This is the Year of the Yin Metal Ox Nine Star Astrology Number: 6 **Let’s take a look at this year by breaking it down into sections: YIN – represents female, receptive energy, is about reflection, and being more open. This year, compared to last, you may find yourself more introspective since the Yin addsContinue reading “HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!”


Only two more weeks until Chinese New Year, yet, because it’s a Leap Year in the Chinese Calendar there are/were 13 new moons before February 12th this year, giving us 2 Wood Seasons under the Rat Year. February 3rd kicks off our final Wood Season of the Rat Year and for 3 months with theContinue reading “FENG SHUI TIPS FOR WOOD SEASON “SPRING FLING””

Room by Room Tour

How to use Classical Feng Shui throughout the Home. I will break it down into a room by room discussion, doing my best to offer certain, general Feng Shui rules. Keep in mind, your personalized Chinese Astrology Chart and Front Door compass direction will tell much more of the details of your home or office,Continue reading “Room by Room Tour”

Underworld Goddess Meng Po

In China, the underworld Goddess Meng Po brews the Bittersweet Tea/Broth of Oblivion. Mèng Po ~ Chinese Goddess of Reincarnation 🎋 Feng Shui by Jacqueline Albert Pepper Meng Po (Chinese: 孟婆; pinyin: Mèng Pó; lit. ‘Old Lady Meng’):Goddess of forgetfulness in Chinese mythology, who serves soup on the Bridge of Forgetfulness or Nai He BridgeContinue reading “Underworld Goddess Meng Po”