Form School Feng Shui 🐲 Reading the Dragon

Reading the Dragon 🐉 in the mountain range from my view this morning, I realized the eye of the Dragon was a J for my name ❤️ …

and also the name of the neighboring town where I’m staying right now. It’s a joy to be surrounded by mountains since we have none in Florida.

Form Branch Classical Feng Shui

The Form Branch is the oldest branch of feng shui. Qing Wuzi in the Han dynasty describes it in the Book of the Tomb[47] and Guo Pu of the Jin dynasty follows up with a more complete description in The Book of Burial.[citation needed]

The Form branch was originally concerned with the location and orientation of tombs (Yin House feng shui), which was of great importance.[26] The branch then progressed to the consideration of homes and other buildings (Yang House feng shui). ****

The “form” in Form branch refers to the shape of the environment, such as mountains, rivers, plateaus, buildings, and general surroundings. It considers the five celestial animals (phoenix, green dragon, white tiger, black turtle, and the yellow snake), the yin-yang concept and the traditional five elements (Wu Xing: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water).[citation needed]

The Form branch analyzes the shape of the land and flow of the wind and water to find a place with ideal qi.[48] It also considers the time of important events such as the birth of the resident and the building of the structure.-Wikipedia

Peace & Harmony – Jacqueline Pepper

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Room by Room Tour 🎋🧧Feng Shui by Jacqueline Albert Pepper


Bedrooms are for rest and re-energizing your Chi after a long day so these rooms are best suited to be as Yin and quiet as possible. If a TV has to be in the bedroom use an Armoire with closed doors to hide it or other creative ideas for making it not predominate in the room or the first thing you see.

For the main bedroom, this is the place where relationships flourish so keep the romance and the balance happening here the most. Make sure that both sides of the bed have matching/balanced nightstands and lamps, a balanced amount of pillows or personal items on each side when possible. This creates a balance between you and your mate and keeps the communication flowing to nurture the relationship.

If there is any work out equipment or home offices in your bedroom, get them out of the master when possible or create a hidden area for them behind Sochi Screens or a creative way to obscure from view. …

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Peace & Harmony,
Jacqui Pepper 🌶

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Classes Rolled Out This Week at American Institute for Mental Imagery – Dr. Jerry 🎋

I was late to repost this and still think there is time to sign up … see below from Rachel Epstein, AIMI Director

This Semester at …
American Institute of Mental Imagery

Classes Roll Out Starting Tues Sept 21st !

All Classes on ZOOM

Sign Up Now!

Starts in 2021

GROUP DREAM* – Tu Sep 21 (2-3:45 PM EST)

GEMS 2: THE WISDOM KEEPERS* – Tu Sep 28 (11-12:30 PM EST)







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GEMS 1* – FOUNDATIONS OF HEALING – Tu Jan 22 (11-12:30PM EST) 

RHONDELL’S SCIENCE OF MAN: 48 Lessons to Freedom – Th Jan 13 (3:30-4:30 EST)



* Meets every other week

Questions: Call AIMI Director, Rachel Epstein 646-269-4742

What Is Freedom From Anxiety 🌻

The results of anxiety are felt in our inner worlds. In order to be free from anxiety in our inner life we must think in nonanxious ways. Perhaps the greatest place we can arrive at as human beings is what I call effortless perfection or inner serenity.

The Japanese culture calls this experience of total inner peace Shibumi. It is difficult to write about this state of serenity because it is a unique experience for every individual. The essence of achieving this kind of inner perfection lies in a view of the world as a perfect place. It means thinking in terms of harmony, peace, love, and perfection, rather than looking at the world as a hostile, ugly, hateful place. Innerperfection involves making peace with oneself, vowing to avoid fighting life, and instead joining with the natural forces of our universe and enjoying each moment as a miracle.
-What Do You Really Want for Your Children? Wayne W. Dyer

Shibui (渋い) (adjective), shibumi (渋み) (noun), or shibusa (渋さ) (noun)are Japanese words which refer to a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty. Like other Japanese aesthetic terms, such as iki and wabi-sabi, shibui can apply to a wide variety of subjects, not just art or fashion.From:

Right now I choose to be in the moment. 🙏🏼❤️

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Pepper 🌶

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Happy Self Love Sunday 🙏🏼💖🙏🏼

This post is from Jamie Day – creator & facilitator of the Divine Mommy’s Movement. A chapter share from her new book coming soon and it’s about Moi. 🎋❤️. See below.

All of the 36 Chapters in the Soul to Sisterhood Book have a “Crystal Love” section where the medicine of a Crystal correlates to the medicine shared by each woman in her Story.
Jacqueline Albert Pepper’s crystal is Labradorite… one of my favs! (Who am I kidding…. they are ALL my favorite! 😘)
How can Jacqui’s wisdom and the wisdom of Labradorite support you today in your Self-Love Mission?
The next 5-week session of our online S2S Support and Empowerment Group begins on October 19th.
Get in touch to register:💞
We meet on Tuesday mornings from 9:30-11 (EST) via ZOOM.
Have a fantastic day!
Love you!
PS- All of the amazing photography credits for the book and for these posts goes to the stunning Kristine Alvtegen Casart✨

Kristine Casart Photography

Reposting with permission from Soul-To-Sisterhood

Love & Light,

Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🌶

Meet Jacqueline Albert Pepper

She holds certifications from:

Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology by Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🧧🎋
*Certified Feng Shui Consultant *Chinese Astrologer *Teacher
Located in Sarasota, FL and can consult anywhere in the world.

  • Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design in NY – Roger Green
  • Feng Shui Design Studio of Australia – Roger Green study tour to the Far East – China, Taiwan, Tibet, Nepal, and India
  • Feng Shui School & Society – Master Ho Chin-Chung – Taiwan
  • Feng Shui for the Arts – T. Raphael Simons – New York City under whom she apprenticed

Jacqueline also has a BA in Communications with a concentration in Music & Art from Adelphi University-Garden City, NY

She grew up in Greenwich, CT, singing and songwriting at a young age, and continued her passion in the music industry on the label side after college. In 1997, when she discovered a love for creative aesthetics and helping people though her studies at the same time with Dr Jerry Epstein & American Institute for Mental Imagery …the art of Feng Shui; she studied everything she could about the ancient modality.
Jacqueline’s Feng Shui career started with the executive offices of her music industry label and she never looked back.
Her ability to read, write and speak Chinese for Feng Shui & Astrology purposes, enables her a deeper understanding of her clients and their energy needs as well as her studies with Jerry and the Western Spiritual Traditions. Her studies in the Far East under the tutelage of several Masters in different countries brought her a full understanding for the integrity and history of this ancient art; an integrity she brings along with her passion for the work.

In 2002, while living in Manhattan, Jacqueline added a Real Estate License to marry her client’s need for combining new home or office searches with her deep knowledge of Feng Shui and energy work. She continued with her Florida license in 2006 after relocating to Sarasota where she now resides with her husband and twin boys on their 5-acre property, Twin Peppers Ranch.

“Transforming and Uplifting Energy since 1997”

Twenty-minute complimentary calls available to get to know me & my work and see how I can help you transform your home or office and in so doing transform your life.

Energy Aligning for Abundance, Health, Relationships, Career, Balance & Harmony

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Card pull for the week’s energy… What does it say to you given your life events right now? It says a lot to me about a current situation I’m navigating & I feel great about this energy read.

十六 - 16. THE TOWER 

Core Aspect: Karmic forces are now clearing the way. What results could be considered fortunate or catastrophic, depending on the circumstances. The impact denotes the abrupt end of a situation. It’s as though the karmic obligation-good, bad, or indifferent-has traveled through a conduit of past experiences, and on impact, created the final severance of this karmic tie. 🙏🏼❤️

四 - 4. Red Phoenix 

Reverse core aspect: Your persistence will be rewarded. Plenty of activity behind the scene. Your path of life is now changing.

White Tiger Page:

Core Aspect: You do not have the whole story! Situation is not clear. A minor change can frustrate you. Can be to your advantage when you realize that it was not the right time anyway.

Remember my cards are your cards …we are one.

Peace & Harmony, Jacqueline Albert Pepper 🌶


🌈❤️SWALLOWING THE RAINBOWS: For hope & protection… Imagery Exercise while seated in a chair position, feet flat on floor. Close your eyes and breathe out slowly three times.
Imagine you (or a loved one) are swallowing a rainbow. Feel the colors permeating your entire body. Breathe out and open your eyes.

👑 CROWN OF LIGHT: For healing Close your eyes and breathe out three times slowly.
See a crown of light on your (or loved ones or others who may be sick) head
See the light spreading downwards filling the lungs with light destroying any virus. See this light radiate through the body giving strength and vitality.
Breathe out and open your eyes.

☂️ BLUE SKY UMBRELLA: For protection and healing…
Close your eyes and breathe out slowly three times.
Imagine that you (and your loved ones, community, or globe), are covered by a huge blue sky umbrella that protects you from all evil.
Breathe in the crystal clear air made of a mixture of golden sun 🌞 and blue sky. Feel at peace. Breathe out and open your eyes.

A reposting from Teacher Jerry, Rachel & The American Institute for Mental Imagery.
With Blessings & Love,
Rachel Epstein, successor of & American Institute for Mental Imagery

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqui Pepper🌶

Best times to do imagery, upon awakening and right before bed. You can do this for yourself or with permission other friends and family.

Thanks for the rainbow John 🌈❤️

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“I fear for my Afghan Sisters.” “We will have time to debate what went wrong in the war in Afghanistan, but in this critical moment we must listen to the voices of Afghan women and girls. They are asking for protection, for education, for the freedom and the future they were promised,” Yousafzai, 24, wrote.
“We cannot continue to fail them. We have no time to spare.”

Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai on Tuesday wrote “I fear for my Afghan sisters” in an op-ed published in The New York Times in the wake of the Taliban’s stunning takeover.

Yousafzai, long an advocate for girls’ education, survived a Pakistani Taliban assassination attempt when she was just 15 years old when the militants shot her in the head in rural northwest Pakistan.

Since then the Oxford graduate has become a global figure promoting education for girls.

The Taliban took effective control of Afghanistan on Sunday when president Ashraf Ghani fled and the insurgents walked into Kabul with no opposition.

The recent takeover has triggered fears of renewed oppression, in particular towards women and girls.-france24 .com

“She is me, we are them, they are us!” Bringing awareness or any small step towards the freedoms of these women and girls. The hologram to whole. Even a micro dose of uplifting thought or energy. 🙏🏼❤️

Peace & Harmony,
Jacqueline Albert Pepper

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TGIFeng Shui Funnies 😆

TGIFeng Shui Funnies 😆 Fun Fact Friday the 13th, Did You Know? …

The Thirteen Club
In the late-19th century, a New Yorker named Captain William Fowler (1827-1897) sought to remove the enduring stigma surrounding the number 13—and particularly the unwritten rule about not having 13 guests at a dinner table—by founding an exclusive society called the Thirteen Club.

The group dined regularly on the 13th day of the month in room 13 of the Knickerbocker Cottage, a popular watering hole Fowler owned from 1863 to 1883. Before sitting down for a 13-course dinner, members would pass beneath a ladder and a banner reading “Morituri te Salutamus,” Latin for “Those of us who are about to die salute you.”-

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