🔥 Red Phoenix Ten – 10 of Cups

🔥 Core Aspect: True Joy and contentment are becoming realizations. So much to look forward to. This is a high cycle. Celebrate, enjoy. Life is good❣️ To pull during FireContinue reading “🔥 Red Phoenix Ten – 10 of Cups”

Happy new moon in Pisces ♓️…

(as of today at 12:35 PM EST), Happy Day of the Wood 木 Tiger 寅, Last Day of a Water Tiger Month in a Water Tiger Year🐯….and Happy Lent /Continue reading “Happy new moon in Pisces ♓️…”

Elder Moon ~The last full moon of 2021…🌝💫

The Elder Moon gives us an opportunity for helping ourselves with a magical boost to move forward, leave the troubling parts of the previous year behind, and begin anew atContinue reading “Elder Moon ~The last full moon of 2021…🌝💫”

🧧MotherPeace Monday Card pull for the week

🧧MotherPeace Monday Card Pull energy for the week during Mercury Retrograde & Solar Eclipse🎋 🧧Spiritual Card –5 of swords:The sting; a bummer; results of a negative pattern. 🧧Mental Card –XVContinue reading “🧧MotherPeace Monday Card pull for the week”