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Gratitude for Another Successful Astrology Reading ❤️

Astrology Readings are a way for me to connect deeply with clients so that they make have insight and knowledge into self.When we know ourselves deeper we are connecting with spirit, father, mother, earth, at a deeper level as well.Like 2 sides of a coin, you can’t have one without the other. Let me guideContinue reading “Gratitude for Another Successful Astrology Reading ❤️”

Wisdom Wednesday ⭐️ Feng Shui by Jacqueline Albert Pepper

Principles of Feng Shui:🎋Form SchoolVisible, your surroundings inside and out of the home🎋Compass SchoolInvisible, Ba Gua, the 8 directions 🎋Flying StarCreates the horoscope of the house. 🎋Ba Zi/Four PillarYour personalized astrology chart 🎋5 ElementsUsed in all aspects of Feng Shui & Chinese Medicine. 🎋Ming KwaYour destiny birth number and oldest form of astrology 🎋Four LuckyContinue reading “Wisdom Wednesday ⭐️ Feng Shui by Jacqueline Albert Pepper”

Left my home town 16 years ago Today …

As I rolled into Sarasota from Manhattan never dreaming I would; meet my husband here, move my parents here, have children here, Feng Shui & remodel our dream home here & more… The town, the people, some family and the energy supported me to be here and I’m forever grateful. It takes a brave soulContinue reading “Left my home town 16 years ago Today …”

🕯The Menorah of Hope ImageryExercise 🕯

Intention: To Bring Hope to the World 🌎🕯Happy Chanukah🕯 Can be practiced once per day during the eight day holiday. 🕯Close your eyes and breathe out three times slowly.🕯Day #1: Imagine a menorah in front of you. Light the first candle of the festival, using the special shamas or servant candle, which you place onContinue reading “🕯The Menorah of Hope ImageryExercise 🕯”

TGIF Thank God It’s Feng Shui

TGIF 😍 Thank God It’s Feng Shui ~ Enjoy your weekend whatever you’re up to…. have fun❣️ Happy Halloween 🎃👻Be Safe There is no Normal in life, only your dryer settings 😂 http://www.JAFengShui.comLink on bio 🎋 follow my blog or dm me your email to stay in touch with my Tao Newsletter 🧧 Peace &Continue reading “TGIF Thank God It’s Feng Shui”

What Is Freedom From Anxiety 🌻

The results of anxiety are felt in our inner worlds. In order to be free from anxiety in our inner life we must think in nonanxious ways. Perhaps the greatest place we can arrive at as human beings is what I call effortless perfection or inner serenity. The Japanese culture calls this experience of totalContinue reading “What Is Freedom From Anxiety 🌻”

Don’t Take Anything Personally

The Second Agreement “Don’t Take Anything Personally” Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering. Your truth is personal to you. YourContinue reading “Don’t Take Anything Personally”

The Art of Dream Reading

Wisdom Wednesday ~ The Art of Dream Reading ☯️ Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology by Jacqueline Albert Pepper Reading Dreams: 💜 Nothing happens by chance💙 What is the feeling in the dream💚 What is the feeling upon waking up💛 What is the analogy to waking life🧡 Everything in the dream is what it is❤️ EveryoneContinue reading “The Art of Dream Reading”

Feng Shui Tarot Card

Feng Shui Tarot card pull 🎋 energy for the week RED PHOENIX – 8 of CUPS🔥Core Aspect:Ready for the next phase in life. Yearning to explore hidden facets of self. Meditation is a key that will unlock your inner thoughts. 🔥Reverse Core Aspect:before proceeding further, solidify your goals. Changing for the sake of change mayContinue reading “Feng Shui Tarot Card”