Left my home town 16 years ago Today …

As I rolled into Sarasota from Manhattan never dreaming I would; meet my husband here, move my parents here, have children here, Feng Shui & remodel our dream home here & more… The town, the people, some family and the energy supported me to be here and I’m forever grateful. It takes a brave soulContinue reading “Left my home town 16 years ago Today …”

🍂Greeting Each Other We Meet Ourselves🍂

Happy Thanksgiving 🍁 Intention: To Connect With All of Creation ~ drjerryepstein.org my friend and teacher 🙏🏼❤️ For Thanksgiving 2018 – Adapted from Mark Nepo https://parabola.org/2018/10/27/eight-worldviews-and-practices-by-mark-nepo/ *Close your eyes and breathe out three times slowly. Greet the one you love with the traditional Blackfoot salutation “How are the connections?” Hear their answer. *Now, see yourContinue reading “🍂Greeting Each Other We Meet Ourselves🍂”


November 14th, 2021 World Diabetes Day 2021: ‘Access to Diabetes Care – If Not Now, When?’ is the theme for the World Diabetes Day 2021-2023. “If Not Now When… is one of my favorite sayings which is why I picked this article from news18 to share with you.” Diabetes Awareness and Education is close toContinue reading “HAPPY WORLD DIABETES DAY 💙”

Don’t Take Anything Personally

The Second Agreement “Don’t Take Anything Personally” Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering. Your truth is personal to you. YourContinue reading “Don’t Take Anything Personally”

Monday Mantra

What would your life be like if you were to choose high self-esteem today…Why can’t you? “I’m making a disciplined choice to live in high self-esteem today, and by so doing I am manifesting the goals I have in my life, I’m happier, I feel more for fulfilled and I don’t pity myself by havingContinue reading “Monday Mantra”

What Is Your Spirit Animal?

Deer with me, I mean Bear with me 😍… if you’ve been following my social media, you know I’m posting a lot of deer lately but this happened!Yesterday as I’m walking a friend outside, this deer comes right up to us, I hold my hand out and she touches it with her nose… it wasContinue reading “What Is Your Spirit Animal?”


How to watch next week’s rare “ring of fire” solar eclipse. Last month’s “super flower blood moon” lunar eclipse was hardly the only exciting celestial event of the season. Next week brings an even bigger spectacle — a rare “ring of fire” solar eclipse.On June 10, skywatchers all over the world will be able toContinue reading “RING OF FIRE during FIRE ELEMENT SEASON 🔥.”