Happy Full “Strawberry”🍓Moon in Sag 6/3, 11:42pm

TGIF~ Thangka Ganesha It’s Feng Shui by Jacqueline Albert Pepper. 🧧🎋

㊗️ Per Allure – “Full moons are times of culmination, release, endings, realizations, and heightened celestial energy. While astrologers often say that new moons are practical times, often designated for planning and setting intentions, you can manifest on a full moon.

㊗️ The name ‘Strawberry Moon’ originated from several Native American tribes including the Algonquin, Lakota, and Ojibwe. As outlined by the trusty Farmer’s Almanac, this moniker came about because June was typically when strawberry plants bloomed. Short, simple, and literally sweet!

㊗️ A full moon in Sagittarius can give us new discoveries about the world, can bring us in touch with a new personal truth, and can simply be a lot of fun. The full moon’s ruler, Jupiter, being in Taurus adds a sensual quality and a groundedness.” – Allure, by Emily Newhouse

🧧 With the Fire 🔥 Element of Sagittarius ♐️ and the Earth 🌎 Element of Taurus ♉️, Fire feeds Earth in Five Elements and Feng Shui, making this a great time for creating, and bringing in what you want. 🌸 Jacqui Pepper

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Mercury went Direct Late Sunday, EDT, 😅…

… and here comes new moon in Taurus for some relief from the last Eclipse.
New Moon’s mark new beginnings, and with the Moon in Taurus it’s a great time to recalibrate your relationship with wealth.

In Feng Shui wealth is not only about money, it’s also about abundance of all things that mean wealth to you. Feng Shui is personal, it’s about balancing you, us, within the Heaven and the Earth… where do we balance best in the universe.

The Wealth area of the home itself is always the far left corner as you enter the front door. You can place things that mean wealth to you there, or tradition items like, money toads, lucky bamboo, and I Ching coins.

For your personal Wealth Element, set up your complimentary Discovery call with me today for a reading. It may change your life but more importantly it’s about the transformation of energy.

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶


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Happy Flower 🌸 Full moon in Scorpio, Lunar Eclipse…

Cinco de Mayo, and Fire Element Season eve. 😅

Lots going on this weekend in the way of energy and planet’s positions.
Best not to engage anyone but you can respond.

According to Susan Miller on Astrology Zone app., one of my favs I’ve been following since we both began our careers in Manhattan back in the nineties long before apps…
“Eclipses brings life Events that become milestones we long remember.”
“Yet their job is to bring progress and uproot us from our situations that have run its course and have no future value.”

Cinco de Mayo was picked on this date with intention and not by chance, comes at an energetic, celebratory time. Have fun whatever you’re doing this weekend. Be safe.

Finish up your spring, Wood element season by letting go of the rest of the people, clothes, items and beliefs that no longer serve you.
Get ready for dynamic and hot Fire Element Season 🔥 in the west our coming summer.

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶

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Happy Beltane or May Day🌼

According to the book, Making Ritual with Motherpeace cards, “It’s the Beltane bonfires the pagans used to jump over in celebration of the power of the fire inside of us. The Taurus time of year is about exalting the senses, connecting with sexuality through dance and lovemaking.”

Coincidently here comes Fire 🔥 Element Season May 6th through August 6th. Look for more on that coming soon.

Back to the Motherpeace Ritual book… “Beltane, when the honeysuckle blooms, teaches us about children, the fairy realm and the ‘little people’, and the magical energies of love, sensuality, and fertility.”

“ The Empress is the classical ruler of Beltane, with her awakened physical sensuality and nurturing relatedness; she is Mother Nature incarnate.“

“In her yoga for the body and meditation for the mind, the Priestess of Discs depicts a maternal garden of delights.“

“The Shaman of Discs shows the mature and more material side of Taurus – the one who can make money and work hard on the physical plane.”

Happy Beltane or May Day whatever you’re doing to celebrate the renewal of energy this time of year.

For enhanced fertility in Feng Shui, clear the clutter and dust from under your bed, and get rid of metal bed frames.

Peace & Harmony, Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🌶


The Tao ~ Jacqueline’s Spring Newsletter

Happy Passover, Full Wind Moon in Libra, and Easter…here comes Eclipse Season and Mercury in Retrograde. One more month of Wood Element.

Photo by Emre Orkun KESKIN on Pexels.com


Wood being Yang, more masculine, energetic, and active by nature, is part of the Spring season.  Energy springs forth and rises up, flowers start blooming, and the renewed energy is felt by all.

We have one more month of the Wood Season, according to the 10,000 year old calendar, the last day is May 5th, 2023.

Wood on the compass is connected to East & Southeast.
Pay attention to these areas of your home during this season.

The usual things:
🎋 Declutter
🎋 Organize
🎋 Cleanse
🎋 Support
those areas in your space.

Astrology & Feng Shui, which go hand in hand, both rely on Five Element Theory as does Chinese Medicine. I won’t do Feng Shui without the astrology or you don’t get the good JuJu you deserve.

For more on your chart and what season you were born in… book your reading.



Rabbit or Hare, in Eastern Astrology, is connected to the moon and considered a lunar animal. They can be extremely sensitive and have qualities of the moon. They love comfort so much but too much affection needs to be subtle. It’s a Yin more feminine sign and likes pleasure, fine clothes and everything that feels good. Rabbits do not like confrontation so they can be crafty in getting out of that situation but may escape to worse predicaments.  They like quiet and hate to be disturbed.  Years of Rabbit – 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011 and 2023.  

Shout out to my Mom who’s birthday falls on Easter this year! 🎁


Astrology Dates for your Calendar

~ April 6th – Full Wind Moon in Libra, 12:34am

~ April 20th – Solar Eclipse, New Moon, 12:13am, 29 degrees Taurus

~ April 21st – Mercury goes retrograde at 4:35am until May 14th

~ May 5th – Lunar Eclipse, Full Flower Moon, 1:24pm, 14 degrees Scorpio   

~ May 6th – First full day of Fire Element Season – look for my next newsletter

All times are Eastern Daylight Time.


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Celebrating 26 years of Loving what I Do!

Love & Light,
You Do You!
Jacqueline Albert Pepper

Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology by Jacqueline Albert Pepper

Transform Your Energy, Transform Your Life.


Living In A Great Goddess World 🌎☀️

Close your eyes and imagine you’re living in a world that worships a Great Goddess, the Mother of all Nature and Life.
What does thinking of the Earth as our Mother feel like?

What kinds of attitudes towards nature come with a belief system centering on a female deity representing creativity and the life-giving and regenerating powers of the universe?
(Would “man’s conquest of nature” be acceptable in such a society? How about man’s conquest and domination of women?)

What do you think your parents’ relationship would have been like in this society where the Great Goddess had both divine sons and daughters?
How would it have affected their attitudes about war? About power? About women’s and men’s work? About what is moral and immoral? About different races and religions?

-Excerpt from The Partnership Way, New Tools for Living and Learning, Healing our Families, Our Communities and Our World – Riane Eisner & David Loye

Enjoy you’re weekend and get out in Nature.

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶

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Throw Back Thursday, 😎 Spring 2001

When I ran health fairs at The Center and various corporate organizations around Manhattan. 🧧🎋

Shout out to Jeffrey Linder, DC my coordinating partner. This was back when you had landlines…☎️ my old number was a 212 area code…remember that? 😉

A Whole Day of Holistic Health, our organization, was about bringing holistic education to the people. We had booths and then speaker info sessions for 15 minute on different topics of health, such as Feng Shui.

We were ahead of our time getting the education out there to people interested in living a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Throw back Thursday to great memories living and working in Manhattan.

Peace & Harmony, Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🌶

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What a great time on the sunset boat cruise at Marina Jacks. 🧧🎋🌅

Thank you Shirley and Sunset realty what a fabulous night with my own, and my real estate family. We met new friends and had fun with old ones.

Marcia Morse thank you for being a great partner in real estate and for treating everyone with kindness.

In June I celebrate 21 years in Real Estate and this year 26 years in Feng Shui.
It’s a great marriage of the two worlds.
I enjoy helping people.


Love & Light,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🧧🎋

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Happy Candlemas Eve or Brigid’s Eve: February 1st🎋

Candlemas is the time of the “quickening” of the energy of the new year, when the life force is beginning to return and the seed sprouts.

The Hopi literalize this holiday by sprouting seeds in the Kiva’s, and some traditions say that the snakes come up above the ground at this time. I’d like to link this metaphorically to the female “snake-power” or Kundalini energy, recognizing that as the life force returns with the longer hours of daylight and sunshine, our sexuality and healing energies begin to become enlivened.

We start to hope for spring, and indeed this holiday in America is called Groundhog Day, Feb. 2nd, and has as its prophetic legacy the groundhog, seeing shadow or not, and thereby determining whether we will have an early or a late spring.

Motherpeace cards attuned to this holiday are, first and foremost, the Strength card, which is an image of the red haired Irish Brigid on her fairy mound with her shamanic animal helpers and the “heat that heals” coming out of her left hand.- excerpt from Making Ritual with Motherpeace cards

*This is a great time to burn incense to cleanse your space of any negative energies or obstacles…
Be sure to open some windows maybe even crack a door… You can open cabinets and drawers as well. Think of this as a deep cleanse time to rid yourself of anything you might be holding onto before the Chinese Medicine season of Wood Element arrives 2/4.

Use this time between now and then to start the year anew leaving behind anything that no longer serves you for the greatest and highest good.

Peace & Light,
*Jacqueline Albert Pepper


#Happy #Candlemas #Brigid #Eve #Motherpeace #Card #strength #Red #Hair #Fairy #Shamanic #Animal #Helpers #Kundalini #Snake #Energy #Chinese #Medicine #Season #Element #Wood #Coming #Prepare #With #A #Cleanse #Smudge #Sage #palosanto #incense

Star ⭐️ card pull from Motherpeace for the Lunar New Year 🎋🧧💧🐇

Remember my card pull is your card pull, energetically speaking. Thank you for being me. 😍

Star, of the Major Arcana, is number XVII (17) Star seems to imply a gentle year of grace, recovery, and healing. Light a candle and take a long hot bath with sweet smelling herbs or bath salts, give thanks for all that you have endured and let the light of high-voltage healing into your cells.

The Star depicts the integrated ego in the calm after the storm of transformation or enlightenment. The high- vibrational energies are received and transmitted through the expanded vessel of the body, which has become an instrument of healing. The identity (third chakra), cleansed of its habitual attachments through the
now-continuous influx of change, is flexible enough to resemble Changing Woman. Make a prayer. -excerpt from Making Ritual with Motherpeace Cards.

Peace & Light & Happy Feng Shui🧧🎋
Jacqueline Albert Pepper

#Thank #Goddess #Its #FengShui #Lunar #NewYear #Water #Rabbit #Motherpeace #Cards #Ritual #Friday #Weekend #Sarasota #Fire #Calm #Celebration #Heal #Enlightenment #Transformation

Happy Lunar New Year 🌚Welcome to 💧Water 🐇Rabbit 🧧🎋🐉🎉🐲

YIN WATER (Kuei in Chinese) – Water feeds the wood inside of the sign of Rabbit. The Water this year may bring forth your emotions & that of others that run deep and may have been hidden, even from you. Be careful of what isn’t being said or uncovered in this year. Water is introspective, reflective and brings an opportunity to go deep within and make the calibrations you need to be the change you wish to see in the world.
My mantra this year is “Use a feather instead of a sword” to settle your disputes…Kindness will go a long way this year.

RABBIT (Mao in Chinese) – Fourth in line on the list of the 12 Zodiac Animal signs (12 Earth Branches) that make up part of your chart. Rabbit can be crafty and embodies qualities of the moon, a Lunar animal which makes this Lunar New Year that much more enhanced.

Rabbit is sensitive and loves comfort but hates confrontation and usually escapes because they get jumpy when they feel cornered. If you’re born in year of the Rabbit, be mindful not to get into a worse perdiciment if you don’t take your time. You hate to be disburbed and enjoy your quiet time and peace.

Other Rabbit Years: 2/19/1939-2/7/1940;
1/25/1963-2/12/1964 You are a Water Rabbit because every 60 years the cycle repeats.
2/11/1975-1/30/1976; 1/29/1987-2/16/1988; 2/16/1999-2/4/2000,
2/3/2011- 1/22/2012.

Rabbit’s friends with Sheep and Pig so those will fare well this year…as to Roosters, be mindful of those born in the year of the Rabbit. ; )

Famous Rabbits: Arthur Miller, Orson Wells, Billie Holiday, Michael Jordan, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, David Beckham, Tiger Woods.

For more insight into the New Year, join my newsletter by signing up on my website
Link on Bio

Peace, Harmony & Health in the New Year.
Jacqueline Albert Pepper🧧🐲🎋🎉

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TGIF🎋🧧Here comes Lunar New Year, 1/22/23,💧Water 🐰 Rabbit.

As a seeker of Peace, Harmony & Balance, I set out to find the truth about life and its purpose.
It led me to study in the Far East under the tutelage of several Masters in more than 5 countries to fully understand the integrity and history of the ancient art of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology.

A certified Master of Classical Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology, I’ve been consulting & Teaching since 1997.
I learned to read & write Chinese to provide a deeper understanding and awareness of cosmic energies for my clients and their space.

My gifts and purpose are to bring peace and harmony worldwide through the means of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology.

If you are looking for a better understanding of yourself, desire to improve your health, create more wealth or transform your career and relationships, then Feng Shui is for you.

The Acupuncture of space, Feng Shui offers a way to balance the energies in your home and therefore your life, to best support YOU and where you want to be in the world. By removing blocked energy and allowing positive Chi to flow freely, you will have a new awareness of harmony & balance that will transform your life.

Energy flows where attention goes! Let me help you balance these energies and move stagnant Chi. Together, we will transform your life into the life you love.
Already love your life? Then lets harmonize the space to keep it that way.
I look forward to working with you in supporting your energy to reach your goals, dreams, and desires.

Love & Light,
Jacqueline Pepper

#Happy #Lunar #New #Year #Water #Rabbit #Gratitude #For #The #People #Who #Trust #Me #To #Support #Them #On #Their #Journey #FengShui #Chinese #Astrology #Teacher

Happy Full Moon in Cancer 6:08pm tonight, EST 🌝♋️

TGIF Thank Goddess It’s A Full Moon. Friday connected to Venus; love, friendship, reconciliation, beauty. The color is; white, pink, rose, purple, crimson.

The Moon’s Sign, Cancer: Stimulates emotional rapport between people. Supports growth and nurturing. Tend to domestic concerns.- excerpt from Llewellyn’s Datebook 2023.

Legend of Quan (Kwan) Yin; the goddess of mercy. Quan Yin is a shortened form of a name that means One Who Sees and Hears the Cry from the Human World. Her Chinese title signifies, “She who always observes or pays attention to sounds,” i.e., she who hears prayers. Sometimes possessing eleven heads, she is surnamed Sung-Tzu-Niang-Niang, “lady who brings children.” -Holymtn

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶

#Happy #Full #Moon #In #Cancer #Quan #Yin #Kwan #Thank #Goddess #Its #A #FullMoon #Friday #Venus #Chinese #Astrology #FengShui #JacquelineAlbertPepper #JAFengShui #Consultations #And #Readings

Happiest of New Years 🧧🎋

Feng Shui by Jacqueline Albert Pepper. The best of everything in 2023.
Lunar New Year is 1/22/23 look for my predictions and messages about the energy of Water Rabbit.

Have a safe and healthy New Year, and remember to have fun❣️

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶

#Happy #New #Year #Welcome #2023 #Lunar #NewYear #January #twentySecond #Water #Rabbit #Be #Safe #Healthy #Have #Fun #FengShui #FiveElements #Chinese #Astrology #Calendar #look #For #Savings #On #My #Five #Session #One #On #Ones

And like that 🤌🏼 here comes Mercury Retrograde, again!

The last one straddling both years… A time to slow down and really go within, rest up, self-care is a priority.
Remember Water Element Season, 11/8/22-2/4/23, is the Great Yin, combined with your birth star number being in the same house this year, according to the I Ching, the answers lie within you.

‘Our intentions are under our own control, even when other things aren’t, so set the intention to Choose Joy.

Use this simple ritual to consciously embrace the light over the dark, joy over misery.
Place a small mirror face up on a table, and put a candle (white, yellow or red for the season) in the middle.

If you don’t have a mirror, you can use aluminum foil. See how the mirror reflects the light, making it even brighter, and ask the universe to reflect your own light both inward and outward.’
-except taken from Llewellyn’s Datebook by Deborah Blake

I picked this excerpt to share because it shows that the light and the longer days are coming. Be patient and the light will always prevail.

Love and Light for a happy and safe Mercury Retro and New Years – 2023 – Year of the Water Rabbit.

#Happy #Mercury #Retrograde #Last #One #Both #Years #Go #Within #During #The #Great #Yin #Water #Element #Season #Light #Wins #Over #Dark #Prevail #FengShui #FiveElements #Chinese #Astrology #IChing

Happy Festival of Lights, Hanukkah 🕯

Mental Imagery exercise from Rachel Epstein, Director of American Institute of Mental Imagery.

🕯Channels of Light
Frequency, to imbue yourself with channels of light and invite love, courage, and mercy in.
🕯Do this every morning for the eight days of Chanukkah, the twelve days of Christmas, and the seven days of Kwanzaa

🕯Close your eyes. Breathe out three times slowly (long, slow exhalations followed by normal inhalations).

🕯Imagine you are the warmth and song of the planets and all the lights of the Milky Way.

🕯Breathe out. See, sense, and feel in this space your liberation, knowing and feeling freedom.

🕯Breathe out. Physically sense and feel channels of love, courage, and mercy filling you with light.

🕯Breathe out. Physically sense and see a point of discomfort within you. Sense the space around the discomfort becoming larger and larger and filling with light, until the discomfort is fully diluted by light and disappears.
🕯When ready, breathe out and open your eyes.

Through January 1st, take 10% off your purchase in our online store using code Giving10 at checkout. We have an array of books, CD sets, and DVDs available that feature the teachings of Dr. Jerry, Colette Aboulker-Muscat, and their students.


Image by DeGrazia my mom’s favorite artist 🙏🏼❤️

Let in the light.

#Happy #Hanukkah #Festival #Of #Lights #Oil #Degrazia #Artist #Let #The #Light #In #Memtal #Imagery #Imbue #Channels #Of #Light #Ivite #Love #Courage #And #Mercy #In #American #Institute #For #Mental #Imagery #FengShui #Chinese #Medicine #Astrology

Happy Winter Solstice 🌲 Tree of Life Imagery

Exercise to heal and connect to the Earth and Winter Solstice.
Do once a day in morning for 7 or 21 days.

🌲 Close your eyes and breathe out three times.
🌲 See yourself walking along a path, where ahead of you is a strong, tall tree.
🌲 Go to this tree and embrace it, knowing this is the tree of life.
🌲 Now stand beside the tree, leaning up against it.
As you stand here, feel yourself becoming as one with the tree.
🌲 Feel your toes curling down into the earth, drawing in its nutrients and strength.
🌲 Feel your torso becoming as the trunk, and your arms reaching up through the branches.
🌲 As you and the tree merge together completely, see and feel its sap and chlorophyll rising and circulating throughout, imbuing you with strength, peace, and the power to heal.
🌲 Feel how it is to be the roots, the trunk, the branches and the leaves of the tree.
🌲 As the golden sun warms you and the fresh breeze stirs you, imagine yourself in full bloom.
🌲 Feel and know how it is to be ageless, strong, and full of life.
🌲 See how you are connected above and below, to heaven and earth, to all that is, was, and that ever will be. . .
🌲 Breathe out one time, and slowly return now, feeling rejuvenated, awake, aware, and entirely yourself.
🌲 Thank the tree for this experience. Then slowly open your eyes.
Taken from http://www.drjerryepstein.org,
Based on Imagery written by Colette

Happy Winter Solstice🎋
Love & Light,
Jacqueline Pepper 🌶

#Tree #of #Life #imagery #Exercise #To #Heal #And #Connect #To #The #Earth #Celebrate #Winter #Solstice #shortest #Light #Of #Year #Which #Means #The #Light #Always #Follows #JAFengShui #FengShui #Chinese #Astrology

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge 😍

What can you do to show kindness to another today?

‘Tis the season to be kind…what can you do to put a smile on someone’s face?

We never know what another is going through, so why not be kind all the time!

Some tips to make it happen:

  1. Share kindness with others, spread kindness everywhere.
  2. Contact someone you can’t be with to see how they are.
  3. Offer to help someone who is facing difficulties at the moment.
  4. Give kind comments to as many people as possible today.
  5. Make a gift for someone who is homeless or feeling lonely.
  6. Support a charity, cause or campaign you really care about.
  7. Leave a positive message for someone else to find.
  8. Do something helpful for a friend or family member.
  9. Notice when you’re hard on yourself or others and be kind instead.
  10. Listen wholeheartedly to others without judging them.

Share your favorites here as well.

Be 🐝 Kind 🥰

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶

#Random #Acts #Of #Kindness #Be #Kind #Today #And #Always #Tis #The #Season #You #Dont #Need #A #Reason #Kindness #Everyday #You #Do #You #BeKind #JacquelineAlbertPepper #JAFengShui #FengShui #ChineseAstrology #BaZi #Astrology #Keep #On #Trucking

Going Away Dinner party🎉

Going Away Dinner party with the “Greenwich Girls” circa late 2005 – 17 years ago, 12/11/05, I rolled into Sarasota from CT, via 7 years of living in Manhattan, not knowing what my next step for life would be?
I had to start all over again knowing only a few people here.
Thanks to all who helped me in my transition journey, and salute to my Feng Shui plan and energy change.
Now I’m married 15 years to a great man with 2 wonderful sons living on 5 acres and still going for the stars.
If not now when?
If not for me who will be for me?
You Do You
keep manifesting your dreams and goals.

I’m living proof that your life can change if you set the sails in the direction you want, and go for it❣️

Peace and Harmony,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶


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5 Sessions includes a
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2022 – Celebrating 25 years of Loving what I Do!

Peace & Harmony, Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🌶

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1.) CLEAN OUT THE CLUTTER: Figuratively and literally, and make room for the new. Especially in the North sector of your home, connected to the element of Water. Go through drawers and closets and if it doesn’t fit or you didn’t wear it this season give it away to charity. For every new piece of clothing or item you bring into your home an old one has to go. Out with the old and in with the new.

Look around your home/office and make sure you are not holding onto objects that bring negative energy into your space such as old pictures of past relationships, marriages that didn’t work, files from deals that went south and more. Remove it from your space. Everything holds vibrations and energy so don’t hold onto things you should have let go long ago.

Decide what energy you want to surround yourself with, including people, in your space and environment. Take your lifestyle into consideration. If you are always on the go and live a hectic life, make sure you come home to a peaceful & yin (calm) home. If you are shy and introverted create a stimulating and thriving environment w/big bold statement pieces and bright and invigorating colors to inspire you.

Remember that all things change. Nothing remains the same. Not in life, not in Feng Shui, everything must change. This means your goals in life, your space, children, spouse, job, etc. If we want new things to come into our life, we must let go of the old to create room for the new whether it be people, objects, attitudes, or beliefs.

If you were born in the season of Water, approx. November 7th to February 4th of each year, you may have a deep emotional aspect to your personality and although you could be outgoing you may keep certain things about yourself concealed to the outside world. You tend to be more secretive and enjoy solitude and privacy. The positive states of a person born under Water are intelligence, wisdom, reflection, willpower, and ambition. The negative states when you are feeling imbalanced could create coldness & fear. When the imbalance comes up make a correction by checking in with yourself as to what is creating this in your life and take action.

Have a great Thanksgiving week. Whatever you’re doing, have fun!

Love and light, Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🌶


Happy 😄 New Moon 🌚 in Libra ♎️ at 5:55PM EDT

🧘🏼‍♀️ 5+5+5=15 “Fulfilling All Possibilities!” The number 5 is the Center of all numbers in the Ming Kwa, birth numbers system. This year we are in the universal house of 5️⃣ in the I Ching. Everyone working on themselves and what’s inside you.

“The New Moon in Libra is the time to set intentions around committed relationships, all partnerships, teamwork, and bringing more beauty and balance into the world. Get clear on your own needs in relationships, while making space for the needs of others. Work magic for justice, spells to find the right love, or blessings for marriage and existing committed relationships. Spells for beauty, the arts, balance, peace, and negotiation or enhanced by Libra. Celebrate your harvests. Work magic with a partner. Working with air magic is especially potent now. Tie Clooties in trees and work with wind magic, fallen leaves and branches, and birds and feathers.

Goddess: Aphrodite Urania, Venus, Pallas, Radha, Lakshmi, Ma’at, Eirene, Hera, Juno
Crystals: Fluorite, lepidolite, prehnite, seraphinite”
Excerpt in quotes from Llewellyn’s Date Book 2022

Great time to work on your partnership corner to the far right as you walk through your front door when coming home.
For details see my ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ post on my blog.

Peace & Harmony, Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶. “Carpe Diem!”

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Happy Hump day and Half way through Mercury Retrograde

You’re almost there, 1/2 way through 😍 Have you noticed that text that you didn’t mean to send went through?
Were you waiting on the wrong block for a friend? Did you butt dial somebody you hadn’t talked to in years?
Yup, mercury is in retrograde 😳😆🥰

Enjoy these funny moments, and take the time you need to care for yourself. Oxygen mask on first. How do you heal the world? Heal yourself first and the rest will follow

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🧧 You do you!
🧧 Who says so!

Peace & Harmony, Jacqueline Albert Pepper🌶



In Continued Celebration of 25 years of “Loving what I do in 2022″, I am passing along the savings to you, the Feng Shui FANS!

🎋25% Off Chinese Astrology Readings for New Clients. 🎋30% Off Updated Chinese Astrology Readings for Continuing Clients.
🎋25% Off of Gift Certificate for Readings (1 year from purchase to use) for friends, family, and most importantly yourself!

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TGIF🎋 Mercury goes Retrograde. May Your Mercury be more Freddie and less Retrograde 🧧


Here Comes Mercury Retrograde: Starts today, Friday September 9th at 11:38pm EDT, and goes direct on October 2nd at 5:07am EDT.

A great time to finish forgotten projects, and rest up to fill, and rejuvinate your energy cup. Pay attention to self, and self care during this time.

Full, Harvest Moon, in Pisces Saturday the 10th at 5:59am EDT. Since this is called the “Harvest” moon…capture the energy this weekend: – Meditate on that which you would like to see come to fruition this year.A raise, a new relationship or job you’d like to see happen. -Let go of heart hurts and forgive yourself and others by getting in touch with left over grief and releasing that. -A salt bath, a good cry, or a great run sweating the stuck grief deep down in our lungs.

This is the month the Veil is the thinnest between the spirit realm and the earth plane. You may get messages from loved ones past, and others may take this energy time to crossover like we’ve seen happen with the Queen of England.

-September 25th New Moon in Libra at 5:55pm EDT, and Rosh Hashanah begins. -September 22nd, Mabon/Fall Equinox. -Oct. 2nd, Mercury goes direct -Oct. 9th, Full Blood, Moon, Sukkot begins. -Oct. 25th New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, my moon, at 6:49am EDT.­ ­

Thank Ganesha it’s Feng Shui. Peace & Harmony, Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🌶


TGIF from Ferdinand and Twin Peppers Ranch 🌶🌶

May everyday bring you rainbows and more 🌈❤️
Happy Full Moon in Aquarius ♒️ and Metal Element season energy, Chi!
A shift in the slower chi of summer to the faster pace of harvest/back to school time.
What seeds did you sow and what energy will you be harvesting?
Energy flows where thought goes… set your intentions and let the wind blow.

Have fun, whatever you’re doing this weekend 😍🎋

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🌶

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Happy First Day of Metal 🪩 Kick off to my Birth Season in Chinese Astrology

8/7 – 11/7; If you were born between these dates your Birth Season is also Metal.

Metal is connected to:
⚙️West & North West
⚙️White & Silver
⚙️Autumn / Fall
⚙️Rooster(You) / Monkey(Shen)
⚙️Circle / Oval
⚙️Rhythmical Order

Enjoy this season of preparing before the Water / Winter seasons arrival. A time to get things in order and create a more structured schedule from the free flowing, Fire Season of summer.

Look at the West and North West sectors of your home and make sure all is in order there. It’s helpful to declutter and reenergize the Chi as each season comes, but it doesn’t mean that’s the only time to check in.

For more on your Birth Season and Four Pillars, Ba Zi, chart PM me or go to my website.


Peace & Harmony,
Jacqui Pepper 🌶

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Happy New Moon in Leo ♌️ at 1:55 PM EDT today…

The new moon in Leo is the time to set intentions around pleasure and enjoyment, creative inspiration, self-confidence, and sovereignty.

Work for public recognition, popularity, and bringing your creative work into the spotlight.
Confidence, heart healing, self trust, vitality, strength, and leadership are enhanced by Leo.
Working with the fire element is especially potent now, particularly Sun magic, fire rituals, and candle magic.

The Leo new moon is an auspicious time for handfastings (wedding ritual), blessings on creative projects, and inner child work.

Work with gold and symbols of sovereignty, such as crowns, rings, and frankincense.
Crystals: Carnelian, citrine, ruby, Sunstone, tigers eye
-excerpt from Llewellyn‘s datebook

Peace & Harmony ~ Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🌶🎋


Mindful Monday Quote 🎋

Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what’s next or how.
The moment you know how, you begin to die a little.
The artist never entirely knows. We guess. We may be wrong, but we take Leap after Leap in the dark. -Agnes de Mille

Agnes, Born the year of Wood Snake with Metal Monkey day of birth. (September 18, 1905 – October 7, 1993)
She was an American dancer and choreographer.
De Mille was inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame in 1973. Her many other awards include the Tony Award for Best Choreography (1947, for Brigadoon), the Handel Medallion for achievement in the arts (1976), an honor from the Kennedy Center (1980), an Emmy for her work in The Indomitable de Mille (1980), Drama Desk Special Award (1986) and, in 1986, she was awarded the National Medal of Arts.

This quote has such connection to the present time now.
No one ever knows what tomorrow brings.
In these last 2 weeks of Fire Season, when impulsiveness can come up if you’re feeling imbalanced … find the present moment within yourself.

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqui Pepper 🌶

For more on your personalized, Chinese Astrology chart or info on Feng Shui.
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Throw Back Thursday – LAST POST “Alone with One” Taj Mahal~Feng Shui Study Tour of the Far East, 6 Countries in 6 Weeks on my Blog

May 17th – 20th, 1999 – New/Old Delhi to Agra – Traveling alone

Day 41~May 17th – I had a long day today. My private tour guide and driver picked me up at 9am …I felt like royalty… This was the best way to see the bustling city in a country you have never been before as a woman traveling alone and very affordable coming from the West. We went to the largest Mosque in all of India. You had to take your shoes off, and they had to provide me with a fabric to wrap around my legs since I was wearing shorts instead of my usual skirts which were all dirty. It was beautiful. We climbed to the towers of the Mosque … my thighs were hurting that night. They were very steep stairs and lots of them. From there we went to Red Fort, Delhi and walked around then we went to the parliament area of town where the president’s palace is. The font gates were open because the president was on his way back from somewhere, so I got the see the president’s motorcade and the president himself was in one of the stretched, blacked out windows, black Mercedes. Then we drove around the wealthy parts of town where a lot of the diplomats live. We went to a fancy hotel to meet Lalita who was the woman that set my mother up on a trip in the past and worked with me on this trip. She treated me and Sanjay, my guide, to lunch it was nice. What I love most about traveling is all the lovely people you meet all over the world.

After lunch we drove to the Lotus Temple, it was closed because it is Monday. Oh Yeah, before lunch we went to the Gandhi Museum to see where Gandhi had been assassinated and some memorabilia about him. I enjoyed the energetic peace there. After the Lotus Temple we went to a Temple community where all different sects of Hindu temples were built – we mostly just took pictures from outside. From there we went shopping at the government run shopping centers which meant decent prices at fixed rates. I got all my Christmas gifts done there for friends and family back home. After that I was exhausted. It was around 110 degrees today with bright sunshine

I got back to the Taj Palace Hotel around 5:30pm and the entire hotel was out of electricity and had been since 2pm…So I decided since it was dark inside, I would put my bathing suit on and go read by the pool. I did that for n hour then came up for a shower and to rearrange my bags. I ordered dinner in my room since there was only partial power restored.

Day 42 – May 18, 1999

Woke up at 4:45am and got ready to catch the train to Agra. Checked out and my driver and guide picked me up around 5:40am. I had a 6:15am train to catch. The guide got on the train with me and seated me next to a nice gentleman in his fifty’s. The train left on time and the countryside was very beautiful…mostly farmlands the entire way. The gentleman that sat next to me was very nice. We talked the entire way to Agra. He is an airline engineer and we talked about his children and his career and his golf game. His wife is from Nepal they live in Bangor, South India. He was a very pleasant man it was nice sharing with him.

Then my tour guide and driver picked me up at the train station and we went to check in at the Mughal Sheridan. Very Nice hotel. I cleaned up and put my stuff down and we went straight to the Taj Mahal. You can also see it from my hotel room. It was beautiful, breathtaking! A monument of Love!

We were there about an hour I had a photographer take pictures of me as you can hire them around the campus to support local business.

From there we went to the Baby Taj Mahal a monument to one of the Queen’s parents. It was nice driving through the city and bridges. We went to a marble laying factory, tourist trap, but so nice to see the local artistry and marble sculptures as a sculptor of stone myself. Of course, I bought more gifts things were so beautiful you wanted to capture it in small tokens to bring home.

Back to the hotel for lunch and a rest mid-day as it is so hot here my eyeballs are sweating. After the break we went to Agra’s Red Fort and could see the Taj from across the way. I could not stop taking pictures of the Taj Mahal thinking there was a way to capture its energy on film.

After a tour of the Fort, we went back to the Taj Mahal for sunset time… It was the most magical energy I have felt… I sat and meditated, prayed to release unwanted energy I was carrying, and to leave it there and take with me the joy I felt in the presence of this outstanding energy. When the lighting was just right, I did pictures again with that photographer.

Back to the hotel I called Sashikala and met her and her husband for drinks… He is a mice man, and they make a handsome couple. So great seeing her again outside of studying with her.

Tomorrow morning back to the Taj for sunrise…wondering if the energy can be beat from sunset tonight!

May 20, 1999 – 8:10am Thailand Time

Well, I am finally on my way home after more than 51 days of traveling. I was up at 4am yesterday morning and haven’t really slept since…

I woke up from a dream I can’t recall and couldn’t get back to sleep. I had to be up around 5m anyway to see the Taj Mahal at sunrise, so I just got up. The Taj at Sunrise was truly magical I could have stayed there all day. I got more pictures taken by the local photographer’s who have been there for years doing this as a profession to feed their families…

I felt like a princess it was so much fun it felt like a photo shoot. I sat and meditated and prayed for 20 minutes then 15 minutes more of my own photos. I was there over an hour…it was great. Then back to the hotel I laid down for 45 minutes but couldn’t sleep. Got up, ate breakfast, and met the guide to travel an hour out of Agra to the ‘Deserted City.” The countryside was nice, mostly farmland again.

The Deserted City was beautiful all-in red sandstone – much like the Red Fort of Agra and Delhi. The architecture was amazing it felt like the ruins of ancient Greece, ancient anywhere. We walked around for about an hour it was extremely hot, but I took some great photos. Back to the car for the hour drive back. Just before we got to the hotel I asked if we could stop at a bookstore so I could get Shashikala’s book on Vaastu – The Penguin Guide to Vaastu “The Classical Indian Science of Architecture and Design.” They had one copy left. Back to the hotel… It was around noon. I tried to call Sashikala but there was no answer. We had said we would try to get together for lunch or something. I laid down but still could not fall asleep. Got up went to lunch, the pool for a bit than back to the room.

Mid-day is not the day to site see in May in India. Sashikala called. I showered and got ready to leave as she said she had come through the lobby to say goodbye. As I was checking out, she came over. I told her I got the last copy of her book at the bookstore could she sign it for me. She signed it and we said our goodbyes. The driver picked me up around 6pm my train was at 6:35pm out of Agra and back to Delhi…Off we went.

The train was a few minutes behind. I found my seat on the one airconditioned car on the WHOLE train. It took over 3 hours. By this point I was running late for the airport. I did not want to miss that flight with the two connecting flights there after waiting it would be a mess.

My tour guide Sanjay set me up and I said goodbye. I waited in customs line for what seemed like forever. Finally, I boarded my flight on Thai Air. It was nice. A little over 3 hours layover with more delays but there was nowhere to lie down and at this point after not getting much sleep I am exhausted. Oh well, Caught my next flight to Tokyo… I’m on it now with 3 more hours to go to get to JFK – NYC.

1:30am Japan time – I cannot wait to get home and take a hot bath.

The end.


Spin Back Saturday – Last few Days 40-42 ~ Follow me on my Feng Shui Study Tour of the Far East, 6 countries in 6 weeks, on my Travel Blog🎋

May 14th-16th, 1999 – Goa with Teacher Sashikala Ananth studying Vastu Shastra.

Day 40 – May 14th Gee it’s our last day of the trip … Last night the 14th we walked up the beach to a great restaurant right on the beach. There were 15 of us…We had a great time walking there and watching the sunset as the sun fell to the Earth. There was a great breeze and the warm sand under our feet. We were all taking pictures in various groups and ways so we could all treasure this moment and the trip and what it meant to all of us who completely the entire 3 parts together.

I had the Lobster grilled with garlic butter, it was a wonderful evening. We treated Sashikala and Ahaliya to dinner, it was their last night here. They leave this evening. We loved her energy and her teachings as she literally ate, breathed and slept the wisdom and beliefs of Vastu and its entire culture and way of being…a life-style.

Then we walked back in the dark with beach crabs crawling all over the sand with not many flashlights, if any. Suzanne and I were screaming at some points and then roaring with laughter about the whole thing.

We all met in the bar here at the hotel to have a meeting for “Global Design Network” – A company Sashikala wants to start with all of us from the trip. To share ideas, information, and brainstorm with like minded people from around the globe. It was nice. We will all keep in touch via computer. I have to get email when I get home. (yes, that’s right, email and I didn’t have a cell phone then either 😉)

PS I googled Global Design Network and it does exist since 2005 but I don’t believe it was by my teacher…we all kept in touch for a while but without things like Social Media back then to make it easier, I have lost touch with most of the group including my friend Suzanne.

Class Notes – Vaastu Shastra – Teacher Sashikala Ananth

Anchors of Indian Logic – Yoga – Ayurveda – Vastu. 1.) Personal serenity (healer) Mind (disturbed) & Body (patient) 2.) Inward Harmony. Order in an outward form creates order in an inward form

A drawing in my notes shows a Triangle with: -Philosophy/Belief System at top -Integrity of Self at lower left corner. -Accountability to System/People

Cooking is such an intimate way to offer nurturing to other people. Never let go of cooking – cooking is like Yoga…A meditative process

Create in your day, each day, a time to have time, space & energy come together – that’s the celebration of life with all the senses open.

Like a flower looking at the sun, STAY OPEN!

Order or Discipline = Sadhana

Fullness = Poornam (a complete experience, a full moon) Fullness is accomplished when all levels of consciousness are achieved in conjunction.

Day 41- May 15th, 1999 – Goa with Teacher Sashikala Ananth studying Vastu Shastra

Well, today was the last day of the tour and the class. It was good we ended class with a group share, and everyone had nice things to say about Sashikala and the trip as well as our leader Roger green. It was a nice moment. We all got ready and went back to the restaurant on the beach that we all walked to, around 6:15PM, just in time for the sunset. I got some great pictures and we all took some group shots too. It was really great energy. I’ve made some great friends, we had a wonderful dinner while it rained, and we watched lightning in the distance as well as heard some thunder… it stopped as quick as it started. We had a nice dinner, and a nice conversation, then we all walked back to the hotel and went to the bar for a drink. Sue was doing face analysis on Katherine, and I went after her, it was pretty precise and very interesting.

Suzanne and I came back to the room and of course her shotzy (sweetheart in German) called right when we walked in. I’m writing in my Journal as she talks on the phone.

Sashikala will be in Agra the same time as me so we have decided to get together when we are both there. Well, tomorrow we all leave Goa and each go our separate ways to different destinations, it will be bittersweet. I am looking forward to moving on and traveling alone but will miss the friendships I’ve made.

Day 42 – May 16th, 1999 – 5:45 PM

Just arrived in my room at Taj Palace hotel in New Delhi. It was a bittersweet day, I said goodbye to all my travel companions of the past six weeks, I’ll miss Suzanne most she’s become a good friend. I can’t wait to go home by this point but one day in Delhi and two in Agra by myself should be nice, than home. I’m looking forward to the Taj Mahal very much… I’m going at sunset Tuesday and sunrise Wednesday, my train arrives back in Delhi at 9:00 PM and I just go straight to the airport. The timing should be perfect, then my flight is at midnight and I’ll be back in New York on Thursday at 4:45PM.

I can’t wait to talk to my friends and see my mom and dad and Simba. I sat with a really nice man from France named Christophe, he was interesting. I met him at the Goa airport and he helped me all the way to Delhi until the tour guide picked me up. I gave him my business card and said if he was in New York to call me.

It’s great preparation for one day at a time this trip, I need to really keep living in the present moment. It takes practice to stay in the moment. So much change happening when I get home, it’s very exciting and one day at a time. I’m trusting in the universe to do what’s best for me in staying true to myself.

Class Notes from Last Day with Sashikala Ananth – Teacher of Vastu

Three theories to Indian culture 

  1. Experience – taking place through your senses 
  2. Faculties – become 
  3. Instruments – manifested form

Northern Hemisphere Direction Meanings

NE. – Water, God, nurturance, direction of warrior, loving to friends and family and tough on those he does not love, enemies. sensuousness connected to the Crow

SE – Fire, spirituality, fire as the witness, messenger, center of activities in the home, the ability to come alive spiritually, connected to snake (I think my notes say snake LOL) 

S – Direction of death, unless you understand death you can’t live. One of the most powerful directions, the direction of the lion. South is only friendly with East. Spiritual rebirth. 

E – Gets along with all directions 

W – is friendly with North East and West 

N – is friendly with East and West 

SW – Is the location for space, or spirit of your forefathers, an important location, in the shadow of your past.  connected to the dog

No corners of a home have entrances in Vaastu – Could be weakness

W – Lord of the waters, the rains, the oceans, adventure an excitement, innovative, creative, West direction of expansion. Connected to the bull 

NW – Wealth, healing, volume, Lord of the wind, location of mind, intellectual achievement. Connected to the donkey

N – elephant, moon, wealth, material wealth, Lord of the herbs, healing, person who transforms, pleasure loving, hedonist, indulgence. Connected to the elephant

Center – is earth, leave center open, not too much activity here, no walls or pillars. 

Rectangle is residence square is temple and offices you can combine forms.

Letting go of limitations but exploring boundaries!

Next stop and last entry … Alone with One, traveling by myself to Agra & Taj Mahal. Follow my blog at http://www.JAFengShui.com/blog/


Celebrating 25 years doing what I Love as a Feng Shui Master 🎋

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Happy Freedom Day 🇺🇸🎆

Happy 4th of July, Freedom, emancipation, be your own authority, Day. Exodus, my favorite song and chapter of the Bible because it’s about freeing your mind and your body.

“Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow”- En Vogue

“Exodus, Movement of Jah People oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Well Uh, Open Your Eyes and Look Within are You Satisfied with the Life You’re Living” – Bob Marley

“Exodus” is a Latin word derived from Greek Exodos, the name given to the book by those who translated it into Greek. The word means “exit,” “departure”.

Whatever you’re doing have fun and be free.

Peace and Harmony, Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🌶

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Spin Back Sunday – Days 37-39 ~ Follow me on my Feng Shui Study Tour of the Far East, 6 countries in 6 weeks, on my Travel Blog🎋

May 9th- 11th, 1999 – Traveling from Udaipur, via Mumbai, to Goa. Studying Vastu Shastra with Shahikala Ananth

Day 37 – May 9th, 1999

One day only in Mumbai and it was not even a full day! We drove around in a taxi looking around and stopped at a few sites before heading to our hotel. We are sleeping in a depressing old hotel in Bombay, Mumbai, for one night as we make our way to Goa to study with Shashikala Ananth. We are now spoiled after staying at the Trident in Udaipur so most pale in comparison. Our trip got skewed (one of my favorite words) when we got stuck in the floods of Guilin and had to be rescued by the Army so ever since then we are off by a day. There were no plans to sleep here but now we are which means a bit less time in Goa. My last week with the study tour until I travel solo back to Delhi and then Agra for the Taj Mahal.

Suzanne, my roommate, and friend is trying to make me laugh right now! 😂

Day 38 – May 10th, 1999

Woke up and the group went to the airport to grab our plane to Goa. The last leg of the Five Week study tour :O … I can’t believe it’s almost over. I traveled a week by myself before I met up with the group and I will do the same here in India when the group ends.

I sat next to a really, nice man from Goa who I told about our group and the feng shui tour and how it’s been going. He talked about Goa and India and the differences and similarities between America and India. It was a nice transition to Goa it changed the negative feelings I was having with the group ending and the last hotel we were in and all the moving around.

We got to the Majorda Beach Resort in Goa and Suzanne, and I checked in, quickly put our bathing suits on and went to the beach! No one was around and the sand was blowing on us, so we moved to the pool. It was about 4pm by the time we laid down. I listened to music of course and Suzanne read a book. We came back to the room around 5:45pm and dinner was at 7:30pm. We showered and I wrote some postcards then we were ready for dinner. Majorda is nice but the trip is starting to feel long now. I’m starting to feel ready to get home but have about 2 more weeks to go. The saving grace is yoga and Vaastu classes all this week with Shashi. She is encompassing us with the entire culture as we study Vaastu as it’s a way of being as much as something you can study and learn.

We went down to dinner which was outside by the pool even though the sun had set it was quite warm and very humid but lovely non-the-less. Suzanne, Helene, Trudy, Ron, and I sat together. A band was setting up as we arrived. Later during dinner people were suggesting I get up and sing which I said I would later after dinner. Dinner was good…after I ate, I went over to the band and talked to them and told them I wanted to sing with them if I could. They were very gracious and backed me on about 3 songs.  By now everyone was up and dancing and having fun. It was a great night to let off steam after being cooped up in a bus in Tibet and moved around so much prior to Udaipur. Suzanne and I came back to the room around 10:30pm. I called my parents to let them know where I was and then wrote in my journal.


Here we begin our intensive 6 days (now 5) training with Shahikala Ananth learning all about the Indian culture and specifically Vaastu each day. In the evenings and time off we can enjoy the beach and atmosphere of this famous retreat town. Mesmeric sunsets, good food, and climate make it a popular spot to unwind and enjoy the pleasures of life.

Goa’s 450 years under Portuguese domination produced a unique exotic blend of eastern and western cultures.

Teacher Shashikala Ananth

Holds a degree in architecture and has spent the last 20 years (20+ years ago now) combining traditional methods with indigenous materials and vernacular building styles. Shashikala has undertaken intense theoretical study of the Vastu texts and has worked with traditional artisan communities.  In 1999 she was working on different projects where the wisdom of the Vastu Shastras is incorporated into the modern dwellings. Shashikala was one of the most popular teachers with the 1998 study tour group. From May 10-15th in Goa, we will be learning from her about the astrological system of proportional measurements used in traditional design principles, along with ancient techniques and cures for space clearing.

Excerpts from above taken from study tour brochure.

Day 39 – May 11th, 1999 – Goa with Teacher Sashikala Ananth

I had a fun day today with the girls, Suzanne, Trudy & Helene. We have become good friends. Our group started out with yoga in the morning as we do each morning here with Sashikala, breakfast, then class, lunch break and beach, ahhhhh, in the afternoon, then back to class again. We all got showered after and went out to dinner because May 13th is Trudy’s birthday, and Simba my Bernese Mt. dog back at home. I can’t wait to get home, but I am looking forward to traveling to Agra at the end of my studies by myself to see the Taj Mahal. One day only in Mumbai and it wasn’t even a full day! We drove around in a taxi looking around and stopped at a few sites before heading to our hotel. We are sleeping in a depressing old hotel in Bombay, Mumbai, for one night as we make our way to Goa to study with Shashikala Ananth. We are now spoiled after staying at the Trident in Udaipur so most pale in comparison. Our trip got skewed (one of my favorite words) when we got stuck in the floods of Guilin and had to be rescued by the Army so ever since then we are off by a day. There were no plans to sleep here but now we are which means a bit less time in Goa. My last week with the study tour until I travel solo back to Delhi and then Agra for the Taj Mahal.

Suzanne, my roommate, and friend is trying to make me laugh!

Class Notes – Vaastu Shastra – Teacher Sashikala Ananth

Vaastu, or Vastu, was known as the – Vaastu Shilpa Shastra decades ago…an extremely old tradition. At least 16 known texts written in Sanskrit and local texts in different languages.

Vaastu meaning Architecture building – Shilpa meaning Sculpture human form

Vaastu- that which can be comprehended through the 5 senses

Sound is a Vaastu

Vaastu – means energy, object, and energy

Vaas – to be, to reside, to stay

The combination of these two words is Vaastu.

If yor body, mind & spirit are at rest (peace/harmony) nothing can influence it.

Pancha Bhoota – The spirit guardians – 5 elements – Fire, Air, Earth, Space, Water

108 is a very important number in Indian tradition.

Akasham – Space (Vaastu)

Kaala – Time (Vaastu) – Was a demon that walked backwards through the universe and created time that way…time became real.

Shakti – Energy (Vaastu)

Drawing of a Triangle with S on left lower corner, K on top of triangle and A on right lower corner with arrows expanding out from initials representing above energy encompassing Space & Time.

When A, K & S are in balance then Vaastu Shastra is working.

You design the space and layout to direct the energy, so it doesn’t become destructive…when you do this, you’re getting Vaastu.

Yoga – is accepting who are, where you are and move from there.

Once aware of your limitations you can move on.

Yoga and Vaastu go hand in hand, it is essential to do both in conjunction.

Everything is fullness…the concept of fullness is only a concept and relative to each.

Information is not necessarily knowledge and knowledge is not always wisdom

Four Levels of Consciousness

-Ja Grata – Awake

-Swapina – Dreaming State

-Turya* – Deep Sleep, Contemplative

-Dhyana* – Meditative

* Accessing the Collective unconscious.

Dharma – Means upholding and accountability

First Lesson of Yoga:

From below the neck to the pelvis is the main body – the arms, neck, leg and head are only there to assist you – The real work is with the main body – Spine, Lungs, Heart & Organs

Brahma Sutram = Access

Brahma Sthanan = Naval area of body

Brahma is the name always given to the highest God head, creator, space, for maximum energy – no walls or pillars placed in center.

When you have created the perfect center – Then out of that in a clockwise spiral – The design for the space forms.

Center source of energy – even in the body – hence the midriff shows in the Saaris.

Center is Sacred.

Vaastu was a Demon, so the Heavens decided to anchor him on the Earth – 45 Deities to anchor him to the ground – Heaven is duplicated in the energy of the land. You want to release these energies to create harmony in Living.

Yoni = Female sexual organ, sexual compatibility…the same word is used for House.

Next Travel Blog exploring Goa and then travel alone back to New Delhi and old Delhi than Taj Mahal. 🎋


Your Week in Astrology at a Glance 🎋

Happy Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year! Also called, Midsummer or Litha. The Sun is entering Cancer. Summer is the season of the greatest growth. Use that expansive energy to your benefit. In the Eastern calendar, the month is Fire Horse and the Season is Fire…both pack a punch when it comes to movement and creative energies.

Angel card is, Education. A card that reminds us to always be learning something new. If you’re not growing, your dying… I told my kids to pick one thing they’d like to learn this summer. I’m learning how to relax. I know that sounds strange but after being a care taking for many years you end up on hightened alert and ready to go a moments notice and I’m doing the opposite of that. What are you going to educate yourself on this summer?

Motherpeace card is, Shaman of Discs: On the edge; long-range vision; strong sense of purpose and direction; magnificent healer. Motherpeace card for Summer Solstice is, Lovers VI: The Lovers depicts the conflict of having more than one interest, and the need to make choices. Lovers VI, is also my Lifecard, derived from your birthdate and the numbers they add up to, see Making Ritual with Motherpeace card. Some Summer Solstice rituals from the book: Honor the Sun, take a hike, go bird watching, stay up to watch the sunset or get up to watch the sunrise, eat fresh fruit particularly berries. The summer is about freedom and liberation that often begs to be expressed through our bodies.

Feng Shui Tarot is: Strength VIII (reversed) – Do not succomb to pressure and negative attitudes. You feel a sense of misunderstanding or injustice. Clear the air, and do what you have to do. Try not to be defensive. Before situations deteriorate any further, clarify you position. Forcing issues to the back burner will only hinder the situation. End Disputes.

Four Agreements is: Be Impeccable with Your Word – Cultivate faith. To have great faith is to have great power. Because your intent, your will, is undivided. When your word isn’t dissipated by doubt. The power of your word becomes even stronger.

Peace & Harmony, Jacqueline Albert Pepper – Master & Teacher of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology.

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Days 33-36 ~ Follow me on my Feng Shui Study Tour of the Far East, 6 countries in 6 weeks, on my Travel Blog

Day 33 ~ May 5th, 1999, Left Delhi for Udaipur – Daily Seminars with Nimish & Parul along with Site Visits – First day a walking tour of Udaipur

Roger Green & Nimish Patel

My teachers for the next several days: Nimish and Parul Patel: Established their firm over 40 years ago now. Top students from Vastu Shilpa Research Foundation School of Architecture. They began their study of the ancient way of building science aligned with the cosmic order called Vastu Shastra. For many years they lived in Udaipur, actively working with the local crafts people learning the indigenous styles of buildings. They have pioneered not only heritage restoration work in Udaipur, but also the integration of indigenous building material and Vastu designs. Nimish and Parul are leading lights in energy efficient designs and ecological considerations in India and have successfully incorporated these principles into many major projects.

4/3/2020 – As I looked up where they are today – Nimish Patel – a noted Indian Architect and conservationist passed away on December 12, 2018, at the age of 70.  The Indian architectural community is shocked by the untimely demise of one of its most respectable and revered colleagues.  Nimish Patel was the founder Principal architect of Abhikram – an Ahmedabad based architectural practice which he established in 1979 ALONG WITH his architect wife Parul Zaveri. The awards and accomplishments are so vast I will put a link here where excerpt above was taken from:  www.worldarchitecture.org

I am honored and humbled to have been led by such master teachers in their fields.

About Vastu (Vaastu Shastra): According to Indian manuals on architecture and town planning, the Vastu Shastra, some of which are over 2000+ years old, state how a dwelling and city had to function as a mandala, or sacred diagram. Mandalas were governed by the precise dimensions and proportions, repeating in miniature form the mathematical scheme of the cosmos. Zones within the mandala represented different levels of the universe and were identified with particular symbology. Vastu philosophy states that everything is fundamentally ‘shabda’ or sound, which is the basic pulse of energy, which is then woven into the design. Vastu Shastra (Indian Feng Shui) provides extensive knowledge about design principles following the laws of the universe. Collectively, these underlying rhythms are sympathic to human needs, enhance good health and prosperity, are known to radiate positive energy and represent ecologically sustainable environments.

Udaipur, India (City of Lakes):

Surrounding the vast, shimmering Pichola Lake and dominated by dramatic palaces, Udaipur is one of the most exotic and picturesque cities in the world. High whitewashed houses and narrow alleys give it a medieval charm; it epitomizes Rajasthan’s romantic allure. The 1998 Vastu Shastra group fell in love with Udaipur and promised to return. 40+ years ago our teachers and guides, Nimish and Parul, threw their architectural books away to relearn the art and science of Vastu Shastra from the craftspeople of Udaipur. We join them for a five-day adventure, discussing Vastu techniques and principles of indigenous building and working close at hand on some practical projects. We will also explore the town’s temples and palaces and the scenery in the nearby valleys.– Above taken from the itinerary of the study tour.

On Our walking tour with site visits today some of the places we got to see: 

~ City Palace

~ City Palace Museum

~ Monsoon Palace (Sajjan Garh)

~ Jagdish Temple

~ Lake Pichola

~ Lake Palace (we had dinner there in the middle of the lake it was amazing)

~ Saheliyon ki Bari

Day 34 ~ May 6th, 1999 – Site visits today with Nimish & Parul – Second Day Walking Tour and Seminar of Jagdish & Eklingji Temple

This morning we drove out to the county side to two temples. One was in ruins and the other was active. We walked around the village and the temples as our site tour and teachings from Nimish and Parul – Second part of the day was a class seminar. I love how cows and goats wander around the towns and villages…I asked how they find their homes at night…the answer was…they all know where to go when its feeding time.

My friend Suzanne, and some of the other classmates, are my muses but mostly I enjoy taking in the scenery with the camera that best describes in vision form how the people, the culture, and nature live together. For me that’s what catches my eye in photography. Enjoy!

Jagdish Temple:

Is a large Hindu Temple, A major monument, in the middle of Udaipur in Rajasthan just outside the Royal Palace. It has been in continuous worship since 1651. A big tourist attraction, the temple was originally called the Temple of Jagannath Rai but is now called Jagdish-ji – Wikipedia

Eklingji Temple:

Ek means ‘one’ while ling means ‘lingam’ or the lifegiving, a phallic symbol of Lord Shiva. The Eklingji Temple is one of the popular pilgrimages of Rajasthan and is located at about 22 km away from Udaipur. It was initially built by the then King of Udaipur Bappa Rawal, on the side of 72 rooms. Jain temple which housed a four-faced statue of Adinath, the first Jain Saint. It stands with the great historic significance dedicated to Lord Eklingji, the benefactor deity of the Mewar Clan.

Class Notes from Udaipur, Nimish and Parul Patel:

Vastu (Vaastu) Principles – Based on mathematics, horoscope, and cardinal directions (each assigned a Goddess to it) Similar to feng shui except all the mathematics in Chinese equate to the male and needs to be converted for female clients.

Vastu Purusha Mandala – Purusha is the body of HuMan – If you were to lay a human figure down in the floor plan of the space:

NE – Is the head in chart,

SW – Is the feet with maximum weight- courtyard usually in center to release the contained energy. Another similar connection to feng shui.

E – Goddess of Wealth

SE – Fire Corner – A lot of things to activate there – kitchen – or any activity things

S – Yama – God of Death but also Karma “you’ve done good, you get good’ and so on – more God fairing people

SW – Forefathers, usually no entrances in this corner.

W – God of Verune – To go forward, progress, grow

NW – Wind, slow but stead progress, intelligence, your children, library, office or scholarly person should be in this corner.

Center remains open, high-energy center. 

First take permission of the land by intension, ‘please let us live in harmony and peace together’ – buried icons in the center to release energy

  • Water in the East – with higher land in the SE or S
  • No water in the west because it creates internal problems, fights, politic problems.
  • You can man make the land higher in Vastu with the same results as natural.
  • NE high energy center as well – do not sleep in NE
  • NE needs clean water source, like fountain (N, E or NW)

May 7th – 8th, 1999 – Class Notes from Udaipur & One Month Anniversary of Group

Class Notes Continued from Udaipur, Nimish & Parul Patel: -The Cardinal access in the center is for flow, cosmic energy.

– Four are sub directions which are named in parenthesis and are always in the corners.

– Archways with square windows, you see examples of this in my pictures

– Black & Red is combo of devil’s colors otherwise colors don’t really come into play like they do in Feng Shui’s Five Elements.

– NE (Ishan) Kitchen in the NE causes problems in Vastu between husband and wife, coworkers, servants, help, etc… NE (Ishan) – is water, underground water, fountain, a lot of energy here. Ishan (Eshon), best for Temple or Meditation room if spirituality is the focus of your life.

– NW (Vayaya) & South is good for storage India depending on if you live in the north or the south, the same applies in feng shui in China…. Cold climates have South facing and Warm climates have NW or N facing as a general rule of thumb.

– SW (Nirutya)

– SE (Agneya)

In my notes I have written: “Cameron” Aurameter, Life Understanding Foundation PO Box 30305, Santa Barbara, CA 93130 When I googled the above, a bookstore of sorts came up but does not appear to be in business today, this was 20+ years ago.

However, when I googled the Aurameter, this is what came up: The Original Cameron Aurameter was invented and developed over a 22-year period prior to 1952, by the late Dowsing Master, Verne L. Cameron, it is a truly ingenious device serving five distinct Dowsing functions, replacing the need for L-or Swing Rods, Wands, Pendulums, and Forked Switches.

One of the classmates had such a device with him on the trip. Its why we include and teach Pendulum Dowsing in Feng Shui.

5/8/1999 Our study group has now been officially together for a month and we celebrated by all going out to dinner on the island of Taj Lake Palace it was a lot of fun being together and enjoying the great food, masters of their subjects (our teachers), the trip in general and amazing people who had traveled all over the world to be together for this once in a lifetime trip.

Back to notes:

  • E – Wealth, Goddess of wealth and prosperity, open, less weight, lots of openings in that area of the space, Less openings in the S and SW.
  • N – Open & Cool

Common sense, common knowledge and innovation when it comes to designing a space in Vastu, and in Feng Shui, whether it’s a commercial or residential.

This is where I had some pieces made for me

Next stop on the Travel Blog…Goa, India via Mumbai


Your Week in Astrology at a Glance

Today, 6/13, is the eve of the Full Moon in Sag coming at 7:52am EDT, also Flag Day and the Strong Sun Moon or Strawberry Moon as this one may be called. Full Moons are about endings of energy so use this time to complete things you’ve been meaning to finish.

Purification is a great Angel card pull this week…with the Full Moon energy, release the negative beliefs about yourself that no longer serve you. Write what it is on a piece of paper or a leaf and burn it, bury it, float it in the ocean or toilet or let the leaf blow in the wind. The intention at that time is to now create the new belief, opposite of the other if you can, that will become the new way of being.

One month in to the Fire Element Season, two more to go, great time to work on the South sector of your home to declutter, maintain, or transform. At my house we are working with great integrity since the South, Fire, is also our Money area according to my husband’s and my BaZi natal chart elements.

Son of Wands: Wands connected also to the Fire & South. In MotherPeace cards Wands are The life force; Creative spark; passion. Son (air/fire): A clown; the energy to delight; light, relaxed spirit; freedom.

Feng Shui tarot card pull for the week is a Green Dragon * Two ~ which is connected to pentacles. Core aspect: Juggling or struggling between this and that. Your cycle indicates that you are ready to make a choice. You will get support and possibly more.

The card pull from Don Miguel Ruiz – The Four Agreements is always a great one for me…Dont Make Assumptions – I tend to jump to conclusions – Discern the Truth.

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Day 32 ~ Follow me on my Feng Shui Study Tour of the Far East, 6 countries in 6 weeks, on my Travel Blog🎋

May 4th Leaving Nepal for India to study Vaastu – Stage 3 of trip 

5/4/1999 Tuesday – We were up at 5am Nepal time to begin the last leg of our travel study tour to Udaipur, India, via New Delhi for a day & night, to study Vaastu Shastra with Namish & Parul Patel.  I was still quite sick from the bladder infection that began on the last part of the 8-day road trip on Friendship Hwy through Tibet. It was a tough journey to get to Kathmandu … we traveled by small bus over tough terrain, a new hotel/motel every night, very different accommodations than in America.  Literally you had a hay/straw stuffed mattress with a blanket that may not have even been washed in a while and if you had running water, you were lucky.  I had noooooo clean clothes, and now had to wake up to start a journey feeling under the weather at best with my last skirt and top on, and TMI, I was going commando.  Funny enough I am a self-proclaimed worst traveler to begin with (I know, I know, that’s how much I love Feng Shui).  I was willing to travel to crazy places and overcome my travel woes to study with these incredible masters in their fields and discover countries and cultures for a trip of a lifetime.  Off we began at Royal Nepal Airlines in what felt like a cargo plane with big props on it, no A/C, and it was very loud.  We were flying west over the Himalayas towards India, lets put it this way, there was no beverage service on this flight. 

By now I have made friends I will forever remember in my heart, even if I can’t remember their names except for a few; )  We had said good-bye last night to all our classmates and travel friends who were leaving and only the last committed handful of study buddies remain.  My friend Suzanne and some of the other ladies had gathered around me during this flight knowing I was struggling to keep it together until AFTER we landed.  I was feeling faint and dizzy, picture it…8 days on Friendship Highway with not a lot to eat, mostly because the food was soooo different from what I was used to that I only ate hardboiled eggs and apples or bananas practically. I then ended up with a bladder infection, and now have to take a journey like no other to get to India.  I digress, it was a comedy act of sorts reminding me of Lucy and Ethel, even though Suzanne was from Germany and had an accent, she was trying to help me by elevating my legs on the plane to stop me from fainting.  The plane was so loud no one could hear me saying “don’t lift my legs too high” because I had no underwear on under my skirt!

We made it to Delhi, thank you Buddha, but me barely… Phew

We took a day tour of the city before night fall and had one night there before heading out the next morning to fly to Udaipur. Suzanne, a lovely woman with four children in her late 40’s, at the time, owns a spa in Hamburg and is into health and wellness. She had roomed with my mom for about 3 nights prior and was now my roommate for the rest of the trip. Delhi was a fascinating, big city and I will be back after the study tour ends in a few weeks to complete the last part of my journey as I began it…traveling by myself. I can’t wait to get to Udaipur tomorrow and finally get settled somewhere for at least a few nights in a row…we’ve changed hotels every night or 2 since Guilin and it’s been hard, no clean laundry, no sense of calm with this much moving around. I can finally unpack and not live out of a suitcase for a change, and I am SOOOOOO looking forward to the food and culture here. Well, gotta go meet the gang for dinner downstairs…until later.

Delhi, India: The Nation’s capital territory, north-central India. The city of Delhi consists of two components: Old Delhi, in the North, the historic city; and New Delhi, in the South. Since 1947, the capital of India, built in the first part of the 20th century as the capital of British India. One of the country’s largest urban cities, 2nd to Mumbai. -Excerpt from Britannica.com.