Happy First Day of Fire Season

Happy Red for Fire 火 Season, 1st day🎋5/6 – 8/7🧧Feng Shui by Jacqueline Albert Pepper – Celebrating 24 years “Transforming Energy” this year❣️ Fire 火 season, time to shift your focus on purging, cleansing & transforming energy in the South sector of your home or office. Take a look at what’s going on there. 🔥FireContinue reading “Happy First Day of Fire Season”

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend 💐🌸

TGIF Feng Shui Funnies 😆 👯‍♀️ to all the women out there making a difference each day through self transformation.Oxygen Mask on First … Heal Yourself, Heal The World!Enjoy your weekend whatever you do … have fun!You Do You❣️Peace & Harmony,Jacqui Pepper 🌶 http://www.JAFengShui.comLink on bio FengShuibyJacquelineAlbertPepper #JAFengShui #TGIF #Happy #Mothers #Day #Women #Everywhere #WeContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day Weekend 💐🌸”

Happy Full “Wind” Moon in Scorpio🦂11:32PM EDT 🌝

Wind’s meaning works for both eastern and western astrology.Wood Season is winding down and is associated with Wind for its surprising nature and the growth of Spring. Also connected to Liver, Green, East, SE, Sour, Anger, Eyes and more. Last call to sow your seeds these next 10 of Wind/Wood season in Chinese Medicine🎋-JP “InContinue reading “Happy Full “Wind” Moon in Scorpio🦂11:32PM EDT 🌝”

Carpe Diem ~ Seize the Day

If Not Now When 3 1/2 more weeks of Wood season and Happy New Moon in Aries at 10:31pm, EDT Sunday April 11th. With the momentum of Wood season equaling Springing Forth, Growth, Ideas bubbling up. Clean out stuck, old energy to prepare for new Chi sprouting forward. Now is the time, don’t wait withContinue reading “Carpe Diem ~ Seize the Day”