I’m like “don’t push me or I will puke on you” …but of course didn’t have the energy for any of it.

By this point finally my luggage arrived. I was starting to feel OK, only O. I moved through the crowd and found my guide holding up a sign “ALBERT/JACQUELINE” of course with two first names they are never sure which is which and in China most people use their last name first.

Steven, as he introduced himself, was very nice but little did he know I was feeling so sick. The fresh air felt good as we left the airport…there seems to always be a breeze in Beijing, at least so far. He walked me to the car with a driver and loaded me in. I was somewhat starting to feel human again and starting to come back to life by asking Steven questions about himself and he of me. I asked his Chinese name, “DU WEI MIN”, which I kept having him repeat until he said it’s like the song “DOE RAE ME” then it stuck…HA.

He checked me in and I tipped the driver $2 American Dollars…no one told me what to tip and given the fact I didn’t know I probably under tipped but what can you do? After I checked in Du wanted to go over our schedule. We sat in the lobby and basically it was 2pm in the afternoon and really my tour didn’t start until tomorrow.

Du was nice enough to say he would walk me to a Museum. I told him I had to eat and put my things in my room would he care to join me for lunch? He declined but said he’d wait…seems like a nice guy. I felt bad but was grateful since I really didn’t know what to do first in Beijing. I knew I needed salt to fully develop back into a human, so Onion soup and salty fries were for lunch along with a coke, not my usual fare but given the situation it worked. I met Du around 3pm and off we went to Beijing’s “Chinese History Museum”. I was glad Du was with me because everything was written in Chinese, unlike Hong Kong, except for the sign on the public women’s bathroom – my first experience of a public bathroom…not great but not totally disgusting…put it this way no more water or beverages when leaving the hotel :O…Bathrooms have no toilet paper and basically a hole in the ground with porcelain around it and no running water except for in the sinks where you wash your hands – Thank God for Purell Packets.

It was a 10 minute walk to the museum and it was crowded on the sidewalks. Bikes, People everywhere…the museum itself was good as long as Du was with me….the lighting was horrible but I got a good idea of all the wares and items throughout the different Dynasties. The most exciting part was the walk back. Du took us on a short cut through back alleys and I got to really see the culture in action. I didn’t know what to take a picture of first? What an experience…Du walked with me most of the way but needed to take care of a few things, so I experienced Beijing alone once more. It was nice….I took a stroll back to the hotel and got in around 5pm and unpacked and read my book on Beijing. I ate some dinner and here I am. Tomorrow Du picks me up at 9:00…until then.


Follow me on my Feng Shui Study Tour of the Far East, 6 countries in 6 weeks, on my Travel Blog🎋

Celebrating 23 years since my Trip of a Lifetime❣️

7:15am 4/3/99 – Just woke up from 8 hours of sleep. I feel great but not sure what to do with myself first? I got into the hotel around 9:15pm last night. The 15 plus hour flight wasn’t that bad. I didn’t sleep much but it wasn’t that uncomfortable like everyone warned me it might be.

It was just getting dark as we flew over Hong Kong Harbor so I was able to see a lot of the Islands coming into land. I just followed the crowd to baggage and customs. I couldn’t find the hotel shuttle bus counter at first but then found it. All the systems here in Hong Kong so far are flowingnicely with energy. No problems with speaking English either!

I checked in and then came up to my room. I tried switching the lights on but nothing seemed to work? I propped the door open so I could see. The man with my bags was on his way up so I knew it was just a matter of afew minutes wait. He came in and showed me that you putyour room key next to the door in this slot and leave it there when you are in the room and the lights stay on. How ingenious is that? I then proceeded to call my parents to let them know I arrived to my hotel in Hong Kong safely. Its 13 hours behind back home. I gave mom a quick call and she’ll pass the message to dad. I then went to unpack or at least see if everything was there…

I immediately noticed my lock was missing on my suitcase, so much for that new lock I bought for the trip. I discovered everything in order so must have been customs. Time for a hot bath, a melatonin and some much needed sleep. The bathtub was huge with jets and I took a nice bath and got ready for bed, read a little, then fell asleep.

Now here we are Saturday morning and I need to get ready to venture out today and see the sights of Hong Kong…8:20pm Saturday 4/3/99 – I called Jimmy, a friend from home who now lives in Hong Kong, but never heard back from him? I guess I will touch base when I get back from Beijing next week.

This morning I got up early and turned on the hot water but could not get it going so I washed my hair under the spout, got ready and went downstairs to eat. I had three things to get today…A CD Walkman (YES it’s the 90’s), a lock for my luggage that had been broke off and postcards. After breakfast, I stuck with eggs to play it safe, I came back to my room, got my things and went to the front desk for a map and directions to an electronics place they could recommend, after all it is the Far East. It was right up the street. My CD player was 9 years old and I had just put new batteries in it before I left but it still kept shutting off on the plane. I went off to find a new one. I went to “Fortress” an electronics store, I told the guy what was happening and he said it could be the batteries. I told him “I just changed the batteries” so I decided to buy a new one.

He was patient and helped me find a decent CD player and I stopped and got 2 locks and 2 postcards and came back up to my room to drop everything off. I unpacked the CD player and set it up so the batteries could charge. I unpacked the locks and of course the big one doesn’t fit in the holes of the zipper. I relaxed a little and it was time for lunch. I had soup and a salad and figured I would walk down to the ferries that take you to the island of Hong Kong, about a half hour walk from my hotel. I came back up to get my things to go and walk to the ferry port at the end of Nathan Road. I stopped in some boutiques along the way but nothing really struck me plus I’m going to be back on Thursday and figured I’d shop more then. When I got to the end of the street it was a huge pavilion all along the water so I walked around took some pictures and was glad to have my walkman working and pumping George Michael (don’t judge).

After walking all along the water for a while I decided to head back to the hotel, I was staying on the mainland part of Hong Kong called Kowloon. I walked on the other side of the street from which I had come down, again stopping in some stores along the way. I saw an ESPIRIT shop my favorite store and tried on 2 pairs of shoes, both were not comfortable. I decided to pass on them, thanking the man who had patiently worked with me as I made him get up and down on a ladder several times to get the right size for me.

I changed George to Madonna and headed out the store back to the hotel. I had confirmed my flight for tomorrow to Beijing and reserved a spot on the 6:55am bus to the airport. I also secured the idea that I could in fact leave some luggage with the hotel until next Thursday when I would return from Beijing to start the study tour. Then back up to my room to relax and read before dinner. Today was the first day I was really ever traveling by myself?

I ate alone, and not bad, I brought a book and it was fine. I love the Chinese teas here. So far I don’t need my teas I brought from home. After diner I repacked my suitcase so I could leave the big one here then wrote in my journal, hopped in the bath and then off for some well earned sleep…until later.


The number 6, 六, in Chinese Numerology…

Ming Kwa Numbers in Astrology, your Birth, Month and Tendency stars, are considered Heaven/Father and consists of 3 Yang lines in the I Ching.
6, 六, Metal has the energy of Horse, movement, total freedom & complete command, creativity, governing, and there is nothing higher in power than 6 house.

Imbalanced tendencies are: isolation, make enemies due to its dominance, no bending with high expectations of self and others.

The meaning of 6 in Kabbalistic numerology is:
Reunion, health and construction at a higher level, from a spiritual perspective.

Numbers play a role in your Astrology readings with me. 9 star is the oldest form of astrology we can trace back and is based on the Stars.

Here’s to Health, Movement & Freedom❣️

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Pepper 🌶

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“Women have always been the guardians of wisdom 🦉

…and humanity which makes them natural, but usually secret, rulers. The time has come for them to rule openly, but together with and not against men. “
-Charlotte Wolf

It is time to listen–to listen to myself and to listen to the ancient wisdom that is all around me.
Women are such masters of practical wisdom and we live in a world that is dying for lack of practicality.

What good is the best invention in the world if it doesn’t work? What good are the best ideas in the world if we cannot use them?
If we are indeed the guardians of wisdom, it behooves us to share that wisdom.
As Meridel Le Sueur says, “The rites of ancient ripening / Make my flesh plume.” -Excerpt taken from Meditations For Women Who Do Too Much, Anne Wilson Schaef

Share your Wisdom Women 🧝🏼‍♀️it’s so important…If not now when!

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Pepper 🌶

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Happy 90th Birthday in the Sky 😇

🎉🎂🥳🍺❤️ Our 2nd without you here.

This picture of him cracks me up, he had these taken in 2004 at a mall photo studio to send to me for my birthday… Then instead he decided to fly up from Florida and surprise me ….
when I opened my door in Manhattan he was holding this picture of him, holding a picture of me 😍
He was always the prankster and loved making people laugh.
Thanks for wonderful memories. Here’s to your cheers in the Sky for a great birthday with your heavenly friends and family.

Miss you much, Love you more.
Happy Birthday Dad ❤️

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25 Years of Loving What I Do in 2022❣️

Small Business Saturday ❤️🎋 Celebrating 25 years of transforming energy in 2022… 25 years of loving what I do❣️

Services are:
🎋Feng Shui Consultant, Master & Teacher
🎋Chinese Astrology Readings
🎋Spiritual Coaching
🎋Certification Programs, Wu Center for Healing Arts

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Happy new moon in Pisces ♓️…

(as of today at 12:35 PM EST), Happy Day of the Wood 木 Tiger 寅, Last Day of a Water Tiger Month in a Water Tiger Year🐯….
and Happy Lent / Ash Wednesday.

😅Energetically as you can see it’s a lot going on. New Moons are a time of energetic new beginnings. Pisces, the sign connected to water and watery dreams and ideas… is a good time to go within, sit quiet with yourself or a few loved ones. Do some New Moon burnings with your intentions for what you set forth the next 2 weeks and the year.
Wood Tiger, Tiger being Wood, a great time for planning after sitting quiet with your needs and wants, start putting together your steps to aim for your goals.

We also have about 7 more weeks of Wood Element Season… take this time to sew the seeds of ideas and long range planning at a fertile time energetically for great outcomes.
Check your East and South East sectors of your home and start there with the Spring cleaning and decluttering.

“Lent, which is derived from the old English word ‘lenten’ meaning spring season, is traditionally a period of abstinence when Christians fast, give up certain luxuries, and adopt a spiritual practice that leads to renewal of the soul.”-NDTV

“In Chinese medicine, spring is the time of the liver, whose energy is change. Haragano, who teaches Wheel of the Year classes in Seattle, says that treatment centers experience higher success rates in spring than at any other time of the year. She attributes this to the incredible energy for change which courses through the earth at this time, the force that through the green fuse drives the flower, as Dylan Thomas put it. The sap is rising in the trees, which are budding; the green stalks of crocuses and snowdrops are pushing through the frozen ground. There’s an incredible shift happening.”

Love & Light,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶

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Another Successful Reading 🎋🙏🏼

Astrology Readings are a way for me to connect deeply with clients so that they may have insight and knowledge into self.
When we know ourselves deeper we are connecting with spirit, father, mother, earth, at a deeper level as well.
Like 2 sides of the Yin/Yang coin, you can’t have one without the other…embrace all facets of yourself❣️
Let me guide you through life’s path that is meant to unfold simply for you.

I can do readings without Feng Shui, but because your chart is like taking blood, pulse, and temperature at the dr’s, I can’t do Feng shui without Astrology.

May the year of the Water Tiger, Lo Shu (magic square) 5, be everything you intended in 2022!

Intention is 9/10th of the Feng shui law.

Start out with the right energy by:
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Happy Full Moon in Leo 🦁During Water 🐯 Tiger Year…

Water 🐯 Tiger Month, & Friday, Water 🐯 Tiger Day.
Roar, some big energy happening during this month.

February’s Quickening Moon is exactly that.
The quicker life becomes the more you go within and do the deeper work.
It’s the balance of the
Yin/Yang ☯️

If our roots are strong, even when it’s stormy and our branches sway …we are grounded in our deep connection.

This is a Wood Element Season, so ideas, actions and choices are fertile and ripe with the Spring coming.

Set the intentions of ending something during this full moon to allow for an opening of new beginnings.

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶

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Happy Valentines Day ❤️🎋from Feng Shui by Jacqueline Albert Pepper

Relationship Corner: 💓
To support and stimulate relationship energy in your home. Focus on the Relationship Area, located in the far right corner as you walk in the front door of your home:
💜 Single wanting to strengthen relationship with self:
Place a picture of yourself in that area with the intention of self healing.
💜 Single Looking for a Mate:
Pairs of things like the Peonies in this picture, Mandarin ducks, or Cranes that pick a mate for life can be placed there with intention of bringing in a partner.
💜 Strengthen Current Relationship:
Place a Picture of you and your Love as well as pairs of things with the intention of romance and connection.

For your specific Relationship area based on your personalized Astrology chart. Book Now for a reading.
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Love & Light,
Jacqueline Pepper ❤️

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Thank You Feng Shui Fans for Attending my Workshop

Thank you Feng Shui fans for attending my two part workshop these last 2 weeks.

I’m more than grateful to share my gifts and the knowledge and wisdom that is more than 4,000 years old, Feng Shui.
Look for more classes coming to take the Introduction even deeper.

If you’re interested in becoming a certified Feng Shui practitioner from my school – Wu Center for Healing Arts –
let me know.

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶

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TIGER (Yin(g) 🐅 Animal Sign

TIGER (Yin(g)– Third in line on the list of the 12 Zodiac Animal signs (12 Earth Branches) that make up part of your chart.

Tiger is agreeable, subtle, and cool but may take you by surprise just like in the jungle!
Tiger is affectionate, loving, and playful but if you push them too far their claws come out and they can be ferocious. The Wood element inside the sign of the Tiger has a temper that can show itself at anytime.
Tigers are dynamic and daring but hate interference from others.

The element of Water makes the Tiger calmer this year than the other 4 elements.
If you were born between 2/5/1962 – 1/24/1963 or 2/1/2022 – 1/21/2023,
you are a Water Tiger birth year.

Other Tiger years with different pairing elements are:
1986, 1998, 2010.
Tiger’s friends with Horse and Dog so those will fare well this year…as to Monkey and Snake, this year may present it’s challenges.

Zodiac Animal signs last 12 months in Chinese Astrology and usually begin sometime in February and go to the following February.

Famous Tigers: Demi Moore, Groucho Marx, Lady Gaga, Oscar Wilde, Marilyn Monroe, and Shawn Mendes, to name a few.

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Or http://www.JAFengShui.com 🎋

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🎋Wood Element Season Kicked off today🎋

Most years Feb 4th-May 5th. If born in the season of wood it plays a strong role in your natal chart.

Wood is the element connected to:
🎋long range planning
🎋decision making

Manhattan, the town I lived, worked & spent a lot of time in, is ruled by the element of wood. The shape is rectangular and the colors are dark greens, greens and light blues, like aquamarine.

Emotions connected to Wood are:
🎋romantic in love

When in an imbalanced state, anger comes up.
Wood on the compass is connected to East & South East.
Pay attention to these areas of your home and it’s the usual things:
those areas in your space.

Astrology & Feng Shui which go hand in hand both rely on 5 elements. I won’t do Feng Shui without the astrology or you don’t get the good JuJu you deserve.

Peace and harmony,
Jacqui Pepper 🌶
For more on your chart and what season you were born in… book your reading now.


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5 Parrots 🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜 Year of Ming Kwa number 5

This year🎋 5 (K’un) Center ☯️ (Tai Chi) Earth Element

5 (K’un) Center (Tai Chi) Earth

*5 is the center of the Lo Shu, magic square, (I call it the center Brady Bunch Square) of numbers we use in Nine Star or birth star numbers, there are 9.

*In the I Ching, diagram 5 looks like 3 broken lines on top of one another.

*This break in all 3 lines of the trigram creates an opening, a yin, receptive tone.

*This is the year all the Birth Star numbers, based on the year you were born, are in their own houses creating a dynamic, energetic time. Go within to create the transformation you wish.

*The I Ching is used everywhere in China and at its core is Yin/Yang, the balance of both the masculine and feminine.

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶

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Happy Lunar New Year’s Eve – Year of the Water Tiger 🌊 🐅

2/1/22 Feng Shui by Jacqueline Albert Pepper


🎋Eat a dish with long noodles to signify longevity of life.

🎋Eat something sweet to put sweetness in the year & your life.

🎋Place a Red Envelope with a handful of rice in it in the far-left corner as you are walking through your front door, the Money or Wealth corner.
🎋Place there with the intention of growing your wealth and abundance, whatever that means to you.
🎋Tune into that energy when you walk by than let the universe do it’s job.

🎋Feb. 4th kicks off Wood Season. Check your East and South East directions in your home or office and make sure all is in order there.

Peace, Harmony, Love & Light,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶

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~ Remembering The Queen of Light ~

👸🏻🕯 my Teacher and my Teacher’s Teacher… Dr.Jerry Epstein. I studied with Colette for 2 weeks in Jerusalem, Israel in 1999, what an honor.

Yesterday marked the birthday of Colette Aboulker-Muscat, the modern exponent of the Kabbalah of Light. As Jerry’s spiritual teacher, she taught him to apply the sacred inner language of the imagination to help heal the world.

She referred to herself as a “Teacher of Life”, and she was that to the thousands of people who crossed her threshold seeking personal transformation, answers to what troubled them, and healing.

I, too, was blessed to have learnt so many important life lessons from her directly and through Jerry. The 1000s of imagery exercise she created (often on the spot) are a testimony to her creativity that was only matched by her generosity of spirit; she shared her teaching and her imagery exercises freely with everyone. For her, there was no distinction between her spiritual life and her day-to-day living. And the spiritual practices she taught and devised were meant to be enacted in daily life, moment to moment.

She was, in her own words, a “momentalist”, teaching us to catch the moment, engage with spirit, and create our destiny. In her later years, in the deep of night, she wrote poetry, a 5 vol. autobiography, and stories of exorcisms. She was blessed with students who have continued to unfold this path. Colette envisioned that her work would be known for 1000 years. May it be so.

-Reposted from Rachel Epstein’s share and they are my exact sentiments.

What a gift to have known & studied with her.

Love & Light,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶

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Gratitude is my Attitude – A Happy Client Reading

Thank you for allowing me to contribute to your journey … what’s in the stars for you this Water Tiger year?🎋

“Thank you for the generosity of your time in the session today my dear. The work that you did and the vision of the philosophy applied to astrology is breathtaking.”
-Kenny L

Thanks Kenny – For more on a reading with me, schedule your complimentary discovery call and what your Ba Zi chart says about you.
Link on bio

Love & Light,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶

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Kick off the year of the Water Tiger 🐾

Introduction to Feng Shui Workshop February with me🎋

Not only will I be sharing my 25 years of wisdom and experience but also the collective teachings of my masters in the Far East with this 2-part series that will guide you through the fundamentals and basic principles of Feng Shui & how to apply them to your home and office.
Like a mini consult with me.

🎋Birth Star Numbers
🎋5 Element Theory
🎋8 Point Method and more
🎋Bring floor plans to
part 2.

Workshop held right here at Sarasota Healing Arts on Tuttle.

Limited space. Register now and save.
$120 for both parts

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Subject Workshop

I look forward to seeing you there.

Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶

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Year of the Water Tiger


$100 for the 2-part series!!

Kick off the Year of the WATER TIGER with My 2-part series that will guide you through the fundamentals and basic principles of Feng Shui and how to apply them to your home or office.

*Part 1 – you will learn Birth Star Numbers, Yin/Yang Theory,
5 Element Theory, 8 Point Method and more!
*Part 2 – bring your own floor plan, of your home or office.
A mini consultation for yourself!

When: Saturdays, February 5th & 12th, 2022 – 10am-12:30pm
Where: Sarasota Healing Arts ~ 1810 S. Tuttle Ave. Sarasota, FL 34239

$100 for the 2-part series!!

To Register & Pay:
Venmo: @jacqueline-pepper-1
Zelle – jacqui@jafengshui.com
Please put a note stating: “Workshop”

Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶


Mercury In Retrograde 💫

Venus has been retrograde since December 19th and will continue until January 29th. Venus’ little brother Mercury, not Freddie 😍, gets in the game and retrogrades from January 14th to February 3rd.
Mercury retrogrades in Aquarius the planet of electronics, computers and digital.

When planets are in retrograde everything feels wonky including your thoughts, your decisions, your plans, …things aren’t always what they seem.

Dot your i’s and cross your T‘s and make your big decisions and/or purchases after February 3.

Peace, Harmony and Rest this coming weekend.
Full moon Monday in Cancer…go within.
Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶

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The I Ching, Book of Changes

The I Ching, Book of Changes, is one of the oldest and most important books in the world’s literature.

Composed in the 29th century B.C., Taoism & Confucianism both have their roots here. Used in science, philosophy and even political strategies to determine certain answers.
As a Chinese Astrologer for 25 years, the I Ching is always a part of your astrology reading.
Each Trigram/Hexagram tells a story about your destiny.

——— = Yang
—- — = Yin

TGIFeng Shui 🎋
Enjoy your weekend.

Jacqueline Albert Pepper

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Happy New Year! Be The Change

All the best in 2022! Year of the Water Tiger 🌊🐅 comes February 1st!
Happy New Year from Feng Shui by Jacqueline e Albert Pepper & Company.

Start the year off right by booking your complimentary discovery call so your journey may begin 🙏🏼❤️

Peace, Harmony & Prosperity to All 🎋
Be The Change!
Heal You, Heal the World!
You Do You!

Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🌶

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Gratitude for Another Successful Astrology Reading ❤️

Astrology Readings are a way for me to connect deeply with clients so that they make have insight and knowledge into self.
When we know ourselves deeper we are connecting with spirit, father, mother, earth, at a deeper level as well.
Like 2 sides of a coin, you can’t have one without the other.

Let me guide you through life’s path that is meant to unfold simply for you.

I can do readings without Feng Shui, but because your chart is like taking blood, pulse and temperature at the dr’s, I can’t do Feng shui without Astrology.

May the year of the Water Tiger, Lo Shu (magic square) 5, be everything you intended in 2022!
Intention is 9/10th of the Feng shui law.

Happy New Year!
Start out with the right energy by taking my
🎋Intro workshop in Feb
🎋Joining my blog
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Love, Light and Peace in 2022!
Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶

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Wisdom Wednesday ⭐️ Feng Shui by Jacqueline Albert Pepper

Principles of Feng Shui:
🎋Form School
Visible, your surroundings inside and out of the home
🎋Compass School
Invisible, Ba Gua, the 8 directions

🎋Flying Star
Creates the horoscope of the house. 🎋Ba Zi/Four Pillar
Your personalized astrology chart

🎋5 Elements
Used in all aspects of Feng Shui & Chinese Medicine. 🎋Ming Kwa
Your destiny birth number and oldest form of astrology

🎋Four Lucky Directions
Black Tortoise North, Green Dragon Sunrise East, Red Bird Phoenix South, White Tiger Sunset West
🎋Lo Shu
The magic square incorporating the I Ching

Join me for my “Intro to Feng Shui Workshop” this February in Sarasota, year of the Water Tiger.

More information on my blog .

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🌶

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LAST WEEK TO SAVE – Intro to Feng Shui Workshop 🎋

Limited space. Register now and save. Only $100 for both parts – register and pay by 12/31.

Introduction to Feng Shui Workshop this February 5th & 12th, 10-12:30pm with me!

I will be offering a 2-part series that will guide you through the fundamentals and basic principles of Feng Shui & how to apply them to your home and office. Like a mini consult with me.

🎋Birth Star Numbers
🎋5 Element Theory
🎋8 Point Method and more
🎋Bring floor plans to
part 2.

Workshop held right here at Sarasota Healing Arts on Tuttle.

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I look forward to seeing you there.

Jacqueline Pepper 🌶

$120 after 1/1/2022

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Happy Winter Solstice from Feng Shui by Jacqueline Albert Pepper ☯️

🎋I am no longer waiting for a special occasion; I burn the best candles on ordinary days.

🎋I am no longer waiting for the house to be clean; I fill it with people who understand that even dust is Sacred.

🎋I am no longer waiting for everyone to understand me; It’s just not their task

🎋I am no longer waiting for the perfect children; my children have their own names that burn as brightly as any star.

🎋I am no longer waiting for the other shoe to drop; It already did, and I survived.

🎋I am no longer waiting for the time to be right; the time is always now.

🎋I am no longer waiting for the mate who will complete me; I am grateful to be so warmly, tenderly held.

🎋I am no longer waiting for a quiet moment; my heart can be stilled whenever it is called.

🎋I am no longer waiting for the world to be at peace; I unclench my grasp and breathe peace in and out.

🎋I am no longer waiting to do something great; being awake to carry my grain of sand is enough.
🎋I am no longer waiting to be recognized; I know that I dance in a holy circle.
🎋I am no longer waiting for Forgiveness. I believe, I Believe.
-by Mary Anne Perrone

“I AM”, powerful words

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper

#Happy #Winter #Solstice #Shortest #Light #Day #of #The #Year #Energy #intention #Fun #Joy #Astrology #Calendar

This February Introduction to Feng Shui Workshop with me!

I will be offering a 2-part series that will guide you through the fundamentals and basic principles of Feng Shui & how to apply them to your home and office. Like a mini consult with me.

🎋Birth Star Numbers
🎋5 Element Theory
🎋8 Point Method and more
🎋Bring floor plans to
part 2.

Workshop held right here at Sarasota Healing Arts on Tuttle.

Limited space. Register now and save.
$100 for both parts if you register and pay by 12/31.
$120 – 1/1/2022

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Subject Workshop

I look forward to seeing you there.

Jacqui Pepper 🌶

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Elder Moon ~The last full moon of 2021…🌝💫

The Elder Moon gives us an opportunity for helping ourselves with a magical boost to move forward, leave the troubling parts of the previous year behind, and begin anew at the winter solstice when the Sun is reborn. The elder tree brings magical Energies known for banishing harmful energies, bringing us healing and closure, and promoting new beginnings. The elder is often referred to as the “guardian of gateways.” This sounds like just the ticket at this point in the calendar!

Bundle up and head out into the moon if you can. Visualize yourself as an elder tree, roots deep into the ground, branches stretched high under the cleansing moonlight.
See yourself with bare winter branches. The moonlight cleanses away harmful energies that do not serve, the magic of the elder pushing them out and away from you. As they exit your trunk, the moonlight cleanses. As they exit your roots, the earth transmutes. Feel the earth, elder, and Moon working together as a sacred triad. Then, visualize new leaves, as if in spring, blossoming and bringing you new beginnings!
-Blake Octavian Blair, Llewellyn‘s date book

Jacqueline Albert Pepper

Intro to Feng Shui Workshop coming this February 2022 in Sarasota!
#Happy #Full #Moon #In #Gemini #Elder #Moon #Light #Cleansing #Protection #Energy #Guardian #Of #Gateway

Introduction to Feng Shui Workshop This February with me!

I will be offering a 2-part series that will guide you through the fundamentals and basic principles of Feng Shui & how to apply them to your home and office. Like a mini consult with me.

🎋Birth Star Numbers
🎋5 Element Theory
🎋8 Point Method and more
🎋Bring floor plans to
part 2.

Workshop held right here at Sarasota Healing Arts on Tuttle.

Limited space. Register now and save.
$100 for both parts if you register and pay by 12/31.
$120 – 1/1/2022

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Subject Workshop

I look forward to seeing you there.

Jacqui Pepper 🌶

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Left my home town 16 years ago Today …

As I rolled into Sarasota from Manhattan never dreaming I would; meet my husband here, move my parents here, have children here, Feng Shui & remodel our dream home here & more…

The town, the people, some family and the energy supported me to be here and I’m forever grateful.

It takes a brave soul to break away from the place they were born & raised, their friends, (picture taken my birthday of 2005), and family, for a leap of faith like no other.

“Jump and the Net will appear.”
Gratitude for where I am right this moment 🥰

Love & Light,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper

#My #Move #Anniversary #From #Manhattan #To #Sarasota #Friends #Family #Love #Greenwich #16

🕯The Menorah of Hope ImageryExercise 🕯

Intention: To Bring Hope to the World 🌎🕯Happy Chanukah🕯 Can be practiced once per day during the eight day holiday.

🕯Close your eyes and breathe out three times slowly.
🕯Day #1: Imagine a menorah in front of you. Light the first candle of the festival, using the special shamas or servant candle, which you place on the menorah in its special holder.
Breathe out. See yourself placing this holy Light in your heart. This light of hope spreads throughout your body, illuminating you.
Breathe out. See, sense, feel, and live this light radiating out from your body to the world spreading this luminosity of hope to all peoples of the world.
Breathe out and open your eyes.

🕯Day #2 – #8 Repeat the exercise each day of the holiday, progressively lighting an additional candle, until on the 8th day, all candles are lit.

🕯From Dr. Jerry Epstein, My teacher & friend and a part of me and the work that I do.

Love & Light, Jacqueline Albert Pepper

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Peace & Harmony,
Jacqui Pepper 🌶

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🍂Greeting Each Other We Meet Ourselves🍂

Happy Thanksgiving 🍁

Intention: To Connect With All of Creation ~ drjerryepstein.org my friend and teacher 🙏🏼❤️ For Thanksgiving 2018 – Adapted from Mark Nepo https://parabola.org/2018/10/27/eight-worldviews-and-practices-by-mark-nepo/

*Close your eyes and breathe out three times slowly. Greet the one you love with the traditional Blackfoot salutation “How are the connections?” Hear their answer.

*Now, see your connection to all that is as golden threads emanating from your belly button out to the universe creating a web of connections between yourself and all living beings. Live and know that there is no lasting health and wellbeing for you and yours without a working harmony among all living things.

*Breathe out one time. Hear and experience the Ubuntu wisdom “I am because you are, you are because I am”

*Breathe out one time. Experience the Lebanese greeting “You’re here! Now we can see!”

*Breathe out one time. See yourself as the mythical Chinese Chien bird with only one eye and one wing, needing to partner with another so together you may fly as one.

*Breathe out one time and experience the African Bushman’s greeting “I See You!” and the joyful reply of another “I Am Here!” See, sense, and feel how our lifeblood is in relationship with others.

*Breathe out one time. See yourself on the Great Spoked Wheel of Creation with God in the center. Know that each one of us is a part of the whole, each unique, yet each the same. Breathe out and open your eyes.

Happy Thanksgiving and May we all be the change we wish to see.

Love & Light, Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🌶

Dr. Jerry Epstein & me 2005. I miss him so…❤️

Water Element Astrology

If you were born in the season of Water, approximately November 7th to February 4th of each year, you may have a deep emotional aspect to your personality and although you could be outgoing you keep certain things about yourself concealed to the outside world. Only few know the deep you. Water is multifaceted and the strongest of the elements.

You tend to be more secretive and enjoy solitude and privacy. The positive states of a person born under Water are intelligence, wisdom, reflection, willpower and ambition. The negative states, when you are feeling imbalanced, could create a coldness & fear. When the imbalance comes up make a correction by checking in with yourself as to what is stimulating this to come up in your life at this time and take action to change that belief or habit.

Peace & Harmony, Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🌶



November 14th, 2021

World Diabetes Day 2021: ‘Access to Diabetes Care – If Not Now, When?’ is the theme for the World Diabetes Day 2021-2023.

“If Not Now When… is one of my favorite sayings which is why I picked this article from news18 to share with you.” Diabetes Awareness and Education is close to my heart because my 9 year old twin son has had Type 1 for 4+ years now.”-J

This November 14 marks the World Diabetes Day. Every year this international event is held all over the world to raise awareness on diabetes mellitus which is a chronic illness that is a result of malfunctioning of insulin production in the body. On this World Diabetes Day, let’s find out about its theme, history and significance:

World Diabetes Day 2021: Theme

“Access to Diabetes Care – If Not Now, When?” is the theme for the World Diabetes Day 2021-2023. The campaign hinges on a particular theme that is followed for one or more years.

Though the day was conceived in 1991, it was in 2006 that the World Diabetes Day assumed official status as the United Nations Day after the United Nations Resolution was passed.

The day November 14 was chosen as the day for this initiative because it commemorates the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, the medical scientist who discovered insulin in 1922 along with Charles Best. Leonard Thompson was the first to receive the insulin injection.

World Diabetes Day: History

World Diabetes Day was established by the International Diabetes Foundation (IDF) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1991, as a response to growing concerns about the escalating health threat posed by the ailment. World Diabetes Day was officially recognized by the United Nations in 2006 with the passage of a resolution to this effect.

World Diabetes Day 2021: Significance

Diabetes has been a cause of concern for millions all over the globe. Over 537 million people are suffering from diabetes. To address this increasing health threat, the World Diabetes Day campaign ensures that the information related to diabetes is circulated well.
The endeavor works to keep the diabetes epidemic in the public as well as the political spotlight to ensure the critical illness is carefully addressed and people continue to take care of their health.

As a part of this World Diabetes Day endeavor, diabetes screening programs are held; coordinated and concerted actions to confront diabetes as a critical global health issue are taken.

This world’s largest campaign is represented by a blue circle logo which signifies the unity of the global diabetes community.-news18

“Prayers to find a cure soon for these kids and people dealing with this daily for a lifetime.”-J

Peace & Harmony, Jacqueline Albert Pepper 💙



November 7th – February 1st

November 7th officially kicks off the season of winter in the Chinese calendar, which is also the element of water. This water season is poignant because it’s the beginning of the generating cycle of the 5 elements used in Feng Shui & Chinese medicine. The 5 elements that make up the seasons for the Chinese calendar are Water, which feeds Wood, Wood which brings rise to Fire, Fire which helps the Earth move/change, Earth from which minerals and Metals come and dew forms for Water and the cycle begins again.

Here are four steps to Harmony this Winter/Water Season:

Figuratively and literally, and make room for the new. Go through drawers and closets and if it doesn’t fit or you didn’t wear it this season give it away to charity. For every new piece of clothing or item you bring into your home an old one has to go. Out with the old and in with the new.

Look around your home/office and make sure you are not holding onto objects that bring negative energy into your space such as old pictures of past relationships, marriages that didn’t work, files from deals that went south and more. Remove it from your space. Everything holds vibrations and energy so don’t hold onto things you should have let go long ago.

Decide how & what you want to surround yourself with, including people, in your space and environment. Take your lifestyle into consideration. If you are always on the go and live a hectic life make sure you come home to a peaceful & yin (calm) home. If you are shy and introverted create a stimulating and thriving environment w/big bold statement pieces and bright and invigorating colors to inspire you.

Remember that all things change. Nothing remains the same. Not in life, not in Feng Shui, everything must change. This means your goals in life, your space, children, spouse, job, etc. If we want new things to come into our life we must let go of the old to create room for the new whether it be people, objects, attitudes or beliefs.

Love and Light
Jacqueline Albert Pepper
Consultant and Teacher in the arts of Feng Shui
and Chinese Astrology
Celebrating 24 years call for your FREE 24 minute consultation.


TGIF Thank God It’s Feng Shui

TGIF 😍 Thank God It’s Feng Shui

~ Enjoy your weekend whatever you’re up to…. have fun❣️

Happy Halloween 🎃👻
Be Safe

There is no Normal in life, only your dryer settings 😂

Link on bio 🎋 follow my blog or dm me your email to stay in touch with my Tao Newsletter 🧧

Peace & Harmony, Jacqueline Pepper 🌶

Excerpt from Jamie Day’s book
Soul-To-Sisterhood – pages 182-195 🙏🏼❤️
#TGIF #FengShui #Funny #Friday #Weekend #Fun #Time #Family #Mom #Normal #Happy #Halloween

Form School Feng Shui 🐲 Reading the Dragon

Reading the Dragon 🐉 in the mountain range from my view this morning, I realized the eye of the Dragon was a J for my name ❤️ …

and also the name of the neighboring town where I’m staying right now. It’s a joy to be surrounded by mountains since we have none in Florida.

Form Branch Classical Feng Shui

The Form Branch is the oldest branch of feng shui. Qing Wuzi in the Han dynasty describes it in the Book of the Tomb[47] and Guo Pu of the Jin dynasty follows up with a more complete description in The Book of Burial.[citation needed]

The Form branch was originally concerned with the location and orientation of tombs (Yin House feng shui), which was of great importance.[26] The branch then progressed to the consideration of homes and other buildings (Yang House feng shui). ****

The “form” in Form branch refers to the shape of the environment, such as mountains, rivers, plateaus, buildings, and general surroundings. It considers the five celestial animals (phoenix, green dragon, white tiger, black turtle, and the yellow snake), the yin-yang concept and the traditional five elements (Wu Xing: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water).[citation needed]

The Form branch analyzes the shape of the land and flow of the wind and water to find a place with ideal qi.[48] It also considers the time of important events such as the birth of the resident and the building of the structure.-Wikipedia

Peace & Harmony – Jacqueline Pepper

#FengShui #Mountain #Dragon #Energy #Reading #Arrangement #Of #Space #form #School


Room by Room Tour 🎋🧧Feng Shui by Jacqueline Albert Pepper


Bedrooms are for rest and re-energizing your Chi after a long day so these rooms are best suited to be as Yin and quiet as possible. If a TV has to be in the bedroom use an Armoire with closed doors to hide it or other creative ideas for making it not predominate in the room or the first thing you see.

For the main bedroom, this is the place where relationships flourish so keep the romance and the balance happening here the most. Make sure that both sides of the bed have matching/balanced nightstands and lamps, a balanced amount of pillows or personal items on each side when possible. This creates a balance between you and your mate and keeps the communication flowing to nurture the relationship.

If there is any work out equipment or home offices in your bedroom, get them out of the master when possible or create a hidden area for them behind Sochi Screens or a creative way to obscure from view. …

To continue reading this article as well as others on the:

Room by Room Tour with Feng Shui by Jacqueline Albert Pepper, head over to:

Or link on profile

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqui Pepper 🌶

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Classes Rolled Out This Week at American Institute for Mental Imagery – Dr. Jerry 🎋

I was late to repost this and still think there is time to sign up … see below from Rachel Epstein, AIMI Director

This Semester at …
American Institute of Mental Imagery

Classes Roll Out Starting Tues Sept 21st !

All Classes on ZOOM

Sign Up Now!

Starts in 2021

GROUP DREAM* – Tu Sep 21 (2-3:45 PM EST)

GEMS 2: THE WISDOM KEEPERS* – Tu Sep 28 (11-12:30 PM EST)







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GEMS 1* – FOUNDATIONS OF HEALING – Tu Jan 22 (11-12:30PM EST) 

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What Is Freedom From Anxiety 🌻

The results of anxiety are felt in our inner worlds. In order to be free from anxiety in our inner life we must think in nonanxious ways. Perhaps the greatest place we can arrive at as human beings is what I call effortless perfection or inner serenity.

The Japanese culture calls this experience of total inner peace Shibumi. It is difficult to write about this state of serenity because it is a unique experience for every individual. The essence of achieving this kind of inner perfection lies in a view of the world as a perfect place. It means thinking in terms of harmony, peace, love, and perfection, rather than looking at the world as a hostile, ugly, hateful place. Innerperfection involves making peace with oneself, vowing to avoid fighting life, and instead joining with the natural forces of our universe and enjoying each moment as a miracle.
-What Do You Really Want for Your Children? Wayne W. Dyer

Shibui (渋い) (adjective), shibumi (渋み) (noun), or shibusa (渋さ) (noun)are Japanese words which refer to a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty. Like other Japanese aesthetic terms, such as iki and wabi-sabi, shibui can apply to a wide variety of subjects, not just art or fashion.From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shibui

Right now I choose to be in the moment. 🙏🏼❤️

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Pepper 🌶

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Happy Self Love Sunday 🙏🏼💖🙏🏼

This post is from Jamie Day – creator & facilitator of the Divine Mommy’s Movement. A chapter share from her new book coming soon and it’s about Moi. 🎋❤️. See below.

All of the 36 Chapters in the Soul to Sisterhood Book have a “Crystal Love” section where the medicine of a Crystal correlates to the medicine shared by each woman in her Story.
Jacqueline Albert Pepper’s crystal is Labradorite… one of my favs! (Who am I kidding…. they are ALL my favorite! 😘)
How can Jacqui’s wisdom and the wisdom of Labradorite support you today in your Self-Love Mission?
The next 5-week session of our online S2S Support and Empowerment Group begins on October 19th.
Get in touch to register: jamie@divine-mommy.com💞
We meet on Tuesday mornings from 9:30-11 (EST) via ZOOM.
Have a fantastic day!
Love you!
PS- All of the amazing photography credits for the book and for these posts goes to the stunning Kristine Alvtegen Casart✨

Kristine Casart Photography

Reposting with permission from Soul-To-Sisterhood

Love & Light,

Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🌶


Meet Jacqueline Albert Pepper

She holds certifications from:

Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology by Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🧧🎋
*Certified Feng Shui Consultant *Chinese Astrologer *Teacher
Located in Sarasota, FL and can consult anywhere in the world. http://www.JAFengShui.com

  • Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design in NY – Roger Green
  • Feng Shui Design Studio of Australia – Roger Green study tour to the Far East – China, Taiwan, Tibet, Nepal, and India
  • Feng Shui School & Society – Master Ho Chin-Chung – Taiwan
  • Feng Shui for the Arts – T. Raphael Simons – New York City under whom she apprenticed

Jacqueline also has a BA in Communications with a concentration in Music & Art from Adelphi University-Garden City, NY

She grew up in Greenwich, CT, singing and songwriting at a young age, and continued her passion in the music industry on the label side after college. In 1997, when she discovered a love for creative aesthetics and helping people though her studies at the same time with Dr Jerry Epstein & American Institute for Mental Imagery …the art of Feng Shui; she studied everything she could about the ancient modality.
Jacqueline’s Feng Shui career started with the executive offices of her music industry label and she never looked back.
Her ability to read, write and speak Chinese for Feng Shui & Astrology purposes, enables her a deeper understanding of her clients and their energy needs as well as her studies with Jerry and the Western Spiritual Traditions. Her studies in the Far East under the tutelage of several Masters in different countries brought her a full understanding for the integrity and history of this ancient art; an integrity she brings along with her passion for the work.

In 2002, while living in Manhattan, Jacqueline added a Real Estate License to marry her client’s need for combining new home or office searches with her deep knowledge of Feng Shui and energy work. She continued with her Florida license in 2006 after relocating to Sarasota where she now resides with her husband and twin boys on their 5-acre property, Twin Peppers Ranch.

“Transforming and Uplifting Energy since 1997”

Twenty-minute complimentary calls available to get to know me & my work and see how I can help you transform your home or office and in so doing transform your life.

Energy Aligning for Abundance, Health, Relationships, Career, Balance & Harmony

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Card pull for the week’s energy… What does it say to you given your life events right now? It says a lot to me about a current situation I’m navigating & I feel great about this energy read.

十六 - 16. THE TOWER 

Core Aspect: Karmic forces are now clearing the way. What results could be considered fortunate or catastrophic, depending on the circumstances. The impact denotes the abrupt end of a situation. It’s as though the karmic obligation-good, bad, or indifferent-has traveled through a conduit of past experiences, and on impact, created the final severance of this karmic tie. 🙏🏼❤️

四 - 4. Red Phoenix 

Reverse core aspect: Your persistence will be rewarded. Plenty of activity behind the scene. Your path of life is now changing.

White Tiger Page:

Core Aspect: You do not have the whole story! Situation is not clear. A minor change can frustrate you. Can be to your advantage when you realize that it was not the right time anyway.

Remember my cards are your cards …we are one.

Peace & Harmony, Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🌶



🌈❤️SWALLOWING THE RAINBOWS: For hope & protection… Imagery Exercise while seated in a chair position, feet flat on floor. Close your eyes and breathe out slowly three times.
Imagine you (or a loved one) are swallowing a rainbow. Feel the colors permeating your entire body. Breathe out and open your eyes.

👑 CROWN OF LIGHT: For healing Close your eyes and breathe out three times slowly.
See a crown of light on your (or loved ones or others who may be sick) head
See the light spreading downwards filling the lungs with light destroying any virus. See this light radiate through the body giving strength and vitality.
Breathe out and open your eyes.

☂️ BLUE SKY UMBRELLA: For protection and healing…
Close your eyes and breathe out slowly three times.
Imagine that you (and your loved ones, community, or globe), are covered by a huge blue sky umbrella that protects you from all evil.
Breathe in the crystal clear air made of a mixture of golden sun 🌞 and blue sky. Feel at peace. Breathe out and open your eyes.

A reposting from Teacher Jerry, Rachel & The American Institute for Mental Imagery.
With Blessings & Love,
Rachel Epstein, successor of DrJerryEpstein.org & American Institute for Mental Imagery

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqui Pepper🌶

Best times to do imagery, upon awakening and right before bed. You can do this for yourself or with permission other friends and family.

Thanks for the rainbow John 🌈❤️

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“I fear for my Afghan Sisters.” “We will have time to debate what went wrong in the war in Afghanistan, but in this critical moment we must listen to the voices of Afghan women and girls. They are asking for protection, for education, for the freedom and the future they were promised,” Yousafzai, 24, wrote.
“We cannot continue to fail them. We have no time to spare.”

Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai on Tuesday wrote “I fear for my Afghan sisters” in an op-ed published in The New York Times in the wake of the Taliban’s stunning takeover.

Yousafzai, long an advocate for girls’ education, survived a Pakistani Taliban assassination attempt when she was just 15 years old when the militants shot her in the head in rural northwest Pakistan.

Since then the Oxford graduate has become a global figure promoting education for girls.

The Taliban took effective control of Afghanistan on Sunday when president Ashraf Ghani fled and the insurgents walked into Kabul with no opposition.

The recent takeover has triggered fears of renewed oppression, in particular towards women and girls.-france24 .com

“She is me, we are them, they are us!” Bringing awareness or any small step towards the freedoms of these women and girls. The hologram to whole. Even a micro dose of uplifting thought or energy. 🙏🏼❤️

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper

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TGIFeng Shui Funnies 😆

TGIFeng Shui Funnies 😆 Fun Fact Friday the 13th, Did You Know? …

The Thirteen Club
In the late-19th century, a New Yorker named Captain William Fowler (1827-1897) sought to remove the enduring stigma surrounding the number 13—and particularly the unwritten rule about not having 13 guests at a dinner table—by founding an exclusive society called the Thirteen Club.

The group dined regularly on the 13th day of the month in room 13 of the Knickerbocker Cottage, a popular watering hole Fowler owned from 1863 to 1883. Before sitting down for a 13-course dinner, members would pass beneath a ladder and a banner reading “Morituri te Salutamus,” Latin for “Those of us who are about to die salute you.”- History.com

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Don’t Take Anything Personally

The Second Agreement “Don’t Take Anything Personally”

Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

Your truth is personal to you. Your own opinions and point of view reflect your own agreements and are personal to you. It is no one’s truth but yours. -Don Miguel Ruiz The Four Agreements

To thine own self be true.

“You Do You❣️”

Peace & Harmony,

Jacqueline Pepper 🌶

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Welcome Metal Element Season, 8/8 ⚙️

Metal Season kicked off 8/7 and goes to 11/7 – with full day of Metal Element season on the 8th…. If you were born in Metal season or have an abundant amount of Metal in your Astrology chart, listen up…

*You are versatile, malleable and love connecting others. *You are a strong personality and can use experience for wisdom. *You tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and thrive on structure. *You can be neat and orderly with the things that are important to you. *You tend to overthink things. *You have a sense of justice with courage and morals prevailing in your world. *You like rhythmic order.

Metal in Chinese Medicine is connected to:
~ Season of Fall
~ Direction of West
~ Climate of Dry
~ Body: Lungs, Skin, Large Intestine, & Hair
~ Color is White or Silver
~ Flavor is Pungent
~ Sound of Weeping
~ Emotions of Grief & States of Inflexibility
~ Orifice Mouth
~ Planet Venus
~ Shape is Round or Oval

Metal people make great mechanics, engineers, lawyers, police officers, military personnel and artists.

Happy 8/8, in China the number 8 holds significance as a lucky number because its pronunciation sounds like “wealth & success”!

Also, the first full day of Metal Element Season & Lions Gate: This is my birthday month, I’m Leo zodiac with Birth year, Fire Horse in Chinese Astrology.

For info on these themes and more sign up for my monthly newsletter ~ The Tao Send me an email Jacqui@JAFengShui.com -subject line- Newsletter or connect on my webpage.

Peace & Harmony,

Jacqueline Pepper 🌶

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Happy Lammas August 1st

Happy Lammas or August Eve: August 1st 🌞🌈💜

Ancient people tended to treat the entire landscape as the body of Mother Earth and seem to have universally invented possessions and powwows-gatherings over her body to celebrate her fertility, and the awesome cycles of regenerative life they experienced within her being.
Some of the earlier structures in the British Isles are henges, or a great round circles shaped on the land, where people gathered together at annual fairs, to meet and marry, to share their produce and livestock, and to tell stories and exchange information and culture.

Today our county and state fairs are the remnant of these ancient practices and still operate as places where prize-winning produce and livestock are displayed and teenagers win prizes. It’s interesting that the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival – a gathering of thousands of women who come together to listen to music, take workshops, and share rituals of female spirituality together – has happened every August for more than 20 years.

Lammas time falls under the sign of Leo represented by the Sun 🌞 card; Playful child like Leo 🦁 (my Sun Sign) personality emerging through spontaneous, uninhibited, theatrical self-expression.
Share your creative endeavors for the year, to give expression to your poetry, songs, books, and births of various kinds. – excerpts from Making Ritual with MotherPeace Cards

Enjoy the rest of your magical weekend whatever your doing, have fun.
Peace & Harmony,
Jacqui Pepper 🌶

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Feng Shui Tarot 🎋 Jacqueline Albert Pepper

Feng Shui Tarot card pull JUDGEMENT:

Judgment: Judgment can often bring an element of surprise and the realization that this strenuous chapter of your life has now closed. It can be difficult to comprehend that the roadblocks are now removed. A sense of freedom releases you from feeling continually obligated. You can take a fresh look at life and begin new ventures. It is an ideal time to see just how possible it is to step into your future.

Reserved Core Aspect: (card pulled upside down)
A feeling of unease and unrest will continue until you decide to do something about it. Rid yourself of the “poor me“ complex. Feeling sorry for yourself will only make the situation worse. If you are feeling low, unable to detach from old mistakes, now is the time to stop judging yourself and be prepared to establish a new beginning.

Here’s to Releasing the Judge inside our heads. Freedom to be.
Notice where you Judge and what burdens you can release from your mind, all ego.

Cheers, Jacqueline Pepper 🌶

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