TGIF🎋 Mercury goes Retrograde. May Your Mercury be more Freddie and less Retrograde 🧧

TGIF🎋 Here Comes Mercury Retrograde: Starts today, Friday September 9th at 11:38pm EDT, and goes direct on October 2nd at 5:07am EDT. 🧧

🔥 Red Phoenix Ten – 10 of Cups

🔥 Core Aspect: True Joy and contentment are becoming realizations. So much to look forward to. This is a high cycle. Celebrate, enjoy. Life is good❣️ To pull during FireContinue reading “🔥 Red Phoenix Ten – 10 of Cups”

Happy Full Moon in Leo 🦁During Water 🐯 Tiger Year…

Water 🐯 Tiger Month, & Friday, Water 🐯 Tiger Day.Roar, some big energy happening during this month. February’s Quickening Moon is exactly that.The quicker life becomes the more you goContinue reading “Happy Full Moon in Leo 🦁During Water 🐯 Tiger Year…”

Mercury In Retrograde 💫

Venus has been retrograde since December 19th and will continue until January 29th. Venus’ little brother Mercury, not Freddie 😍, gets in the game and retrogrades from January 14th toContinue reading “Mercury In Retrograde 💫”

Elder Moon ~The last full moon of 2021…🌝💫

The Elder Moon gives us an opportunity for helping ourselves with a magical boost to move forward, leave the troubling parts of the previous year behind, and begin anew atContinue reading “Elder Moon ~The last full moon of 2021…🌝💫”

If We Listen To The Innermost Voice of Spirit…

We know we have the power to heal ourselves. Self-healing begins with making our own decisions-about what we wear, what we do, who we are-and deciding that we will beContinue reading “If We Listen To The Innermost Voice of Spirit…”